Big Bang for BSX!

EDIT: more & more pictures added!

the way TOP says: beyond style, BSX…. HAHAHA xD

so this is like my first upload in YEARS… i’m proud of myself LOL

one of the scenes i keep replaying is when jiyong grabs those drumsticks from his back pocket… AHEM.

& then youngbae growling like a lil lion cub LOLL xD

TOP would never rat his guys out, c’mon now lol

more pix under the cut! PLUS jiyong individual pix they’re so cute, but so grown =\

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stop it TOP! those nipples are precious to me LOL

i’m in love ❤

my new aim icon. can’t resist ❤

argghhh! stop making cute faces!!! >_<

sigh =]

credit: 지디갤 nan


~ by gdluvzmc on February 1, 2010.

57 Responses to “Big Bang for BSX!”

  1. oh my gosh, the last one of Bong is soooo cute!!

  2. Lol. GD kinda looks like this mexican dude in my English class. xD same earings too. Haha.

  3. niceeee i like their new style ^^ BB <33

  4. LOL this is from step up 2. Aww I want to see them all breakdance. That would be pretty sweet!!

  5. The last pic!!!!! WHY MUST HE BE SO DAMN ADORABLE AND THEN IN THE OTHER POST SUCH A TEASE?!?!??! I swear I give up. He is just too much and I cant help but love him to death lol. Although on a serious note without fangirling, I really love pics where I can see his eyes clearly. I think his eyes are gorgeous. I love the color.

  6. i dont kno why but in te close up pic of GD with the glasses, it reminds me of Wheesung O_o
    othe than that they i love the pics, haha TOP oppa still stiff as usual XD

  7. am i the only one who noticed TaeYang all up on Seungri’s leg in one of the pix? lol.

    The pic of TOP’s back bend is hilarious. Tae looks like “yea…i’m not gonna get involved in breaking TOP’s back. I’ll just watch from over here”

    anyway I love all the pix

  8. The last pic of jiyong… OMG drooling.. He’s so beautiful.. I mean beautiful in a good way.. His face is so perfect.. And his smile… I would do anything to see his smile in real life.. Jiyong.. >.<

    Feels like pervert now.. Because I'm older than him.. T^T (why must I older than him?? I can't call him "oppa")

    Thx for upload.. ^^

  9. ahhh i really LUV them!
    and the clip is sooo cute c:
    top in the end 😉
    the pics of jiyong were cute as all!!<3

  10. GD can soooo pass of as a girl! ><
    prettier than me XD

  11. died and still dying
    all these pictures have officially become my wallpaper, layout, background whateverrrrr so hottt

  12. GOSH *dies a bit! Then never got to say something *droool

  13. nice clothes, I bet pretty expensive XD
    and best commercial ever, yeeee

  14. YO VIPZ!
    IF you love Big Bang then vote them in for the Ellen show, Ellen is going to be playing international music so recommend BB, iight ;P

  15. & I wonder what size gauges GD has :0

  16. Even if it is the intro to “Step up 2 the streets” so is this version of it sooo much better! ^^

  17. not original but since it’s BB i don’t mind. 🙂

  18. hahahahahaha, step up 2 in korean version (a) BB STYLE <333

  19. leave it to Big Bang to make riding the subway looks fun and HOT!! lol~my hubby growling got me giggling like crazy lol TOP wink and “beyond style…BSX” at the end was somewhat funny but still sexyyy!!!

  20. This video reminds of the movie called STREET UP 2 wen they wer dancing in the subway and got chased by the police and one of dem drew a graffiti in the escalator.
    Check it out —->

    Still LOVEu BBG ❤ 😉

  21. OMG. I just watched this yesterdaaay! Haha. They’re too cute. Haha. Love this. Love THEM. 😀

  22. love it! lol. enough said. xD
    TOP’s so adorable. their english is always improving, really respect that they are always trying to work harder.

  23. yeshhhhhh!!!! more new pics!! totally love it!! I like GDs solo shots! they’re cute! love his smile^^ kyaaaaa! *faints*

  24. Aha G-Dragon (:
    DAMNNNNNN they look sooooo good!
    i would LOVE to be in the subway train with em`
    Hehe the baby’s expression. Ha, i was about to
    say something with TOP pointed but it’s all good (:
    Aw i love their pictures. they look like high schoolers.
    what does their letters on the sweater say? |NVM
    OHMYGOD Seungri looks so fricken cute in that red track
    jacket outfit =] TOP’s outfit reminds me of “I Am Sam”.
    Fricken G-Dragon; LMFAO i love the potato chips bag.

