G-Dragon Expresses His Feelings on the Concert Issue

GDragon had many labels in the past, some good and some bad. Big Bang’s leader. The youngest boy who was participating in HipHop albums by the age of 13. One of the top 8 composers that shined in 2008. Placing first in all possible music charts with his solo album. 2009’s greatest selling record. Plagiarism issues. Known for interesting fashion. And the most recent one, concert issues.

There had been a set of associated words with GDragon. However, he was the boy that went on along his way without any rest in the music world, but there will always be the critics commenting on his actions. Through an interview, we learned about what kind of a path he kept on going from that one little boy to a star that is loved by many people.

People who are close to GDragon say that he is “very detailed and trustworthy.” So detailed that he would check daily on every single detail of his album and watch the concert stage from the 3rd floor to make sure that his fans wouldn’t miss out on a thing. A person like that was slammed down on his first concert. It was all because of the sexy performance he displayed during his own song, ‘Breathe.’

his statements under the cut ——>

GDragon stated, “I believe that since I am a singer for the public, I know that it is right for the public to judge me. No matter what I was trying to show, it was my fault if it [the concert] was disturbing and high level. I was only trying to show a stronger appearance because it wasn’t a public show, but a concert performance. I’m really sad that the response was different from what I expected.” While he was preparing his first concert, he was excited. Since the age of 13 entering YG Entertainment, this was the stage he was dreaming about for 10 years. He pondered on the videos to show, and explored each section of the audience seats to view how the stage would look from there. Big Bang’s stages also made him excited, but this solo concert that had his own name on it as a single singer meant the world to him.

“Seriously, I don’t know even remember how hard I rose up to this level for my solo concert. I might be saying this because I’m still young, but really when this concert ended, I really thought to myself, ‘I would want nothing else more.’” But, when I turned on the internet the next day, my heart crashed to see only the parts of concert torn apart with the issues.” He confessed that he faced sadness as a singer when he realized that the performances that he worked hard on was torn apart and that one cut represented his whole concert. Was it to much for him to show different sides of him to the audience that couldn’t easily access the concert?

“Instead of tears, fake laugh came out as I thought, ‘will I be cursed so that anywhere I go, I get bashed at?’” I didn’t want it to go this far. I just wanted to show my fans the different sides. In the performances I showed cute sides, and handsome sides, but why did it only get cut into this part? All the news paper articles had that strong word in them, and I was embrassed and sad that my parents might see these articles that only had one side to them.” He added on, “My thinking was short. However I just wish that people wouldn’t criticise me just for that one section. The song ‘Breathe’ in general is about not wanting to wake up from a dream because my ideal woman appears in them. Because of those lyrics I had a bed on stage and showed that I was searching my dreams. But the final product the public saw was, ”sex demonstration.” I was shocked and thought, ‘I’m not this, but I guess this is how I look to the people,’ realizing it then.”

He finally added, “Whether I get praised at, or slammed at, I think that is proof that the public is showing interests toward me. I have to understand the fact that telling me what part I did wrong helps me to improve in the future. The way I could be accepted and win praises is to do better on the next album. This once again reminded me that I have to do my best on the Big Bang album coming out this year.”

credits: K-BITES

so i double-confirmed that he did give the interview to a news column…

i’m definitely still sensitive to this entire matter. it’s not fair for someone who’s constantly in the spotlight to be expected to uphold a “proper” demeanor or lifestyle. “proper” is subjective to whomever you go about asking.

i’m extremely proud of jiyong, & i never doubted that he would take fault & responsibility for his actions. of course he would. it takes a greater person to admit your mistakes & own up to it. i’m even more proud that he straight-up realized his position in society & understood that there are always those who judge.

it’s so easy for people to criticize negatively that it takes a bigger effort to praise someone positively. but what people forget when they put celebrities on a pedestal is that they are humans too. people make mistakes. people have feelings too.

step out of your box & look at it from a different point of view. look at it from his point of view. an artist’s point of view. he saw his concert as his work of art. an intricately, interwoven production that’s to be taken as a whole. but of course! you have to look at things as a whole. it comes in a package; don’t single one performance out.

when you remember the one bad thing & forget about all the other good things, that hurts. it hurts the creative designer; it hurts the artist. it hurts the person, the human being. you are hurting someone’s feelings.

