Haru Haru Piano Cover

it’s always great to see VIPz working on their musical skills & talents. after all, this is a fansite, & we should showcase the fans doing their thang!

can you hear TOP & GD in those keys? lol i thought that was cute 😀

& i thought it was cute how she looks up at the camera from time to time; you go girl!

anyway, give some love to “KWJ”

keep the talents rollingggg~

~ by gdluvzmc on March 4, 2010.

16 Responses to “Haru Haru Piano Cover”

  1. happy days!!! lovin’ the boys <333

  2. (oh crap. commentd on the wrong 1 D: )
    anyway i luv piano covrs! ths was a nice 1 ^^

  3. LOL, this is good (:
    Haha yeah i can imagine TOP & GD singing.
    And TaeYang, Daesung & Seungri.
    Yeah i liked how she looked at the camera too.

  4. I love this cover! It would be so got to have this one in my mp3player. Really nice!

  5. Amazing, I loved it. I would love to see more. xxx

  6. Talented VIP’z ^^

  7. ahh..iLove it:) iWish i could play like her:)=]

  8. wow!!!! she’s so great in playing the piano!!! i hope i can be like her someday!!! heheheh!!!! it was so soothing in my ears!!! great job!!!!!

  9. wow she’s so awesome! 🙂 Even though Big Bang has so many songs, Haru Haru is definitely my favorite. This girl is very creative and I hope she continues to do Big Bang covers 😛

  10. zomg musician? look at all those guitars!
    she’s pretty :]

  11. She is super amazing~
    waaaaah،، totally love it !! i can’t stop listening ^.^ hope i can’t b like her some day!!
    GO GIRL (L)

  12. i have not musical talents whatsoever so i’m very jealous, but she did awesome!

  13. I wish I could get the piano score for that.
    I look up to her.

  14. it really soothes my mind.. great! just a showcase of talent.. I DON’T LIKE IT.. I LOVE IT!!

  15. she is so pretty

  16. i want to learn how to play haruharu too . send you please send me the song sheet ? thanks 😀

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