2009 SBS Gayo Daejun Rehearsal Pictures

Well, the highly anticipated year-end show SBS Gayo Daejun (SBS seems to always have the best line-up) is 5 hours away, and pictures of the rehearsal just published, and holy darn did it wake me up, I was about to turn in after an exhausting day but this sure is something… whew…. Bong got a new haircut X___X just when I thought he would kick it with his normal high mohawk, then BAM!!! can’t say I’m surprised, but danggg. anything is better than the bowlcut though πŸ™‚ Looks like the other 3 won’t be there (I really really miss my Baby) Bae and Bong will be there, having some awesome joint stage with their sisters, 2NE1, showing the YG Family love. I am so gonna try and watch this live, not sure if I can though. so tiree

SBS Gayo Daejun will on at 9:55PM [KST] | December 29th

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2009 SBS Gayo Daejun Rehearsal Pictures

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~ by Vicky on December 29, 2009.

46 Responses to “2009 SBS Gayo Daejun Rehearsal Pictures”

  1. omgah!! haha GD looks cute with his bowlcut hair! &omg what is YB doing with Park Bom?!o_O LOL! I’m jealous!!

  2. LOL… GD!! XD

    no offense but really, no comment (even though it is BONG)
    ummm… it will be changed soon rite?? πŸ˜›


    god i miss big bang
    i lovee 2ne1&bigbang ❀

  4. πŸ˜€ Yup The haircut is always different. This is one of my reasons of loving Bong (sun) Tought I really don’t like *blush* it but it’s still CUTE! So sad I can’t wach this ;(
    P.S. Sorry YB I almost didn’t look at your pics – I wanted to see JingYo πŸ˜›

  5. PLEASE! PLEASE! jiyong. please tell me that you’re gonna gel that up later!

    not gonna miss this! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  6. Vicky! We’ve missed you. :3

    I really want to watch it! But I don’t know if I’m willing to stay up or if I want to wait for the HD videos.. Muaahaha.

  7. Yeah so them so JEALOUS at YB’s and BUMMIEZ ahahahaha nice for CL and G-D fighting ❀

  8. and why am i not seeing G-D smiling 😦

  9. omamma belliniiii *_* Gd sempre sorprendente hihi perΓ² carino uguale.. YB BELLOBELLO

  10. lol GD’s hair, its so cute!!

  11. omg GD’s hair.
    OMG CL’S OUTFIT. so revealing.
    im liking bomtae XDD


    Hubbie’s hair!

    And why is he not smiling? =(

  13. wahaahaha XD
    GD’s hairstyle look like helmet XD
    but no offense, he is still cute ^-^

    and TAE’s HOT! (as always) *w*
    he had to kneel?? i’m jelous! T.T

  14. i love big bang and 2NE1, but GD… that hairstyle is crazy… I think last one was much better

  15. yee.
    i love my Baby’s mohawk hairstyle! πŸ˜₯
    and yehh, haven’t seen him smiling.
    i miss him much..
    and when AllKpop posted the updates about SBS gayo Daejun w/ GD’s name on it i clicked automatically. :]

    i love seeing my baby Ji Yong!
    i miss him much. πŸ˜€

  16. melinda.. can you please upload this…
    Thank you very much..
    I would like to see this perfomance..
    you haven’t updated the youtube account quite long..
    Please!!! Thanks

  17. I actually like GD’s haircut this time =)

  18. love bigbang and 2ne1

  19. I just saw there performance I guess he had fun! and what an amazing performance they dance amazingly GYB FTW! and 2NE1 YG yeah yeah! FIGHTING!….. Thanks for agreeing at the not smiling GD grrr why why why?? maybe its because the issues?

  20. it’s GDYB’s stage time!

  21. And heheheheeheh! Ji Yong wasn’t having a new hairstyle ahahah his hair is simply like that before he gets into a amazing wicked stylish MOHAWK! I love the GDYB perf. and Unnies 2NE1 rocks!

  22. Oh. My. Gawd. Jiyongie’s hair. Also…I wonder what duet Bom and Bae and doing??

  23. nvm…according to ATY, Bom and Bae are performing You and I together!! Awwww….

  24. Bummi and Bae is performing you and i as for G-D and CL The Leaders and 2NE1 and DYB will perform LETS GO PARTY!

  25. OMG!!!<3

  26. GD looks cutee πŸ™‚
    But ive got to say, worst haircut though ;;
    Bommie looks fat.

  27. holyyy crappp.

    i miss him being blonddd.
    hes got me real caught off guard,
    firts blonde, mohawk, and now this?!

    still love himmm,

    bae looks sexyyyy.

  28. omg the new hairstyle :O! hehehe ^^

    i’m gonna watch the show HQ right now T.T thanks 4 the preview

  29. not a new hair style. he just didn’t spike up his hair.
    for the actual performance, he has the mohawk again.

  30. That girl needs more clothing on her body!And umm GD’s new hair is relaly something?And WHERE IS T.O.P!Tae Yang loooking cute ;D

  31. ohmy
    luv u!~
    the cut is cute πŸ™‚ !

  32. http://martzzang.com/

    vote for bigbang! spread teh love!

  33. gahhhh i love them!
    cant wait to watch thisss

  34. it was awesome this year but too bad that big bang wasn’t together. :l

  35. Young Bae is soooooooooo fine in that blue suede jacket I swear Park Bom is lucky. LOL JiYong’s coat is hot!!!!!

  36. maaan, i wanted t.o.p & seungri to be here ]:
    WHERE ARE THEEEY!? i miss them too .

  37. Ah… GD’s hair.. I watched it over and over again.. but somehow I just cant get used to it.. the same goed for his outfit for Gossip man. This time I really cant get used to it. Hope he changes it soon. Despite that he’s still an awesome performer! He rocked the stage AGAIN! I read in AllKpop bout him crying on the stage.. I thought it was fake tears just to match the performance first, but seems like.. our GD was really crying? I feel so heartbroken! Hwaiting GD!

  38. BAE-by sings YOU & I with Bom but so sad she doesnt take his hand!he grabbed it though.hahs.its so sweet.>,<

  39. I think 2009 is not BIGBANg year I guess 2010 πŸ˜‰ ?? hahaha we should make it a bigbang year!

  40. oh my buddha.
    GD as much as youngbae is my favorite, i cant stand to see you with the bowlcut T_T

    Baeby… why do you have to kneel… and reach out to her DX

  41. ********************************
    to all those fans who arent so fond of the bowl/mushroom cut on our GD, its only like that when he doesnt have it gelled up in his mohawkish style- since those pictures were just rehearsals

  42. wow! i wish the best for big bang.
    i really miss to see big bang’s members together 😦 . where is TOP , seungri and daesung?!!!

  43. 2ne1 don’t toch them cuz BIG BANG is a Dynamite πŸ˜€

  44. ooww… ji yong oppa, what hair is that?? hahahahaha

  45. Im loving the YG love!:)

    Check out my version of Please Don’t Go at my livejournal!


    Hope you like it!:)

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    i am daily visitor of your blog love to see new one soon.

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