Merry Xmas!

i’ve been rotten, but i’m doing my best. it’s easier to catch quick updates if you follow my twitter. i hate to disappoint you guys…

but i hope you have a

merry christmas!

here’s the guys jumping for joy when they see your face as your laptop/desktop/mac turns on & the screen appears & you anticipate to see them as well lol
Free Image Hosting at

this beat out my gaho fur as my new background so for sure, it’s win =]

if only Seungri coulda moved his hand a lil lower… (grrr! covering choiTOP‘s face!)

the boys aren’t doing much at the moment except enjoying the cold & snowy holidays &:

  • a few Japan performances
  • the last eps of Family Outing 😦 (DAE)
  • YB’s FIRST intimate show appearance on Strong Heart! (w/ DAE)
  • preparing for 2010’s BIG SHOW concert

i’m expecting 2010 to be a repeat of 2008. let’s do this.

don’t forget to check out BIG BANG’s CALENDAR SCHEDULE which i periodically update.

i also updated the mailing addresses where you can send whatever you want to BIG BANG or any YG Artist, as well as your Audition applications.

don’t forget that YG represents ACTORS as well, so if you’re an aspiring actor/actress, you can apply as well =]

i’m not online as much these days, but if you want to get my attention, it’s best to email me, IM me, or send me a tweet @ my twitter.

happy holidays everyone! 😀

**EDIT: the link should be fixed now! sorry everyone =]

~ by gdluvzmc on December 22, 2009.

29 Responses to “Merry Xmas!”

  1. Oh you shouldn’t have. 😀 heheh, sadly I really can’t bring myself to change my desktop at the moment. sucks for me.

  2. awwwwwww thanks! i love it & of course your hard work(:

  3. happy holidays ^^ thanks 4 the wally

  4. misss this site ❤

  5. Thank u so muchhhh !! ~ ><"
    Merry X'mas ~ ^_______________^

  6. merry christmas (:

  7. i cant see the wally– i want to download~ but image shack says about hotlinking

  8. yeah me too!

  9. me also!!!!! wtf is wrong w/ this???

  10. For Christmas I want BIG BANG.Mosty T.O.P.Aww his face looks sooo adorable in that pic 😀 Damet I soo soo soo want tics to the Big Show ):

  11. Merry Christmas and thanks for the wallpaper ^^

  12. Dae Sung blockiny my babies face! >:O

  13. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYBODY!!! thanks so much for always updating the website! i love u guys! hope that u guys will hav a great vacation n happy new years!!!

  14. the photo look so cute! I’m going to change my desktop background now keke ^^

  15. Woot such a cute bg! Thanks 😀
    thanks for the updates

  16. thank youuu!


  17. what do you mean by the last eps of family outing?
    last eps of this year?
    last eps for dae?
    or is family outing gonna finish????

  18. last?LAST?!What do you mean last family outing! D:

  19. TOP’s beauty is being covered Q-Q
    but i luv it so it’s my new wallpaper! ;D
    happy holidays!!! <3333

  20. Merry Christmas all VIPS :]
    & BIG BANG!

  21. MERY x_MAS BigBang fansite VIPZ and BIGBANG!! I love the wallpaper! I adore them FIGHTING as always!

  22. my new wallpaper ❤
    merry christmas!

  23. hey Merry Christmas (:
    & Merry Christmas to ALL VIPS!
    i can’t wait =]

  24. Thanks alote guys.
    I love the pic.
    MERRY Xmas everyone ^_^

  25. Merry Christmas! and thank you for the awesome wallpaper ^^

  26. Merry Christmas!:)
    Sharky here:):D
    Love YOU BIG BANG:)

    Big Bang FTW!

  28. merry xmas & happy holidays people!! 😀

  29. merry x-mas =DDDD

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