yes jiyong, you are always in the spotlight. & you gotta know it’s not because people hate you. it’s because they’re confused as to what they think about you. they don’t know whether to love you even more or to be jealous of all the attention you get.

but all that bullshit aside, you take it jiyong. don’t be upset about it. i’m proud of you. i’m proud that you can swallow your pain & move on with life, putting a smile on your face. it might not be as heart-felt, but you’ll learn to move on.

it’s good that you realize, good or bad, people are paying attention to you. that’s right! take all the criticism & improve. but don’t ever change who you are. you don’t need to change for anybody. because being you has got you this far, & this high up, so high up to the point where people make time to put you down.

keep your head up & move on. get ’em next time. because no matter what, you’ll always have someone who understands. & that’s all you really need.

we love our kwon leader♥



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  1. Aish. You know I’m glad he came out with something in response but it kills me to know it really hit him so hard to the point where he was embarrassed that even his parents might judge him. From what I saw from clips, the concert was amazing and he really did show all those sides to him. He should have nothing to be ashamed about or double think about. He did it his way and really showed a side of him that cannot be expressed just with Big Bang. Thats why he he wanted a solo album anyway, just like Bae who shows us different parts of himself with his solo. I do wish people would stop criticizing him for a 1 minute part of his concert and look at the entire concert as a whole. *sigh* keep your head up my Kwon leadah. ❤

  2. i support GD all the way…that part of his concert got taken waaaay out of proportion.

  3. love him forever :]
    “So detailed that he would check daily on every single detail of his album and watch the concert stage from the 3rd floor to make sure that his fans wouldn’t miss out on a thing.”
    awwww i love his dedication and thoughtfulness.
    yeah it makes me sad how everyone keeps bashing him and his concert, just from seeing some pix or one fancam. :[
    gd hwaiting! ❤

  4. I agree with everything you said! I’m really proud of GD for taking responsibility and addressing the situation. Now, I hope people will appreciate his perspective and quit criticizing him so harshly.

  5. Melly you summed up what I feel about the whole issue.

    I feel proud to know someone like GD can see what had happened and move on. As an artist, it really hurts when your work isn’t seen as you envisioned it. As he said he was trying to show different sides of himself for his fans. That’s one thing that I appreciate. He never tries to hide who he is. His personality just shines.

    I’m also glad he finally came out with a response.

    But seriously, I hope next time instead of just slamming a case on an artist, the Korean Gov’t should have a better censorship program or something. I mean, is it so hard to send a representative to view and advise artists on legal matters? If someone had seen it as too much, something would’ve been done. I sincerely hope this doesn’t happen again and that GD and all the other artists who have to face the same dilemma learn from this and become better at what they do.

    *sorry for the long comment but I hope I made sense…*

  6. Why would they do that to GD! He was so excited to do his own solo conert and the next day its ruined and he is embrassed!! I support GD and Big Bang till the end! How do i feel? Lets say i feel angry cuz GD got what he wanted to do for so long and then ruined the next day! u just can’t let someone do what they want huh?

  7. Aww poo GD why in the world would they do that to him?It’s ok GD at least you should know that we all love and support you with all our hearts.That’s just terrible he gets what he wants and it’s just gone the next day.Poor baby 😦

  8. I can’t believe how genuine he is. If you look at it from a creative point of view he did absolutley nothing wrong. I love you JiYong from the bottom of my heart and I’ll support you no matter what! I can’t believe that a minute clip of his concert changes the whole thing. It’s rediculous, he is such a good person it hurts me that he was all excited and then the next day crushed because of the negative feed back on a tiny miniscule clip of his concert… I love you GD Leader!!!!

  9. support u to 10000% u’re GD damn it! U CAN MAKE TROUGH ANYTHING! WE LOOOVE U <33

  10. okay, this is it!! WE WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT YOOU GD, no matter what.

    we will, and always. ForeverGD.

  11. GD Fighting forever!

  12. G-Dragon is like Michael Jackson. They weird clothes and sudden ascent in music world : D

  13. GD oppa stay strong,alot of fans will support u always..FIGHTING!!!!!

  14. awwww! well said! im about to cry now!!

