Paper Dolls!

look what i made!
i love arts & crafts, & if i get to make
mini-GDs, then I AM SO DOWN! loll
it’s pretty cool cuz she made hats as well! so it’s like lil tike dolls that u can dress up!

so i’m pondering on which one to make next… which one would u like me to do? ^_^

**edit: i’m gonna start making my army of mini-GD’s… it’s gonna be EPIC! lol

MADE MY ARMY! check under the cut ^_^

time to make your own!

check it out here:


~ by gdluvzmc on January 22, 2010.

48 Responses to “Paper Dolls!”

  1. DOOOOOO daesungieeee

  2. Aww I soo want to make them too!
    I want to see..TOP! xD
    Btw, did you use regular computer paper or is that a different kind of paper?

  3. What kind of paper do you use?

  4. Awww!; that’s awesome!

  5. XD I love them!

  6. i used regular paper, though i wish i had some sturdier paper!
    it’s all about technique i suppose.

    i remembered the 3D paper dolls being thin, but if you are careful w/ the craft, then it should look nice no matter what =]

  7. ahh too cute~! i think i will make my own!!! how can i resist a mini taeyang in my room XDD

  8. do all of them !!! make a collection! but seungri will be awsome πŸ˜€

  9. Oh man, my GD doll looks terrible πŸ™‚

  10. how did you make them?!?!
    the tutorial was in chinese!!

  11. OMG that is so freakin adorable!!! Thanks so much for providing the link

  12. umm how do u print the templates??

  13. I wanna make a collection too but idk how to print the templates..sniff sniff

  14. srry just testing this one..

  15. You just need to click on the picture of the template and click print πŸ™‚

  16. Soo cute hahahaha his head is pointly

  17. Taeyang looks like a milk carton πŸ˜€ huzzah! So cute, I want to make some paper dolls too…xP I say make a doll of Tabi-oppa! Haha xD

  18. haha! Those are soo cute!!! I cant wait for the GD army, it is gonna be epic!!!

  19. XD an army of GD’s. Who wouldnt want that? lol

  20. oh.emm.geeeee.!
    i loveee these πŸ™‚
    thx πŸ™‚
    ill be watching out for your mini GDs!!!!

  21. That’s cute! YB’s eyes are still so tiny. xP

  22. AWW THAT IS SOO BEYOND ADORABLE!But I can never finsih those.The paper is just too hard to fold 😦 But that hat is sooo cute!And GD loooks AWSOME!But why are they holding hands? XD Great Melly.ONe of your abosulute best! πŸ˜€

  23. ^ they were just touching! lol but it’s cute though xD

    i’m starting to make my GD army.

    it’s… a lot of work LOL

  24. awww~ this is sooooo cute! im gonna make one too! ^^

  25. This site I think was mentioned on another bigbang fansite!!!! I made birthday one of seungri and it’s soooo kawaii….then I made a kwon leader heartbreaker one and it had the new era cap!!!!! It was soooo cute!!!!! The hat was in the heartbreaker mv!!! Lols it was sooo cute!!!! You should try to make them even though the tutorial is in Chinese….I’m Chinese but I’m only learning it…and I made it easily!!! Try it out and have some fun!!!! Lols *sigh* they are soooo damn kawaii!!!! BIGBANG FIGHTING!!!!! ❀

  26. aww so cuteeees

  27. LOL you are my hero! XD I want an army of GD’s

  28. omg, this is soo epic! XD

  29. i saw this this morning, and went on the website. dang. i was SO excited to make this! and it sucks cus i was out all day. i was like-DUDE!!!! I WANNA GO HOME AND MAKE THESE! but i had no time. pahhhh XD so imma make them ASAP!!! ❀ adorable army..

  30. ^^…omg, ur so very talented. and also more importantly(?) tht ur are such a FAN of GD, haha!!
    love them all^^.
    GD 4ever!!

  31. OMG! the armyyyyy i might try it someday

  32. Hi!I am pandabobo@bbpapermodel!~
    Your GD’s army are soooo cool!!!even better than mine~^^
    Keep on making more & more~HAHA!!
    Thanks for your supporting!
    and sorry there’s no English in the tutorial…
    I think I should make one someday…^^”

  33. @pandabobo
    no thank you!
    it’s your designs! lol

    you gotta make a gaho one, i would make those too!
    what paper do u use? they look thicker, like cardboard… i’m curious.

    but thanks for the compliments ^_^

  34. All the paperdolls in my blog are using A4 normal paper only.
    Are they really look thinker??^^?

  35. So cute!

  36. i made the new era cap and it was too small for GD’s head
    mehhhhhh D:

  37. awwwww thats so cute^^, little BIG BANG; good work<3

  38. can you make SEUNG-RI??:)):P its cute by the way:)

  39. That’s adorable!
    The YB one was so cute with the little hat, haha:)
    I would love to see all the members together…holding hands, lol ❀

  40. what kind of paper did u use?

  41. im having trouble doing it with normal paper :/

  42. lol this is so cute!!! can u teach mr how to do this?! this is like big bang origami!! I want one T_T

  43. I MADE ONE!!! πŸ˜€
    these paper dolls are my new obsession XD

  44. Hello~If you want to have a link in my blog, do u have any banners or logos want to put them in?Please contact me by email: :]THX

  45. thanks for sharing melly !
    these are so awesome
    and thank you @pandababo for making these !!
    currently making my 2nd one..oh man imma make a whole bunch
    i wish there were 2ne1 ones too.. πŸ˜›

  46. whaa this paper dolls are soo cute *___________*

  47. omg!!! i love this! i can totally make them! i just hope that maybe you can design more! not that im greedy for more but im just suggesting!! lol! they’re so cute! i can never make the dogs! theyre so incredibly hard!! but thx for designing this! i totally love it!!

  48. i love this,it so cool my friends are mad at me because they don’t have it.share it.take care of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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