Daesung – Cotton Candy Digital Single Released!

this is sucha cute song – so hawaiian! relaxing, calming, soothing.

wasn’t trot-pop like i thought. but dae co-wrote this song! so i love the cuteness. ^_^

the single’s only free for 3 days, which basically means until concert time.


more promo pix under the cut ———–>

source: 2NE1 시크MINZY + 큰엄마@bbvipz


~ by gdluvzmc on January 25, 2010.

39 Responses to “Daesung – Cotton Candy Digital Single Released!”

  1. aWw Daesung looks s0o cute! hehe Omgah I love his song! It sounds so relaxing..hehe

  2. kawaii man omgsssh so cutee

  3. im a girl who like to sing and i plan to write a cotton candy song before!!! but i think Daesung read my mind!! and he take my plan!! OMG …how is that Daesung??!! how do you steal my planing song !!

  4. but i think ..it dous’nt really matter anymore!!! you are kawaiii in the song name: cotton candy ..whatever ..good luck ^^

  5. .D-Lite so cute.. The song is interesting..it’s cute song..i like it so much..:)

  6. i love it! :)) -from the philippines 🙂

  7. love how his voice is in the song. so mellow and very soothing. he is super cute! n my mum said he got a pretty hair 😀

  8. ahh dae looks soo cute *-*
    the song is soo relaxing and it turns my mind to the sunny side c:
    luv it 😉

  9. kiyowa! sooo cute! 🙂

  10. awwww … this song so sweeeeeeeeetttt !!!!!!

  11. what’s a cute song!!^__^ & daedae looks so sweet in the pix! xD bravobravo!hihi

  12. LOL isn’t that his jun pyo hair ?? XDDD




  13. I was wating some kind of trot but this was nice suprise,makes me feel like flying in the sky and sitting on the clouds…^^SWEET

  14. awwwwwww Daesung!!
    Waaa~ He’s so cute <33
    I really like the song 😛

  15. this song is so relaxing that its amazing. I fell asleep listening to it last night and I couldnt stop smiling. I really love his vocals in this.

  16. HAHA this mean’s T.O.P.’s single is COMING REALLY SOON!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. This song is so relaxing :]
    & OMGGGGGGG the pictures are adorable!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Daesungie is hott ❤

  19. i love him! saranghae daesung! i like his hair!

  20. Aww.Lol.Dae Sung’s new hair makes him look soo different.But he looks absolutley adorable!Imma listen to the song now 🙂

  21. it’s so funny u said it’s so hawaiian caz that’s what i thought. i was imaginging being on a secluded beach somewhere in Hawaii with some coconuts lol

  22. i love the first picture! he’s so charming <33
    oh his voice! i absolutely love it! such a soothing song *hums…*

  23. Hi My nAme is ljnh.i lOvE BIG BANG

  24. Lmao i love it (:
    It is just so, hrmm simply cute (:
    The song sounds i think, very Christmas-eee
    Errr curly hair, didn’t we go through this already? haha that was
    G-Dragon, it reminds me of ahjummas but not too much on his right now.
    & The BIG bow….oh. i don’t really like bows or flowers being
    the center of the attention.
    Dae’s cute though so whatevers. Haha; he looks good,
    can’t even tell that he’s been in a car accident.
    I love his smirk i mean grin (:
    @ Ljnh: Welcome =] Ahaha i remember my FIRST comment on here
    about Big Bang. I was really excited too! This is the BEST
    fansite so i hope you’ll like it as much also. But i’m sure you

  25. I love the sing and it helps that DaeDae hair look like cotton candy too great marketing stradegy!!!

  26. I just want to say that this is totally cute, Daesung is totally cute, and that I would hit that–hard.

  27. love the song. so relaxing. like a lulluby that send you to sleep easily.

  28. I love it! Cant wait to hear Tabi’s!!! <333333

  29. adorableeeee (:
    his hair is super curly.
    it looks so high, and it looks like a wig haha.

    i love itttt (:

  30. looove it (:

  31. yayyyy! I gots the song!! the song is so cute! just what u expected from daesungieeeee!! kyaaa I love u!! SARANGHE!! I totally love the song!!!

  32. Love this song! Take me to good places

  33. cutee.. love..

  34. may i know who are the conductor of this sweet song? -u-

  35. TOP soloo GOOD!! all

  36. love dae’s new look! suppeer cuute!!

  37. TOP’s solo mv released in BIG SHOW!! <# Freaking hot!!!!!!!!!!

    [But gotta bear with the shriekings =x]

  38. hello i’m meyer i love daesung and big bang i live in cambodia i love daesung and big bang is Vip.

  39. omg…. he is sooooo cutiiie!!! ^^

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