  15. g-d oppa we love you….stay strong,don’t get to affected…we support you all the way…no matter what happen…fighting!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥

  16. We support G-D always anD FOrever!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥

  17. G-Bom…♥♥♥♥♥♥

  18. What a stupid boy!!! it’s looks so foolish, i know, you are all his fans, but across a border, or he lie or he is just perfect fool so he didn’t expected criticisms from people, the things he’d done on his concert was disgusting and unmoral everyone will agree with me, because my mom, my sister and brother and father and friends say the same.
    i’ll forgive him if he would cry out his apology to the crowd standing oh his knees with arms folded, yeah, and just like that i’ll forgive him for everything.

  19. you bitch up there. this is a bigbang fansite. so geet the fuck out if you’re gonna insult any one of them , in this particular case..jiyong OUR LEADER.
    someone delete that MMGGGG comment up there cause its really pissing me off.
    how dare you come to this blog and write that shit.

  20. on the other hand..
    kwonleader ❤ vip will support you. you make us proud with that explanation ;]

  21. @mmgggg

    you realize this is a BIG BANG fansite and you are insulting OUR LEADER!!!!!!! I understand not everyone is going to agree with us VIP’s, but to do so purposely on a fansite dedicated to that group, is really an immature and foolish thing to do. Just because your family agrees with you doesnt mean you are right. Please do not grace us with such a thoughtless comment again.

  22. it’s incredible..oh I love GD & actually I don’t understand why of all this critics.. maybe it’s so strange to me because here in italy performance like that is always possible to see on tv any hour but I still don’t understand! probably I will never see GD or the other guys in concert (just because I can’t go to seoul or japan every time i would go) & the fact that there’s some people who critics every thing that they do it make me going crazy! they don’t know how lucky they are.. ok, sorry for my awful english but i can’t do better in this moment xD 0.0 I love GD & BIGBANG

  23. Very well said mel! If I was jiyong I would be happy from ready all your words!

  24. It’s okay GD ):

  25. you’re so right mel!
    you don’t have to change! we all love you like you are und i loved you’re hole performance!

  26. i cry after reading this…those dammaz korean media grrrr..fucking love ma gd alone!!!! dangg are they jelouse or ..pfff i donno anywayss, ama big fan of gd and i didnt even though that he had crossed the line, i mean that bed scene was only like 3min or something pff anywayss,,gd oppa, no matter what those stupid punkasses says,i got ye back!!!!! hwaitinggg

  27. wow thank you a lot for uploading this interview.
    It´s very remarkable how mature GD is. We can be proud of him.
    But I really hope his parents are not angry with him XD
    I loved his solo concert performance ❤

  28. it’s good that he’s now starting to talk about this “concert controversy”. it won’t be good/healthy for him to hold all the pain in… he needs to let it out. i am more proud to be an iVIP after hearing(reading, in this case) his thoughts. he thinks and speaks like a GREAT LEADER! i’ve always loved this side of him. he’s honest, straightforward and shows deep passion for his works. he’s not afraid to show people all that is G-DRAGON. he has my full respect ‘coz wherever he is now is a result of all the hardwork that he’s done for many years. he has never bashed or stepped on anyone to reach a goal… he values his friends and family…

    “I’m a popular artist for the public. I believe in how the public judges me.” — EXACTLY! We will continue to support you GD!

    A fake laugh came out instead of tears as I asked myself, “Wherever I go, will I be criticized?” — My heart ached when I read this part. He’s like a kid who needs to be protected from all these negative comments thrown at him. We’ll always PROTECT you GD!

    “Whether people give positive or negative comments, they are taking interest in me. If someone tells me I did something wrong, I take it as a comment to help me fix my ways. I’ll listen to what everyone’s saying and use it to help improve the next album. I’ll do my best with the Big Bang album coming out later this year.” — He’s taken all the negative criticisms and turn them into constructive ones. That’s right GD! Look into the brighter side of things…

    I hope this will get resolved soon…
    I pray that GD will have more strength to endure all these problems.
    I pray that all his friends and family will stand by him to encourage and cheer him up.
    I pray that GD receives more love from people around him.
    I pray that all iVIPS and VIPs unite to PROTECT our JIYONG.
    Fighting! 🙂

  29. support GD<3
    i will pray 4 u

  30. GD<3333333
    it was great, dont listen to anyone:) you're the best. saranhae!!

  31. spoken like a true leader

  32. @MMGGGG

    kid, you are so naive to believe that everything your parents say/believe is ultimately the right way to believe. think for yourself.

