Lollipop Pt.2 (Director’s Cut) MV

[DOWNLOAD] LOLLIPOP PT.2 (Director’s Cut)

Cheese up your screen with this new wallpaper. haha

I haven’t comment on the whole ‘Lollipop Pt.2’ yet since it first came out.. yea.. I’m not digging it as much as the first one, I mean, the first one was cute and refreshing, but now… this just look washed out and over-accesorized. I want Bong in a pot-hat and a jumpsuit pretty please? and what the heck is Baby doing with yellow pants and that plastic looking thing? just noo mangg. Dae and his grandpa jacket… trying to sell ice cream to lil kids? I only KINDA like Tabi’s outfit… from the waist up please.. I can’t bare looking at his legs then those clogs.. ouchh. Bae kept it same same, and I’m not gonna go into details with Bong.. xP

As far as the song goes, too much autotune manggg. I was so disappointed when I heard it, same goes for 2NE1’s “Try to Copy Me” but then I realized in relief that it’s only a CF song, if they release this for their comeback, i might have a heart attack….. the MV is pretty.. freaking adorable :))

oooh.. I just noticed.. Tabi’s hairstyle… it’s back to his ‘Lies’ days, y’know, back in those days when his eyebrow is shaved, and he kept covering it up with his infamous Louis shade, and he was the oh so sexy timid guy in ‘I am Sam’? yess… I miss that.Image and video hosting by TinyPic

~ by Vicky on March 2, 2010.

19 Responses to “Lollipop Pt.2 (Director’s Cut) MV”

  1. i lke the first version, but i think the second one is better because of the rap. it sounds good, but its not as catchy as the first one. but i like them both! i hope this is wl be a great hit for our babies! XD

  2. first and second! yay! XD SARANGHAE BIG BAG OPPA’S!!!!! XD

  3. ….I just like the second one better purely for the fact that Bongie says

    “Here she comes she wants some of my lollipop. She touching on my body makes me wanna rock. Now here I come I give it to her straight up and down. Now here I come Here I come come come come come.”

    XD Damn I love him!!!!!

  4. download link, please

  5. i-is this the same lollipop? lol not bad though
    oh TOP ur as hawt a always <33

  6. Lots of cute shots of Tabi-oppa…whee…That’s really all I ask for. hahaha
    Um but otherwise I think that the first Lollipop and the second Lollipop can’t really be compared…I mean, they’re pretty different, so what’s the point? I like this one better because it’s not as…annoying? That’s not the right word, but it’s all I can think of. As far as catchiness goes, I think that Tabi-oppa’s part in the chorus is extremely addictive…so if nothing else, you’ll have “Gurrll, you’re my lollipop oh GIRL~” stuck in your head all day xD
    As for the MV, absolutely adorkable! Jiyong-oppa and Tabi-oppa’s expressions=priceless. 🙂

  7. Yeah, I agree. I don’t like the concept of lollipop2 as much as the original. It’s a bit overdone and I’m not digging the autotune either.

    Baby Ri is always given the worst wardrobe choices :X But he works it as best as he can. I mean did you see him rocking his hips? Boy knows how to move that body. Tabi and GD are the stars of this mv though. I like their accessories, but all the colors create a sensory overload..

  8. just love it

  9. hahahaha lol! I totally lol’ed wen they dance in the chorus! kekekeke TOP is stiff n seung ri has a flexible body which makes it looks like he’s grinding on someone! hahaha this video made me laugh but I think the song is great! this is different from the first one but I think this is still good! love it love it LOVE IT!!!! SARANGHAE <3333

  10. YES! The first Lollipop is better than this. But I guess it’s manlier and sexier. I’m just so happy to see these guys back together. I miss them! D:

    Tabi is so, so, so cuute! But I H-A-T-E the shoes too! It’s too much. >.< Nonetheless, he looks good. 🙂 I wish Taeyang had more airtime in this video. Hmm.

  11. Ok!!
    Now im confused with the names u call them!!!

  12. Ok so now im confused with the names u call them.

    But then i think that there voices are all so hott and love the clothese!!! But is this the real MV?? I dont think so..

  13. Just seen BB T.T i miss them!!!

  14. Omg!! T.O.P is so cute!! Dae Sung`s voice is amaizing! If I don`t listen to Big Bang I get withdrawal symptoms ;DD

  15. Totally love YB he looks sooo good yummy gangsta Willy Wonka, Mr. GD’s rap was wow sexiii boy in the smiley face get up!!!! Seunghyun oppa’s jacket the white one with those rainbow sprinkle looking things made him look like a sexii piece of cake!!!lol Victor is just hot what can I say gaint lollipop??? lol DaeDae is just cute love him definately has that laffy taffy feel.

  16. lol how my name great video!!!! lol my name changed odd…

  17. I wish Taeyang had more airtime. the chorus is addictive but that’s it. The whole song is a complete letdown for me. The MV has very pretty colors though. The first Lollipop song and cf is way better but I prefer Lollipop 2 phone over Lollipop 1 phone. Seung ri’s outfit is the worst for me. >.<

  18. T.O.P<33 his hair makes him soo frickin smexxie!I just wanna eat him up!UGHH they are SOO CUTE love this song!its sooo catchy ;D T.O.P BIG BANG hells ye!

  19. Tabi so cute. I miss seungri’s laugh.
    *sigh* I miss them 😥

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