Melly’s Twitter News #5

some news i wanted to update on PLUS some pix under the cut….

almost forgot to say:


hope you guys have a great 2010! i’m looking forward to a fresh start ^_^


  • although i didn’t stay up to watch it live, i could tell it was a YG-packed show (2NE1 +GDYB).
  • YB even performed YOU & I w/ BOM. i think that song sounds much better duet style, esp. w/ bae on the track. their power vocals make the song sound even more awesome.
  • GD performed ‘heartbreaker’ & ‘gossip man’ – which was awesome! one of the underestimated songs from his album. even though it might not be everyone’s favorite, i believe it’s one of the more meaningful songs to jiyong.
  • you might have seen pix of GD tearing during his set, but i guess it was explained to be the stage smoke getting to his eyes. although it got many fans rowdy’d up thinking otherwise. i wouldn’t think jiyong would be the ‘crying in public’ type, but he sure got us worked lol. even so, i thought it was great how all the fans got together to stand behind our leader โค

TBS 51st Japan Record Awards

  • the boys flew to japan on the 30th to attend this award show, & they were nominated for the “rookie/new artist award,” which they WON!
  • i’m looking at their japan activities in a different light now since i’ve seen this acceptance. the boys were totally, happily surprised that they won, & to see the joy in their faces… i could tell it definitely means a lot to win for them. check out the video to see what i mean:

    credit: suzan0728@youtube
  • TOP is freakin hilarious cuz he was speaking in korean. you can see jiyong giggling on the side, though he shouldn’t be since he needs to work on his japanese too! ๐Ÿ˜› the presenter tried to cut it short but TOP just wouldn’t stop talking… haha xD

some more under the cut ————–>

digest clip: the boys watching them winning & performing gara gara go + interview

i’m glad seungri’s stepping up & tackling the interview in japanese^^


i couldn’t embed here but VISIT MY TUMBLR to see this cute video!!!
they’re recording messages into these bears. you will sooo wish you were one of these bears!
i vote for TOP’s bear as the cutest. don’t you think his voice makes a perfect bear voice? haha^^


  • MR. YG says that TAEYANG’s solo album will be released early next year, & soon after, DAESUNG will release his own solo album, followed by TOP & SEUNGRI releasing some solo works. DAE is doing his own producing! so like i said, look forward for a BIG BANG! in 2010^^


his personal photographers do a great job capturing him โค

^ i can’t stop saying ‘MMMMM’ when i see this picture xD

^ his collarbones โค you could make a freakin expensive bag outta that leather jacket ooooweee >_<

^ so like i said on twitter… i gasped when i saw this pic lol. i can’t tell you why =X

^ this is what his backside looks like, hair & all. strut your stuff! i’m looking at his butt haha >_< bad melly!

^ again! >_< lol ohh the calves.

^ i’m really not a fan of straight edges for haircuts but i can’t really complain since jiyong knows better lol

^ macbook pro! really makes me want to get one now. & white beats -___- must me always think alike? =[

credit: ์ง€๋””์•ค์—์ด์น˜ (GD&H) – as tagged


~ by gdluvzmc on December 31, 2009.

23 Responses to “Melly’s Twitter News #5”

  1. i was so happy for them when they won! TY and TOP tried to keep on a straight normal happy face. DS and SR were like :O NO WAY haha. And GD was just like “oh my thank you god”. haha, they all looked so adorable.
    I freakin love all of GD&H photos, he/she takes such awesome + HQ photos, it’s crazy.
    I think i know why you gasp when you saw that third pic, haha, i gasped when i saw it right away as well lmao. I hope i had the right idea.
    His cute little flat butt lol, cute cute cute.
    I wonder how many dr.dre headphone does he have? 2 so far? this white one and the one he got for his present?
    anyways, Happy New Year BBfansite โค

  2. Congrats Big Bang! I’m happy for you all! =] I love the pictures of GD! He looks really cute!! hehe Happy New Year to BB&BBfansite!! Much love to you guys!!

  3. congrats!! GD’s performance was awesome!!! LOVE HIM!! fighting!

  4. Seungri’s expression is 100% priceless. And TOP’s non-stop talking in Korean was hilarious. All of them are so adorkable ^^
    Congratulations to them for a wonderful year in Japan.
    Wishing all BB fans a safe and happy new year!

  5. Iยดm so happy for you guys!you are so cute!
    I wish a wonderful new year to the Big Bang group and all the BB fans too!
    I love you so much!

  6. LMFAO!Aww T.O.P babye you just made my day ๐Ÿ˜€ haha I love you!And HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!T.O.P’s hair is umm realy something?XD cute hat TAE YANG ๐Ÿ™‚ ad haha dAe Sung.The host guy was like err umm haha.

  7. ….seriously. Bongie’s collarbones should be considered a dangerous weapon. They kill fangirls like me around the world. XD His photographers are like mini-gods to me. They really do just take the best pics of him dont they? *goes back to drool*

  8. Congrats to Big Bang!! (: im so happy for them. Wishin them a happy new year. Big Bang hhwaiting!!

  9. omg that video ๐Ÿ˜€ made my day ^^ watch out for BB on 2010 ^^

  10. SBS GAYO DAEJUN was the best, of all (:
    Loved the GDYB + 2NE1 performances. Haha, these past
    few days were great =] & Big Bang’s winwin in Japan,
    wow congrats to them. Can’t wait for 2010, forreal.
    Happy New Years, VIPS!

  11. Their so amazing, they totally deserved it! ;]

  12. i always crack up a little bit while seeing the logo of the Apple macbook and comparing it to GD’s own apple logo..
    i just have this weird taste of humor~~

  13. Hahaha gd has a bowl cut

  14. Yeah baby, can’t wait for what yg family has for us in 2010!! Taeyang, top, daesung, seungri, 2ne1, AND se7en albums, right?? Thank you YG!!
    Woohoo love the hq pics. lol it’s so hq it’s like invading his privacy
    anyway he rocked the stage as usual! even if the hair/pants were questionable ๐Ÿ˜›

  15. And congrats to big bang in the award! They worked hard this year ๐Ÿ™‚ โค

  16. ^^ yay Big BANG! Congrats to them! I can’t wait to see them rock this year! ^^ Hwaiting!

  17. congrats to the boys for winning!!
    LOLL @ TOP, my god his hair!!! and seungri! he was speechless… xD
    YB’s HAT had be loling, NICE TO MEET YOU xD
    and the way how GD was chuckling on the side when TOP was speaking in korean lololol

  18. @neempa
    i was thinking that too when i stared at the pix for a while… like he ripped the apple logo, so funny xD

  19. i know u guys won’t like me saying this but GD’s checkered suit reminds me of 2pm’s clothes for Heartbeat…

  20. What is your twitter account name? I need so i can get updates

  21. I’ve wached the whole show and a really loved it…i really think this was the best of all 3-4 Gayos that they did…Totally loved Gd and Tae Yangs performance and 2NE1…I think in this show them and 2PM have the most view jjaja…I’m not a fan of this type of haircut that GD has now but love him when he appers with the same style as Taeyang…You are really lucky for having all that stuff to your acces…Im from East Europe(Rumania)…

  22. i love to see g dragon/big bang.Their music is good to hear.Hope more fans can support them like me and enjoy their songs.

  23. gd have a very attractive smile… n the other member of bigbang also… love thier music…

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