    & i’m not gonna delete the comment b/c i want everyone to see how stupid the person is for coming to a big bang fansite/blog dedicated to the boys & for writing shit that don’t make sense.

  33. LOL.
    wow..what a dumbass.

    you go girl.

  34. @MMGGGG

    Wow that was a stupid comment, it’s funny how stupid it is. Get off the site if you’re going to be dumb cause none of us want to see you or any other anti fans.

  35. @MMGGGG
    GD apologized and that proves that he knows he’s done something wrong. He never said that everyone was wrong and he was right. He was humble enough to accept that criticism will happen if he’s a celeb. I, myself, don’t totally agree to what they decided to perform BUT that was just one performance! The concert in its whole was spectacular. Besides, it’s the things he’ll have to face that really bothers me. I mean come on… a minute on stage = A hefty fine + prison? That’s too much!

  36. GO GD!!! We will be here to support forever and always so whatever u do we are here to support you!!!! ♥G Dragon♥

    its ok!! allur fans are here to support you!!!

  37. @MMGGGG
    he has nothing to apologize for other than the fact that his intentions were misunderstood. i saw nothing wrong in any of the performances i saw. doesn’t mean that i didn’t see some footage that wasn’t appropriate but there was nothing ‘disgusting’ about any of it. his performances were very pure and he gave feeling into every one of them and it’s a shame that people like you can’t see that.

    poor thing. no one should have to deal with this. it leaves a huge whole in your heart and i’m glad he shared it with us. if he hadn’t it probably would have eaten away at him even more. not everyone will love you, my dear, but some will and that’s enough.

  38. so poor gd,
    whatever u do
    i’ll be encourage u, Big bang

  39. Who ever came up with is ”sex demonstration.” is sick minded…=.= it’s just a performance…DW GD~ We all have your back no matter what! ^^ <3<3

  40. yeah!!! i’ll support you too!!! they are too dumb to think that it is a sex demo..

  41. GD로 … 당신은 겨우 15 세, 그들은 한국의 시민뿐만 아니라, 그들을 따라 빅뱅, 나는 그의 공연에 대해 매우 유감 그가 아니지만, 예상대로되지 않습니다 그들은 그들이 그 노래를 무대에 같이 호흡 즐기고 있지만만이 인터넷을 통해 볼 ….. 다른 어린이를 참조하십시오

    GD로 … 당신은 겨우 15 세, 그들은 한국의 시민뿐만 아니라, 그들을 따라 빅뱅, 나는 그의 공연에 대해 매우 유감 그가 아니지만, 예상대로되지 않습니다 그들은 나는 그들이 노래를 무대에서 그가 호흡 즐길 수있는 서로를 발견하지만 인터넷을 통해서만 볼 …..
    그는 아이의 우상을 영원히

  42. ays his show is actually nothing is worth more than all, she is a citizen of Vietnam and they do not understand why the Korean authorities to zoom in stories like this to children ….i only 14 years old but they see it … he is one of the show …

  43. says his show is actually nothing is worth more than all,i’m a citizen of Vietnam and they do not understand why the Korean authorities to zoom in stories like this to children ….i only 14 years old … he is one of the show …

  44. It’s so sad,he did his best,wanted everything to be perfect for his 1st SOLO concert.It really makes me feel pissed!!!Let’s build a firewall to our great leadah!!! HWAITING!!!