  25. OMGD!! GD’s last pic..he’s not handsome…he’s beautiful!!! BIG BANG FIGHTING!! ^__^

  26. OMFG!!! Seungri looks really different in the pic where he’s on the right!!!! OMFG yeahhh he’s got his fringe backk!!!! That’s awesome he looks better with it!!! 😉 I didn’t even reconise him properly!!!! Why did taeyang cover my beloved SEUNGRI!!!!!!????? Well anyways….Lols with the one with t.o.p and seungri!!! Seungri’s smile or laugh is sooo kawaii and hot of course!!!! Lols such all a kawaii bunch but also HOT!!!! BIGBANG FIGHTING!!!! saranghae big bang especially SEUNGRI!!!! ❤

  27. CUTE!!!I love you BIG BANG:) BB fighting!Ai shiteru Taeyang, GD & Seungri:]

  28. Wow…. Coolllllll…….. I love this!

  29. SOOOO CUUUUUTTTEEE. i especially love the pics of G. he looks so presh!!!!! ❤ to the maxxxxx

  30. …. RIDICULOUSLY WELL DONE. Looooooove it!

  31. Do you want Big Bang to come to america?!?!
    Ellen Degeneres is hosting a show for international artists if you want big bang to come to america you have to vote.
    Go to google and type in” Ellen Degeneres international” and click on the first link. All the information is there.

    Plz help get Big Bang to the U.S.!!!

    Copy & Paste and go vote!!!!!

    Message me if you want to talk about it.

  32. Bae-Ri I miss oppas all togethe I was really sad… but every one looks sooo cute/ hot!! Young Bae, Seung-Ri, Seunghyun, DaeDae, and JiYong I really love seeing them together!!!!

  33. love it Youngbae<3

  34. my my.. GD!! all i can say is the hair grows on you and its very GD.. can’t get enough of you..wish i can watch your concert… haaayy.. my day is complete… ❤ ❤ ❤

  35. HOT

  36. aaaaaaaaaaah! S O D A M N HOOOOT!!! wow loveLOVE you GUYS so cute ^^

  37. LOL! JIYONG looks like he’s enjoying the squeeze. hahahaha.

  38. hahaha TOP is soo funny!! squeezing GD’s nibbles lol, and it not the first time either i’ve seen other pictures of him doing it hehe 😛 ❤

  39. I think Top has an unhealthy obsession with my Bongie’s nipples XD

    gotta love our boys

  41. @KAYCHAN :D:D but i have to agree 😛
    Right now I can die without regrets – waah jiyong’s smile is… *drools all over keybord* Mhhh they’re soo…

  42. @ygyg and @vesitto

  43. this is so cute < 3 (:

  44. wowo~~thank you so much
    i miss jiyong-shi BigBang..

  45. The one with the pink-ish sweater w/ G-Dragon is:
    Damnnnn GD, i am effin drooling over that (:
    Ahaha uhm yeah.

  46. OMFG the seungri one is sooo kawaii

  47. LMFAO!I’m still in love on how much GD and T.O.P love each other soo much 🙂 DAM SEUNGRI!He’s looking FINE!And MY BABY T.O.P’S haircut is back!BEYOND CUTE!-sigh-He will be mine one day >:) haha and GD’s nerd look is adorable!Dae Sung looks beyond handsom in that pic with his guitar case on his back.And TAE YANG!His mohawk is getting cuter and cuter 🙂 BIG BANG FTW!

  48. T.O.P winked at me! 😉 LMFAO I LOVE HIS VOICE!

  49. aiii these pics are awesome *___________* i love it but Tae Yang didn’t have an own pic.___. but seung ri is soo cute

  50. :0 drool

  51. may , please read me !
    i wanna know how to vote please ! !
    please reply me !

    please read me !

  53. omgoshomgosh
    these pictures are so amazing.. i love gd’s cute faces and seungri and daesung huge laughs.. why arent there yb pics though? o.o
    but i want to thank bsx so much ❤ ❤ ❤

    i love seungri's peanut butter pic LOL and daesungs above it ^^

  54. Is it just me or does Dae look alittle older? (it might just be his hair thats throwing me off though) Omo Seungri has the same smile as Kibum from SJ! lol. And I think i’ve just found my favorite clothing commercial!! XD

  55. i love my big bangs. gd do you belive me if i told u that i always think about u i really tried hard to forget u bc i have to goon living but u know what when i saw hey boy i tried to kill my self for thinking some one i shoudnt thik about u know what u r so hot i resent god for leting u in this world u must be somewhere else bc u r angel i am 17 now .i will love u until the day i die my prince live forever love you so much

  56. I thought they wear the hoodies w their first initial on, but why is TY wear one w/ an S? hm… makes me wonder…

  57. aww… their new style of BSX is really wonderful! ❤ hah this video! funny! : DDD

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