2010 FILA S/S Collection

check out this awesome interview AMIN did w/ SHAUN EVARISTO (click). he talks about how he got started & how he got to work w/ YG. he also talks about the boys & their awesome english. (esp TOP LOL)

lol @ jiyong’s chubby face. reminds me of his younger days ❤

i like this pic a lot. jiyong talking to the shoe. & TOP looking all cool slicking his hair back. AGHHH >_< oooh BB shoes lol


Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

  • yb with a pink backpack lol
  • yeaa they made that TOP pose into a wallpaper. yummmm
  • you get a peak of jiyong’s tummy KEKEKEKE xD (the thighs, oh the thighs ❤ haha)
  • my fave is SR with the backpack on. he’s still a lil kid to me lol
  • can’t not love dae ❤

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

i love everyone’s expressions here. TOP’s cute look, SR’s cute face xD can’t get enough of jiyong obviously 😛


sorry. had to do that lol.

~ by gdluvzmc on January 5, 2010.

33 Responses to “2010 FILA S/S Collection”

  1. the first;]
    top is so hot xd
    just look at his hair<3

  2. gd looks so awesome !top !argh~ u drve me crazy dude !

  3. OMG. they’re all toooo cute ❤ makes me want the bag soo badly (:

  4. where cn u get those stuff?

  5. i love love love Jiyong’s hair and top’s pose.. too hot

  6. the bag’s are hella expansive btw…

  7. GD takes THE BEST PICTURE^^. want to see how his brain works 4real, hehe^^. i miss them so much but amazing stuffs are coming frm BB in 2010, i hear!!!

  8. nyaaaa GAHO!!!! They look awesome i want all the FILA items O.O

  9. soo cute

  10. TOP you are so amazingly sexy in this shoot!
    AH~ you look hawt in EVERY shoot!
    (WHOO, it’s hot in here..)

  11. I WANT FILA STUFF~?!Where do I sign up?And T.O.P WOOH!LOVE THAT GUY! ❤

  12. These are the pix I saw at a diff fansite but there’s more lol!!! I love seungri he’s sooo cute I love his little cute expressions it makes him sooo damn unique!!! Lols

  13. YO…you know you can actually buy these things!!!! THAT’S SO AWESOME!!

    well..lol stupid me…otherwise they wouldnt be advertising

  14. I MADE MY MIND…IM GETTING THE SHOES OR BAG…..but man, i checked…quite expensive..but…IT’S BIGBANG..IM GETTING!!

    wow xD

  16. the pics are cute and love the last group pic too!
    just watched Shaun Evaristo’s interview, he’s a very cool and awesome guy….it’s great tat we get to kno a little more about him and how he interacts with the boys….

  17. So Georgous !!! everytime !!

  18. they look so cuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!! not to mention smexyyyyyyy!!!! hahaha I love these boys especially TOP!! damn way can u do but smile at his face and that hair!!! that hair!!!!! he is SUPERRR HOTTT!!!!

  19. Young Bae’s not wearing red shoes??? LOL he loves red I love him in red lol I miss you oppa the silver sneaker are so sexy and the pink is pimping!!!!!!! Victor got my heart he sooo grown!!!!! I like Jiyoung hair so much. Top got that gangsta appeal with the shoes around his neck. DaeDae not much to say but awww!!!!

  20. OMG. TOP. Soooo hot. Love him to pieces! Haha. Jiyong looks incredibly cute too. 😀

  21. OMG!!
    the interview was pretty awesome
    seriously I didn’t know Shaun was that cool kekeke
    the TOP part had me cracking up sooo much he is just such a dork!

    the wallpapers are HOT!
    sorry to say but I’m glad GD went back to black he looks younger that way and the rest they are just mighty cute!!!
    I miss seeing them!!!

  22. T.O.P<3 sigh thye havent been together in a while D:

  23. these are great ads! it’s really colourful and fun.

    xx lue

  24. YB looks amazing just holding that red shoe! Gosh, I used to dislike Fila. I’m gonna start loving it from now cause of BB.

  25. I just had to be sure, but, the Korea Gov. is giving their final warnings to GD ? & I heard he might go to Jail ? I dont know for a fact, so I want to hear from you guys (: Leave me a comment on my Blog: http://www.fcknawsmcmx.wordpress.com/
    THANKS ! & this is the same user for chiebmxiong :]

  26. OMGulay iLIKE GD pose is sooo sikkk
    but iLOVE TAEYANG !!!!

  27. so cute…could any one tell me where i could get one of their backpack i try looking at the yesasia website but they dont have it so could some one please tell me where to get it… thank u so much ….

  28. 🙂
    LOVELOVELOVE everythinggggg
    ahh~ esp. GD’s pics
    and his cute autograph.

  29. LABB them…
    LAB GD here…^^
    but i remember his case
    that GD will go to jail

  30. They’re SOOOOOOOOOOOO Cute.
    I Luv these pics ^_^

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  32. I love these shoes, guh !
    I could have worn the white ones that Seungri is holding.
    Gah, cool shoes ❤ .

    LuvBB .

  33. donde puedo conseguir una mochila aqui en mexico monterrey nuevo leon’ T_T

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