Guess Who??

Guess who is this adorable little thing that sings himself to sleep every night as a child?

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.. his eyes grew smaller as he gets older haha


Can you spot him in the pic? haha cutie patootie. ❤


~ by Vicky on March 1, 2010.

27 Responses to “Guess Who??”

  1. Wow… his eyes really did disappear XD ❤

  2. hes so cute! my daesunggie! hes become sucha man! i hope he grows sexier evryday! XD
    p.s. yay! im first!

  3. Ahh! What a cutie! He looks so adorable!

  4. i was right…!!!

    and for the second pic.. is he the one on the far right? =]]

  5. Ahhhh, love him!

  6. i soo could tell that it was him!! only thing was like you said.. the eyes got smaller.. lolx

    in the group pics… he’s the one on the far right.. right?? ^_^

  7. aww lol he was adorable as a kid. He still is. ^^ His eyes really did shrink didnt they lol

  8. its soooo obvious that its daesung. you can just tell by his nose

  9. omg Daesonggie!!! his eyes

  10. DaeSung ?

  11. Hey, I don’t know if you guys have seen this interview, but I just found it recently (by recently I mean about.. mm.. 20 seconds ago.) I was just perusing through some of dance channels and found it. check it out, it’s pretty interesting =]

    It’s an informal interview with Aimee Lee Lucas, I think this group work together with Shaun too so it’s a good channel to keep an eye on

    (sorry, didn’t know where else to post)

  12. on the first pix: is that Dae? really? wow cutee!!!! love his botton nose and his single eyelid eyes.

  13. Omg, that’s Daesung ? Awwe, he looks so different now !
    Wow, I likesss ❤

  14. AWWWW!Dae Sung was soooo cute when he was little.But he still is cute now. ;D Umm he’s the farest on the right?

  15. dae sung is still hot when he was still little though and he is still lolz

  16. CUTEEEE!
    i could tell that was daesung but cant tell in the second picture :[

  17. OMGGGGGG So freakin ADORABLE !!!~ Daesungie<3 his eyes are cutee.

  18. ahaha i kneww itt!
    and as for the second pic im gonna say far right!

  19. so cute!

  20. hahahaha….BIG BANG!!!!
    love DAE SUNG!!!
    love SEUNG RI
    love TOP
    love G. DRAGON
    love TAE YOUNG!!!!

  21. omgeeee! haha he looks so cute! kya!! never even noticed that it was my daesungieee! he is so cute!! saranghae!! <333333

  22. His nose gave it away. X D
    Daesungiee! ; P

  23. Aaaww!! He is so cute! I knew it! :DD

  24. that was daedae oppa??????
    awwww adorable lol

  25. Aww, I knew it haha. I think his eyes stayed the same, he just grew lawl. He’s so cute.

  26. WoW
    i no him (deasung) oppa……….

  27. cute ~
    I thought it was GD at first.
    Then, I read that the person’s eyes “eyes grew smaller as he gets older ”
    My next guess was Taeyang.

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