  45. Tears welled in my eyes when i read his speech…Honestly, GD/Big bang was the reason why i started loving KPOP. How to say it… GD’s such a talented person, not gonna say a genius or a perfect guy (cuz no one is perfect) but you can’t deny that he’s an awesome artist that bring lof of fresh’n’cool things to KPOP with his creativity. Like the performance of “Breathe”, im 16 and i didnt’ find it offensive though it was a bit sensual but no big deal ! C’mon… why do ppl always have to bash him? Can’t the netizens let those hardworking idol alone? Why do they always have to critisize? Do they know what they are doing can kill someone ? Luckily, GD’s strong enough and mature enough so he can endure it. I’m happy that he’s brave to stand up and speak his thought…I felt my heart was breakin’ when i read this articlee… This boy has trained in YG since he was 13, finally he became an idol and have the oppoturnity to go solo, that was his dream! This concert meant a lof to him! he worked so hard on it ! we cann see through YG TV that when he knew that his album was released he was reallyyy happy! BUT because of some netizens and the Kr gov. it ruined his dream, he was so close to it..I’m also veryy sad and feel sorry for him that he did read those bad comments… I know how it felt to know that someone is talking shit about you or behind you… I just hope this issue will be forgotten as soon as possible or won’t be a topic anymore. Hope his family, group members and Kr VIPS give him a lot of support ! since they’re the closest to Our BB leadah<3 Wish i was in Kr to cheer him upp =( ILY Kwon ji yong No matter what happens to you in the future (hope onlyy good thing will =| )i will always be there to support you! not directly but at least you can be sure that i'll buy ur album! and purchase your DVD CONCERT SHINE A LIGHT cuz it's really an ART ! it will be a waste not to buy it ! Keep producing good song, performance ! Gee Dee Gee Dee Beib'ey beib'ey<333 Wassup" ! HWAITING!

  46. why some idiots -even the self proclaimed fans- keep saying , “GD is a greater person when he admits his faults in this matter.” ???
    are u kidding me??? HE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG!!!!!!!!!
    I. W.A.S T.H.E.R.E. at the C.O.N.C.E.R.T!!! please i saw what he’s performed & YES, it was very sexy & YES, it was very tastefully done. NOBODY GOT OFFENDED OR WALKED OUT. NOTHING PPL READ IN THE PAPERS ARE TRUE!!!!


    It’s just so sad tht GD has to go through this laughable procedure for his fame & fortune, in the end all of this is for ‘NOTHING’.

    HE IS GREAT because he knows this shock & awe driven society and he’s READY TO DEAL WITH IT at such young age!!!!

  47. who cares what the critics thinkkk.
    they already know that Jiyong is a hardworker and was just playing around.
    he obviously didnt do the stunt to offend people.
    he did it to show different sides of him.
    his SEXY side 🙂
    we love our cute,hot,fly,sexy oppa 🙂

  48. I just saw the video of his “Breathe” performance…”sex demonstration”??…not one did he gyrate on the girl! lol…overreaction!!…GD is awesome! ❤ ❤

  49. GD, you are my #1. And always will..

  50. Aww Ji, omfg i almost cried.
    I got watery eyes. Just reading what he had to say just makes
    me even more emotional about this situation. Wow a lot of people
    ARE so mean to him. Yes everyone’s opinion is different but
    why don’t they just for one day but their shoe in G-Dragon’s.
    well maybe if they don’t have them BIG BANG’s from FILA or Nikes/Converse
    but it don’t matter.
    Aw, he didn’t want his parents to see the articles. Shit, they
    were like everywhere though is SKorea. I could imagine.
    Man if i was in SKorea..SHOO! PSH they ain’t even cool or worth it!
    Well G-Dragon, thee` Kwon Ji Yong, The leader of Big Bang
    of course your fans/ VIPs still ALWAYS & FOREVER support you
    no matter what. We accept & sometimes try[you know what i mean, those crazy hairstyles] to accept all the things you do.
    That’s what makes you THEE KWON JI YONG, G-Dragon Leader of Big Bang.
    We know you, we know that you like doing crazy things but we don’t
    care because we love you too much. Sometimes, even for our own good (:
    So keep doing what you do, continue to make music that you love
    & everyone loves so much. Some people will just have to deal with
    & we all know we don’t want this to turn into a whole JaeBum thingy.
    You’re always be my Number 1 also (:
    so count me in too!
    You’re my Gossip Man cuz you’re the Heartbreaker.

