it’s true! this is epic. that only means i’ll have double the updates to translate.
this means that daesung is getting ready to go nuts with his solo project. aishhhhh. maybe TOP will be next? xD
who’s lucky enough to get 2010 BIGSHOW tix?

check here for the latest me2DAY Updates from DAESUNG.
follow me on TWITTER – i will be tweeting updates whenever i get them done! :]

credit: gdluvzmc @ VIPtranslators
source: http://me2day.net/bbdaesung

~ by gdluvzmc on January 21, 2010.

22 Responses to “DAESUNG HAS A ME2DAY!”

  1. aaaah! I hope the other members will make me2day accounts too! 😀

  2. when will top make his me2day.lol
    i’m waiting.i’m very excited about that=]
    daesung’s photo are very cute<3

  3. don’t you have anything to update about gd going to jail?

  4. ^i’m sure if that were true, the whole world would know about it.

  5. well all the other sites are talking about it?? i’m sure some of you must have heard about it! so why don’t you google it and if it’s not true, you could at least tell everybody about the rumours

  6. Omo? Daesungie has one too now? LOL I can only imagine what he is going to post. He is just too funny. ❤

  7. @bubuu

    of course i know about the situation.

    such things are so mundane. you can believe what you want to believe. i don’t like to add fuel to a fire that i don’t want any part of.

    don’t degrade my position by telling me to ‘google’ some information you assume i don’t know about.

    & like i said, if you followed my twitter, you would know i’ve said plenty about it.

  8. I wish.I tried betting online to get some tics but I had absolutely no luck.And I got my living arrangements set up and everything.But I hope T.O.P will be next then I’m soo gonna make one 🙂 haha Dae Sung’s looking good.

  9. yay! 😀 finally 😀 more updates i hope TOP will opne Me2day soon ^^

  10. Ahhh, that man is just too sexy. Love it! ❤

  11. @bubuu

    There is an investigation going on, but there has been no definite decision made as of yet. As of right now GD is not going to jail. The info on other sites say he MIGHT go to jail and not that he is actually going. If the decision was made, don’t u think the site would’ve posted it already?

  12. AW my cutie DaeSungie has a me2day! yes, cant wait for his solo!

  13. @dani

    thank u for reiterating my point!

    on the flip side, if jiyong goes to jail (which i HELLA doubt), i will retire indefinitely & find a way to go to korea & smack some sense into them.

  14. @gdluvzmc

    “on the flip side, if jiyong goes to jail (which i HELLA doubt), i will retire indefinitely & find a way to go to korea & smack some sense into them.”

    Then you will see me on the way because I am gonna do the same thing. lol

  15. i love daesung,,, he is so funny

  16. Oh ye i forgot about his accident.That was way long ago.But I still hope he’s healthy as a horse ;D

  17. Can’t wait to see what Daesungie is gonna do for his solo, and I am eagerly awaiting Tabi-oppa’s solo!
    I love the way Dae’s hair, in these pictures, is all…swooshy. Its like, swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, from side to side. Lawl
    I need to stop typing things right after I wake up. xD

  18. 😦 wat is a me2day account

  19. @gdluvzmc & dani

    i’m sorry ! of all big bang fan sites,i just happen to trust in this site the most, and i check all the news here, cause i feel like everything worth mentioning would be said here.
    BUT imagine my disappointment when i read about gd MAYBE going to jail in a finnish forum instead of here… then i spent all my days checking the site if someone had already talked about it here, but no, nothing! i just wanted to know 😦

  20. @ popo, me2day is the korean version of twitter

  21. This so COOL !
    LOOL I made one out of seungri XD
    I’m making a collection of BiG BANG
    by paper doll


  22. daesung ajja ajja fighting!!!

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