Big Bang LG CYON Crystal CF Released!

The infamous kiss everyone’s been talking about, it’s just the eyelids... c’mon now~

OH GOD……. you know what scares me?? the fact that… in this CF, i’m not drooling over Bong’s hotness or giggling over Baby’s dorky ‘ew-stop’doing’that’ ness….. but BAE’S ADORABLE FREAKING HIDING HIS FACE NESSS!!!!!!!!!!


Many of you asked me about BabyB0ngaholic and YGladies account on youtube, yes they’re gone, normally I would make another one the next day but just now I’m so busy with everything I don’t even know if I can continue doing what I do. But I did make another youtube account, I’m kinda joining BabyBongahlic and YGladies together, making it TheYGcrew. come check it out 🙂

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~ by Vicky on December 3, 2009.

43 Responses to “Big Bang LG CYON Crystal CF Released!”

  1. yay! first! aww…vicky. too bad about your yt account. ppol cant chill shucks…
    tee hee YOU’RE RIGHT!! 😀 Bae is UBER adorable here!!! >.<
    and gosh…
    tabi's cheating on his VIPz again…tsk tsk tsk. lol

  2. OMG!!!
    ❤ it!!!!!

    and vicky i know you’re busyy i just hope you still have time to love bigbang and 2ne1 =D they’ll make you happy when you’re stresssful hehehe

  4. OMG!
    I wasn’t jealous about the kiss with Hyori or the kiss in IRIS but this….hell no!
    it looked so sweet!!!
    Tabi you are horrible!

    I liked the second CF better
    seriously bare is killer cute!
    just can stop drooling over all the sexiness

    hopefully you are doing fine
    I’m so glad you still have time to pass by once in a while
    keep it up and thanx for everything you do even with your busy schedule kekeke

  5. Lol XD
    I want to understand what they said but one thing’s for sure… I WANT that phone :DDD

  6. Awe.YB is too adorable.

  7. Ah! i was wondering where BabyB0ngaholic is in Youtube… Sucks that they took it down. Anyway, Bae is so cute in the pic!! XD

  8. *video.

    my bad.

  9. daesungg!):
    i wish he was in it..

  10. yeah i went crazy when i heard that TOP kissed ANOTHER girl.
    thats like 3 in one month x_x

  11. wait where IS daedae??

  12. long time no see gurl!
    totally agree…i cracked up so badly at bae and baby’s ‘aigoo aigoo he’s too charismatic’ expression hahahahaha XD
    and YG crew is a great idea! ^^

  13. I adore it so much cool phone! BIG BANG fighting!

  14. this vid is cool^^

  15. Ahh, I think I just feel in love with YB AGAIN!~~~~~
    TOP oppa’s kiss was so sweet!
    Love the videos<3

  16. Ahh, YoungBae oppa looks so sweet<3

  17. that’s so sweet ^^

    already suscribed 😀

  18. Gahh I didn’t thought I could love YB more than I do now but goshh how can someone be so HOT & CUTE at the same time?! ❤

  19. isn’t it weird rite? once you notice YB you just can’t get enough of him! that’s what happen to me! I first fell for TOP and then YB came and the rest is history…lol…love this CF of them though…they all look hecka fine can’t wait for Daesung’s!!!

  20. @aS2t you are oh so very right XD ! Dong YoungBae you are killing me with cuteness. Hotness. Cotness. Whatever.

  21. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!! yahhhh wow i love ther phones thier so creative! man i wish i ca have their phones!!!! lol y’d he kiss her?? so random much! how dare she do tht??? lol jk! lol TY is so cute! ^^ SARANGHAE!!!

  22. Aww T.O.P always for forever in my heart 😀

  23. NOO T.O.P dont kiss THAT girl!Love me me me!!haha i sound soo retarted ;D

  24. Dude, Jiyong-ie makes me fall more in fangirl love everytime I see him!!! All of them are amazing!!!

    … And I really want that phone… It looks B.A.!

  25. Hehe, Bae is too cute ;D. ❤
    I like GD's hair xD.
    TOP ❤ Ohmy, I wish I was the girl ^^".

    =O I wish I could have that phone xD, not just because Big Bang is selling it ;X.

  26. I saw new dance show fron bad boyz, Hungary Tv.It was seungri, strong baby and mix big bang and many music together.This is link from tv website

  27. this is,, ummm, i don’t know what he doing,,,

    hey top, sae-kyong is mine! don’t touch her!

  28. Oh my gosh, that kiss is hot and TOP is even hotter… and I must agree that I wish I was the girl too

  29. you’re totally right about TY’s face hiding. 😀
    that phone actually seems pretty cool. with the transparent number pad. and the gesture calling thing. LOl

    except i would rather have the cyon edge with the 5.0 megapixel camera and the sick music player. haha
    LG makes some of the coolest phones. too bad most of the LG sold in U.S are about the same. 😦

  30. LOL, I’m watching these without sound.

    Haha, the second one is adorable. Seung Ri is all “Hyung, you are so lame.” and YB is like, “Why am I friends with this guy?”

  31. Sighs. I REALLY want this phone 😦 Does anyone know when it will be released in the U.S.? Koreans always have cute/ cool phones. Damn Korean and its creative designers XD

  32. T.O.P oppa you have been kissing to many girls lately- me don’t likey :(. but still SARANGHAE.

  33. THIS SITE bad site… WELCOME to english sub site

  34. Annyeonghaseyo everybody!!! also seen taeyang and seungri’s cut of cyon ad. cant help but laugh at taeyang’s reaction when seungri told him about pink panty, hehehehehehehe!!!!

  35. Omg!~
    I saw that one!
    It’s completely way too cute!

  36. that CF is super-duper funny!!
    all of them looks sooo adorable!!
    esp YB!!
    ~hiding his face like he couldn’t take it anymore!!~super cute!

    btw~that phone is really nice!!
    i really wish it’ll be available in MALAYSIA!!!!

  37. T.O.P kiss me! Ohh it ryhmes ;D

  38. will this website still going on?
    and GD – shine a light concert…
    can you upload it?

  39. will this website still going on?
    and GD – shine a light concert…
    can you upload it?

  40. will this website still going on?
    and GD – shine a light concert…
    can you upload it??…

  41. where is daesung oppa?!

    sweet kiss…

    tae yang is sooo cute!!!

  42. daesung you are sooooo damn cute!!!

    i wish i was there with you!!

    whatever happens i’m gonna support you!!!

  43. I LOVE YOU T.O.P

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