KBS Entertainment Tonight – BSX Spot

BSX is capitalizing for hiring sexy models/reps for their clothessssssssss

jiyong pretty much fooled us by wearing a simple polo, but in truth – it was freakin cold! poor boys, stay warm!!!!

it’s pretty funny… imagine you’re in a subway & you see these guys w/ paint on their faces… then you realize… OH! it’s BIG BANG! then you let out this gasp of shock & reach out, but then realize that might not be a good idea…

then jiyong walks on nonchalantly… =\

then you’re daesung, being interviewed by the cameraman, & all of a sudden you’re being shoved to hurry the heck up! so dae & sr starts shuffling to the escalators, all the while, a swarm of screaming fans chase after them.

just a typical day… lol

once again, jiyong’s frock on top of his hair (he doesn’t stand out at all), chills on the escalator & slowly rides it up… xD

what i wouldn’t give to be the grandparents in the subway… i wanna knock jiyong over! lol jk jk

seungri looks kinda funny w/ one of his eyebrows completely painted over. it’s like losing one of his signature characteristics… that’s a lot of paint to cover that thing up LOL

seungri, this thing w/ yuri needs to stop -_- if u like the girl, just say so =X lol – don’t be talking about finding her a bf!

TOP is wearing a furry hat! it’s adorable~~ lol dae’s chu~ hahah!

— did you notice bae’s stunt double in the back while the camera’s close up on yb while he’s talking?! DIES! they found a dude who looks like him!

~ by gdluvzmc on February 8, 2010.

23 Responses to “KBS Entertainment Tonight – BSX Spot”

  1. gahhhh; bigbang just never fails[:

    kang hodong? LOL jkjk.

  3. aw man! it’s so good to see them again!!!

    it’s been too long.

    anyways, GD has the best face painting. too bad TOP didn’t get much time…but OMG DS and his “bbo bbo” so cute.

  4. @number2: kang hodong?????? LMAO.. I can’t stop laughing.. XD.. Suddenly I remember part of strong heart ep. 1 when someone said that kang hodong hair looks like yongbae hair.. XD.. So funny..
    Btw jiyong looks adorable as always.. ♡

  5. AWWW 😀 Lol. T.O.P<33 sooo fackin cute!Lol.I want that sweater! that he wore!WHAT CHANNEL!And where can i get the Bxs clothes! 🙂

  6. ohhh..soo cute!!! i agree…jiyong is still soo adorable..but poor bigbang..chilled while doing the interview..im happy to get to see them all together..bigbang is still the best and they are all hot! :p

  7. …..it should be illegal to look that good on an escalator -.- XD

  8. Nahhhh…I don’t agree with you!!! Seungri is a friend to yuri!!! Seungri did say that he didn’t have feelings for her!!!! Soo I think seungri is just trying to be a kind hearted friend!!! Which is sweet!!! SARANGHAE SEUNGRI!!!! ❤

  9. Why do you want the seungri and yuri thing to stop anyways???? Are you jealous???? Probably you are cos no one would try to stop something like that!!!! Kekeke SEUNGRI HAPPY VALENTINES DAY & HAPPY BIRTHDAY 4 ME ON VALENTINES DAY TOOO!!!! ❤

  10. ^ i think you’re taking me too seriously…

  11. Nope it’s just that you don’t get my point!!!! Don’t worry about it then!!!!!! 😛 I don’t really like people commenting on peoples relationships like seungri’s cos I prefer them to let them be!!! They should like who ever they do!!! Sorry if you offended ect. But I didn’t mean tha to happen..I’m only 13 years old still young and I don’t really know much either!!!! 😀

  12. this video. love.
    i’d wanna meet the boys while taking the subway hahahah
    and baby said that it was his 1st time taking the subway
    that part was funny hahahaa
    and yes, that yuri part was so seungri-sh.
    hahahaahh. take care of yuri well baby.

  13. hahaha!!!!!
    they’re all cute with that paint in their faces 🙂
    i hope that there is a subtitle.. heheh!!!
    anyway,,, g-dragon is so cute in…
    is that a new song of theirs??? hehe!!!! just curious…
    and seungri likes yuri??? hahah!!!!! cute!♥

  14. LOL I didn’t notice the TY’s double until you mentioned it. I wonder why he would need a stunt double?

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    Go to google and type in” Ellen Degeneres international” and click on the first link. All the information is there.

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    Message me if you want to talk about it.

  16. eng sub of bsx interview

    Credit: damistakenme

  17. oh seungri please dont tell me you like her? I cant stand SNSD. They need to put on more clothes like right now. But if you do then *sigh* I guess it cant be helped. Go for it! I love the energy that the guys had for this. Forget the grandparents what i wouldnt give to be anyone that was on that train. XD

  18. Good luck on college SeungRi

  19. Stunt double…? oh man I’m disappointed. was hoping YB did it…

    oh well…

  20. I love this BSX spot, especially TOP there so cool, man!!!

  21. oh my god how can a person be so cute they are so hot yokshie eure big bang manse llllllllllllllloooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuu

  22. Ri shouldn’t talk about Yuri at ALL…just sayin…

  23. big bang is ma SE**Y BABEZ!!!!!!
    I L♥VE THEM!!!!—MUAH!!!

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