Picture Updates: Big Bang in Japan

Just a quick picture update of them :)) enjoy.

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~ by Vicky on March 6, 2010.

23 Responses to “Picture Updates: Big Bang in Japan”

  1. Awwwww…seungri reading that’s cute!!!! I would like to see the HOT side of seungri more…rather than the cute side…cos I see that wayy tooo much!!!! Don’t you think guys??? Hehe loving all the pics there!!!! Thank!!! 사랑해

  2. O.M.G.. love them so much.. and i love this blog too.. haha!!

  3. omg! i luv them! thyr r so cute! i wish i cud c all of there sexier and crazy sides more! lol thnx for the updates! SARANGHE BIG BANG OPPA’S! SARANGHE DAESUNGGIE! XD

  4. 🙂 these pics are great! Are these recent or from the award they won last year in Japan?

  5. so cute! Tay Yang looks so hot1 i love it. 🙂

  6. Ah hottness
    I miss them 🙂

  7. gosh this just makes me miss them that much more. I cant wait for them to blow everyone away when they come back later this year.

  8. Seungri goes through fashion phases. It was vests during haru haru now it’s long coats. Lol. Oh and armwarmers during Lies? LOl..

    I miss them, need comeback soon.

  9. wow!!!!! they’re so co0o0o0l!!!!!
    especially G-dragon and Seungri!!!!!!
    love the pics!!!!!! tnx!!!

  10. GD is classy like always, love those glasses hmmm<3

  11. hmm Seung-ri looks like TOP’s little brother following in his footsteps.

  12. love…love…so…much

  13. Yeah!! BigBang is the best gropu have I ever heared!! I very like their music!! I want buy their CD but in Poland I can’t find 😦

  14. ai yai yaiii , they look so madsexxy ;]
    especially Bong in those glasses & tae with his sexyhair .
    Hehe, Chie LIKESSSSS ♥

  15. oh man that first picture is just too “adorbs” XD

  16. YB sooo sexiii he sports a Micheal Jackson style these days I’m loving it!!!! Victor like so hot reading I think the pages might catch on fire!!!!

  17. big bang looks soooooo HOT!!!!!
    i l♥ve them!!!! wish i was with them @ japan.

  18. aww they so awesome =))))

  19. oh my~ they’re breathtakingly handsome! kudos to all of them!

    My TOP’s soo cool with those glasses! Ahsa!

  20. T.O.P looks alsome as always!!!!!<3

  21. aww..
    they’re so cute~~
    i love them!!

  22. Bigbang so hot…so…so…cute~~

  23. I want Bigbang answer questions…..I love Seoul..I love bigabng

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