  51. firstly, i know this site has been rather inactive but for updating this piece of article, a really big thank you :’)

    i must admit tho that reading what he had to say was kinda bittersweet. it was like yes! finally sth from him to put the critics to silence. but, it was also not an easy thing reading how his heart crashed when the issue broke out. i mean, how can our hearts not break too when our kwon leadah is hurting?? he didnt need to come up with this explanation because WE understand his point of view and even if we didnt, we’d still back him up. but to know that he felt he owed everyone else an explanation was saddening. THEY made him feel that. so that in a way is what ticks me off abt this whole thing. because i repeat, he had every right to deliver his vision the way he wanted it to. and checking how the concert looks like from the third floor? come on. if that is not the amount of respect and love and consideration he has for his fans, i dont know what is.

    i also loved reading ur part because everything that u said there, i felt it too. made me tear up actually. and u’re right in saying he need not change anything bt himself because all that he is, is what got him here.

    so let us VIPs continue supporting our kwon leadah and loving him still, if not more. and anticipating BIG BANG’s comeback mid 2010? this year should so be their year, because they have been deeply missed. but more importantly, THEY HAVE NOT BEEN FORGOTTEN.

    VIPs and BIG BANG hwaiting!!!!

  52. Aww. That makes me love him even more. :]

    It’ s a good thing that he came out with this apology. I feel sorry for him because people keep on criticizing him, whatever he does. He’s an amazing entertainer with the looks and talent to match. I think people should just focus on that instead of always acrutinizing every single thing he does.

    But whatever happens we still love GD. Kudos, man. You’re still no.1. Forget about all their crap. GDLove! ❤

  53. I just want to hug him and tell him “You did very well Jiyong, keep up the great work. We, your fans, are always here to support you.”
    He may not be my most favorite Big Bang member but he’ll always melt my heart. =)
    It’s just so sad to see that he’s embarrassed of the thought that if his parents read the articles…he might think they won’t be proud of him. But I know they are.

    Thanks melly for posting your sentiments. Mine also exactly. I saw that clip and it wasn’t a bit offensive on my part. Sexy, hot, yes, but not immoral.
    Don’t mind the troll. All they want is attention and the only slight attention I’ll give him/her is saying he/she’s a troll.

    Another thing that kept me excited, is the release of Big Bang’s album this year!!! weeeee. So excited for 2010.=)

  54. GDragon..*hugs him* its ok..You just want to show the world a new different you, they didn’t get it..
    I saw some pictures from his concert its indeed sexy & hot though GREEN-MINDED PEOPLE would only think that something happen..
    USE their COMMON SENSE GDragon will NEVER NEVER do that on PUBLIC..
    and GDragon your parents will always be PROUD OF YOU..
    you know why??
    Because you are their son and no matter what happens..
    they’ll always LOVE YOU:)
    *Hugs him again*>:DSi Sharkiie Dumaan:)):D

  55. I am new fan of Big Bang especially G- Dragon. When I heard G- Dragons song “Heartbreaker” I became an instant fan. From then on I surf the net for any news regarding about him. I think he is an amazing & talented person. This issue is just another hurdle that he will eventually overcome especially with many fans supporting him. G- Dragon, dont lose confidence in your self and your song. You are love by many.

  56. Well someone told me about T.O.P. and that’s how I found out about everyone else in the label, including G-Dragon.. The first song (and video) I heard from him was Heartbreaker and honestly, my first thoughts were: “This guy “looks” gay, but I won’t say he is, but he can definitely sing and write great songs!!!”

    When I found out about the concert issue with him dry humping some chick, I thought, Yoo if he was in America and did that he would have no problem at all unless it was on TV but it wouldn’t do much to his rep.

  57. @MMGGGG
    Sad life you have! You call this disgusting? Oh, think you see everything as disgusting, poor thing!!
    GD is awesome!! The concert is so damn cool!!!!!!!!1

  58. Thank you for posting information regarding the issue with his concert. I am a new fan and I can say is that i regret not having known them when they started. Once I started viewing the videos of their songs I was hooked and became an instant fan. I needed my daily dose of Bigbang and of course GD. I can say that Bigbang members have their own personality, but G.D is something else. A very talented person and he draws you in and don’t get me started with his eyes and smile.. **blush** When I found out what happened after the concert and started surfing for the information online I was shocked and saddened that this happened. It hurts to see those words written about the performances and about him. When i was able to see clips of it, i could not believe why they are making a big fuss about it. As melly said its his form of art and I agree. It’s like saying to a nude model that poses for painting that he or she is an exhibitionist or a pervert. And for that person (MMGGGG), that says disgusting, I can only say that those people who says that are the ones who are disgusting. What kind of mind do you have? I thought it was sexy and that you see a different kind of G.D. Everything from his songs, his dances, his fashion and of course his hair differentiate him from the rest.
    Another thing is that on the interview he said that he might be saying it because he is young but think about it, it is like 10 years in the making. He maybe young by age but he has been in the business for a long time. I feel sorry for those people who are very narrow minded and I support G.D all the way.

