Hungarian Dance Group Features Taeyang Songs

a group of well-built hungarian dudes who take their shirts off (why, of course -_-) in a room filled w/ horny hungarian women (watch the judge’s horny dance) dancing to kpop beats – it’s a crazy  mix.

this dance group called “bad boyz” creates routines to kpop songs.

of course, they had to use RAIN’s RAINISM (baek jiyoung’s my ear’s candy was also used)

but what matters to us is they featured TAEYANG! first clip contains PRAYER (starting @ 1:37)

second clip has TAEYANG’s WHERE U AT (starting @ 2:07)

video credits: matek1984@youtube

the most entertaining part was watching the horny women react to an “aiite” dance routine.

but if it’s any justification, i believe there is an asian guy in the group, so thank them for putting kpop on blast lol.

**I don’t find anything in this post “racist.” if you are so negative as to bring up such an issue, please do not come by here anymore & rain your negativity on a happy place.

haha, i noticed the pun. it was definitely intended.


~ by gdluvzmc on November 27, 2009.

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  1. im not going to lie
    the horny female judge’s reaction to the dances are a bit… distracting LOL im trying to watch them but her reactions are popping up like >BD

  2. wow… that was just a tad racist of u. I’m european and dance to korean stuff. And no, there are no asians in our dance crew, so I guess no one to “thank for picking great songs” eh?…
    a room filled with “horny hungarian woman” eh?
    As if u didn’t drool when GD stands close to Seung Ri… tell me that’s not being horny…

  3. ^ not a racist.
    there is someone of asian descent in there if you watch the group closely.

    & no, i don’t drool when GD gets close to SR.

    i love the lady’s horny reactions, why do you think i mention it so much?

  4. gdlvzmc has not mentioned anything racial …

  5. awesome!
    the lady’s reactions are just hilarious!!!

    why not just take it for what it is this is the BB fansite so of course there’s some BB bias it’s not that Hungarians or any Europeans for this matter can’t recognize good music it’s all about the BB bias in this particular website >.<
    and no it's not all about the fan-service we drool at them even if there just standing by themselves ;P

  6. that’s not racist, buddy.
    she just called the lady horny…

  7. @Peach,FYI, there’s a Vietnamese guy in the group his name is Tran Van Duc,

  8. The dancing was just ok, but those ladies were definitely enjoying it….
    Cool to see the Tae Yang/k-pop love is spreading. =)

  9. @judi
    thanks for that! wooo viets represent!

    i knew there was an asian, just couldn’t tell.
    isn’t that something? haha

  10. @peach , your comment was lame. Go get a dictionary. Thanks(:

  11. i would just DIE if a group on abdc [america’s best dance crew] danced to ty or bb.

  12. i’m glad they’re doing what they love. wasn’t as great as it was made out to be, but at least they enjoy it… was my comment racist?

  13. I saw this at allkpop and I love it so much ! good job kpop is spreading!

  14. WOOOOW they sure shake it hot!!!
    I guess u get hormonal or whatever….but as a judge u shouldn’t react like a 13 old right?….

    And yes Kpop gives them a Big help on stage….

    Thanx 4 da post Melly

  15. LMFAO @ the dancing judges

  16. Wow so cool!!! I’m sure if the owners of the songs sees that, they gonna be so happy!!! Tehy geeting through EUROPE!!! YAY ^_^

  17. personally the clips made me squeal at hearing TaeYang’s songs included… I’m glad I’m not the only one that had the abdc thought lol

    but the one judge’s reaction kind of creeped me out O_O and made me wonder if I look like that when I’m fangirling……..>,<;

  18. wow! spread the BB <3.

    also in China here:

  19. they were pretty good at dancing. [here i will be biased so dnt kill me] not as good as Taeyang and Rain though xD. its cool to know there was a viet guy, though i dnt noe y i didnt pick it up.

  20. wuhuuu Prayer and Where U At! 😀

  21. SWEEEET!!!

    im just happy for my BAE-BY.=]

  22. HI all!I’m a hungarian girl and I like Big Bang.Yes, I know them. I think, them is good dance band!I watch them in Tv,Tv2=hungarian chanel.:)

  23. Hello! Please vote for Big Bang @ 😀 Though Idk the purpose of the vote. :\

  24. i was gonna say stuff but i will be quiet. i think it’s just me 😛
    i am glad they used kpop songs 😀
    WOOT YB!




    I guess they’re good dancers but their choreography isn’t really original.

  28. I can’t vote, cuz I can’t korean:s Sorry!

  29. nana:)))))))
    a Bad Boyz igenis egy fasza csapat:)
    Bad Boyz is a good dance team ,everybody in this team are a dancer:)….and they will be a winners:)
    i hope:)

    another dancer:)

  30. XD I would freak the hell out if i saw this on ABDC. like seriously. whoever did it would be my favorite group automatically. Hand down beat.

  31. hehe when they held hands and bowed it looked kinda weird. considering their shirts were off hehe. but overall they did a fantastic job!

  32. so people did notice the weird lady. i thought it was only me. lmao

  33. Vaauuu, I live i a country next to Hungaria,I should go over there and meet some of the guys so we can dance to Tae-s songs together, 🙂
    Big Bang – cmok!!!

  34. Haha!This is Great Idea!I live in Hungary.But I would like to travel in Korea!I love BIG BANG!!!!:)My Fav is G. Dragon!He’s amazing!:)

  35. I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but I think you guys are being a bit harsh on Peach. <. <" I can see why s/he thought the post was a bit offending. I don't really understand why the Asian guy was mentioned at all in the post. He's Asian, that's cool and all, but why do you need an Asian guy to justify dancing to Korean music? It would have been just the same if the Asian guy wasn't there. That's what I got out of the comment "but if it’s any justification, i believe there is an asian guy in the group, so thank them for putting kpop on blast lol," anyway. As for the "horny lady" thing — horny kind of has a negative connotation to it. xD That's just my point of view, though.

  36. ^ “them” was referring to the group, not the asian guy.
    THEM is plural, ASIAN GUY is SINGULAR.
    i woulda said HIM if i was talking about the one guy.

    do i seriously need to edit & have a grammar lesson?

    the asian guy was mentioned b/c i just happened to notice.
    i like to point out things i notice, & that’s just what i did.

    just seriously take the post for what it is & don’t think too much into it or else you’ll have to expect a reply in comment form. & if it just annoys me even more, i’ll close this post.

  37. Not bad, a little sloppy, but not bad. 🙂
    It’s too bad that they didn’t credit Rain/Taeyang/Original artists and choreographers that made most of the dance though.
    Some people on the regular YouTube vid are complaining about that ..

    And the judge was hella annoying lol.
    She appeared like every two seconds. XDD:;

  38. see…bb it ROCK love u all

  39. haha their dancing made me kinda laugh, it reminded me of something like backstreet boys :P. but yess, spread the TY love!

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