GDragon at the 2009 Cyworld Digital Music Awards

Bong was present at the 2009 Cyworld Digital Music Awards along with his little sisters, 2NE1. He received 2 awards himself as a solo artist, the first is Ting’s Choice Award which was given to the artist that receives the most love, and also for 2009 Best 10 for Heartbreaker. Big Bang also received 2009 Best 10 Award for ‘Hallelujah’. Bong performed ‘Heartbreaker’ ‘A Boy’ and ‘Hello’ with 2NE1, it was very fun and cute, the pics of him and CL together made me smile haha too adorable. oh Bong, how I miss you and all the boys, and I also miss you guys, the iVIPs :(( I just don’t have the time these days, I choose sleep over anything nowadays haha I hope Big Bang make their Korean comeback soon, cuz the thought of Big Bang < sleep scares me.

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2009 Cyworld Digital Music Awards

~ by Vicky on March 1, 2010.

27 Responses to “GDragon at the 2009 Cyworld Digital Music Awards”

  1. Omg, I miss them so much!
    2ne1 looks hella good here. So does yongie!
    Ugh, big bang needs to have a comeback, like NOW.


  2. gd is clearly unwell here….:[

  3. HAWT

  4. ahh GD !
    he looks super cute here w/the glasses and all.
    like what hes wearing to, so dressed down cept looks good
    him and CL are so cute w/each other !
    haha like how he gets all serious looking when he preforms heartbreaker (:
    i miss BB !

  5. and yeah he sounds sick though ):

  6. G-Dragon looks really hot haha ;]

  7. congrats to yongie and 2ne1!! yg family family family!!<33
    they were soo cute together with hello.. ^_^

    && soo glad to hear from you Vicky!!
    hope you will have more free time when the boys comeback
    soo you can be back to full force on updating us with BB goodies && FANGIRLING!!<33

  8. ….I was drooling while watching his entire performance. lol not gonna lie. He just oozed sexiness. Then again, I am GD-Biased so he always looks smokin hot to me. He did sound like he had a bit of a cold and looked slightly tired. *sigh* Man needs to take some care of himself. Go take some medicine and just rest. Just chill out in bed for a day or two. Although he did look like he was having fun when the girls came out for Hello. That song always has such a fun atmosphere when it is performed.

    God Big Bang needs to come back like ASAP. I miss seeing them perform and I’ve been spoiled rotten by performances from my lovable Bongie.

  9. omg Vicky!!! i’ve miss u around here xD

    gosh CL+GD really cute together 😛

    i’m waiting for BB’s comeback too T.T

  10. no pairing please im jealous like crazy nowwww T^T KWON JIYONG G-DRAGON YOU LOOK SOOO GOOOOD AND HOTTTTTTTT OHMY~

  11. ohhh…i miss seeing jiyong..though he does look like he is unwell..wish he would rest more..gorgeous! it is always a pleasure to see him smiling..hmmm…so cute and sexy at the same time also..i think i would not look at a simple white shirt as simple anymore..coz ill be thinking of him! *sigh*

    i miss jiyong..i miss bigbang..can’t wait to see them back in action.. them! especially jiyong!

  12. wow!!!!! he’s super cute and cool!!!!!!
    besides he’s super cute with cl!!!!!

  13. Lol, GD deserves it <33 & they sure do loook like theyre having
    the BESTS of the time. Hahaha’s .

    GD looks amazing as always. 2NE1 looks spectacular <33
    Bom has nice legs. Minji is too cute. CL has an amzing smile
    and I love her height. Dara is too silly & I like what she's wearing, too. I likes the clothes the girls own (; Mr YG must be
    really proud !

    Fighting Always ❤

  14. Kyahh!~ Kwon Ji-Yong!!
    I have his solo album! Lol’s. I play it everyday. that’s how awesome he is… Big Bang cd’s were sold out. T=T

  15. Congratulations JiYong oppa!
    OMG! I’m so happy for him. He’s really good at this. Nevermind the haters!!
    He looks unbelievable! I miss BigBang! :O

    2ne1 looks awesome too. Gd&CL looks soo cute together. 🙂

  16. Jiyong~~~
    omg his hair is hot xD
    man i miss big bang ):

  17. His hair looks abnormally normal here but he still looks great! Black hair is great ^^ Wouldn’t mind if he went normal on the hair for their comeback 😀

    2NE1 rocked too, loved the GD+CL moments. Bom had her arm around Minzy’s neck in one of the photos lol, love those girls.

  18. Vicky, iVIPs missed you too. Don’t leave this fandom cuz it wouldn’t be the same without you, k?

    GD looks soo tired >.> but at least his hair is back to normal!

  19. I wish he would rest more.. T__T

  20. awwww! I think GD and CL culd pass as a couple!! well maybe not but they look like good friends! totally lovin’ the hair! fits him more n makes him look so simple! I love dara’s outfit!

  21. Big Bang need to have a comeback ! As quickly as possible, miss them ! 😦

    GD looks soooo good !! He’s just amazing ! <33

    Cute moment at the end ^^

  22. GDs hair looks GORGEOUS SWEET AMAZING HOT here. wow. wooooooow.


  23. I love it!!! Glad to see them on stage! =) “Hello” was freakin’ adorable.

    Might I add that Bong looks so damn sexy here? Especially when he looked at the cam and fixed his hair. *sigh*

    Miss you too lil sis in law! =) Glad to see you updating! ^^

  24. LOVE the pictures, still have yet to watch it.
    But <333 BIG BANG / 2NE1 / YG FAMILY LOVE ❤

  25. aww poor baby. he needs to rest. it scares me, the way he takes care of himself. I would rather they push back the comeback and see him get well…. but he is still gorgeous sweet amazing baby and i still want him baby.. heehee well stop there 😛 but really watching this I CANT BREATHE…man i wish he would come to america. Love you Ji Yongie baby ^^

    hehe >

  27. Ji Yongie seems ill.. 😦

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