    To G.D and the rest of Bigbang..please come to america! I know there are alot out here that are wanting to watch you perform. I think Las Vegas would just be a good place among others of course.

    Hang in there GD..we love you! I am praying for you.

  59. i love big bang my gd love u so much u know u are beter than any one u really rock on your concert i respect ur interst on new thing we relly are wating for another breath please forgive the one who insult you they dont know any thing and dont give them time bc u realy have to show them how a singer shoud be u r some one the whole world cant lose love u so much

  60. gd oppa dont worry we wil suport u..!!!stay strong!
    i wil suport gd n bb 4ever!

  61. Go Go Go my leader Kwon Jiyong all of us support u 4ever and ever u a rock my world. VIPs and iVIP support u.

  62. GOd!!They are so rude to our kwon leader!! if they are anti(dosen’t like) of him just leave him alone. Why do they need to torn out his concert!!!!!!!!!! and he is not a sex demonstration kind of people too. he just want to grow up!!! what the matter with the public!!!
    i understand u ji yong oopa. and i know all the VIP understand you too.
    i love you ji yong oopa and all the VIP too.
    I’ll pray for u.God bless u allllllllllllllllll
    may god take care of jiyong oopa please,Amen
    all the thailand VIP love you

  63. It really is sad, like he said, how people only focus on one part of the concerts, and then slap a label on the whole thing. Poor G-Dragon, he worked so hard only to be bashed.
    It must be a really big struggle he’s going through, plagiarism and sex scandal and all. This makes me respect him more. Before that, he was only one of the members in Big Bang to me but now I see there’s a whole deeper side than that. I support G-Dragon all the way.

  64. Whoever blamed him of performing a “sex demonstration” REALLY needs to come to Germany. We do FAR worse things performed on stage…


  66. Jiyong honey…learning is infinite…take it easy there…don’t expect us to feel that u are all wisdom n perfection of spotlight or anything at anypoint…thats stage 4 u…DRAMA DRAMA & more DRAMA….
    if u want to be more recognize…just have some patiance and evrything will blossom on the right time ….
    2..u also need to understand the diferences in cultural traditions…everybody knows that Japan tends to be more on the conservative side than Korea is…so just be careful when feeling like the only 1 in the business 2 have an opinion….


    Support him anything. I’m all the way from the U.S
    and still i’ll always be updated by GD. I love you GD.
    come visit me in MN!!!!! I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU
    You’re sweet and talented! Don’t ever listen to those jerks that put you done.

  68. hi i have already posted once about our kwon leaders in the express way but today i’m going to write in the deeply touch way about how he felt>>>>>>>>

    The case will end in 2 weeks!!! like whatever jiyong will win the case. i just cant take it no more,why are they torning of hid concert.And i also think Korean Dream,Shes gone are song that jiyong tries very hard to make these songs.How hard could it be? how many hour can he sleep? how many hours do he need to spent in the recording room? do he get to relax?
    ask these question to yourself then ask your friend, How do he feel? how do his parents feel?that their son just doing work and was accuse by the public!!! he isnt wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i’m may not no how he felt inside but i do care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and i am freak out.If u care u will freak out.

    from freak nadee
    someone who loves G>>>>>
    deeply love

    DO U CARE?

    ARE U V.I.P?


  70. Freak nadee-I always agree with you
    she’s my best friend .
    Do you know how many times she cry for G
    ask your self if it’s your how do you feel?

    Another LOVE from Thailand

  71. this is so sweet of GD but why did they accused him??they dont know anything like every other persons said another classic GD..hope hes do great later on..hes still tight nothings wrong.support kwonleader all the way fans!! im VIP myself..goody lucks![;

  72. psssshhhh! all the people saying mean stuff about my g.d just mad that they couldn’t be up in the bed with him!….i know i am

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