(03.06.10) Lotte Duty Concert

ooh yeaa. this is totally how the oldest of the group should be, he is too cool for us mangg.. just too darn cool. hahaha Tabi is so freaking adorable these days, I feel like I’m cheating on Baby.. dude… it is so badddd. They all look so adorable during the Lotte Duty Concert… but then.. I saw Baby copped the whole raincoat thing from lollipop and wear it on the daily now T____T ai-yai-yaiiii. Bong look hott though :DDImage and video hosting by TinyPic

(03.06.10) Lotte Duty Concert

credit: 비하인드(http://vi-hind.com/) ‘간지곰’ | 지드래곤의 이상한 낙원 ‘빙점’님 | ㅇㅅㄴ(fromnow.mireene.com) | 라멜 | 아니마 | baby-panda | secret. | 서​휘​
Special Thanks to bigbangpop ^_^

~ by Vicky on March 7, 2010.

23 Responses to “(03.06.10) Lotte Duty Concert”

  1. Taeyang, Daesung ,nd Bong(mostly!) are so cute!!!!
    TOP nd Baby…what r they wearing…??? only they can somehow pull it off!!!



  3. Wowwwwww…. that is some great fashion, lol!
    Shocking, but come on, it’s Big Bang (:
    They’d match anything. Aww I miss them so much.

  4. LOL! Tabiiii xD

  5. LOL only Tabi could manage to pull off a sort of…uber-hot hobo look? XD hahaha the picture where he’s just standing there with his mic in his hands is funny.
    I actually don’t mind Baby’s raincoat look, it just looks likes something that would get in the way, to me. Like, it’d keep hitting you in the chest and legs.
    Dae’s smile never ceases to make me smile! 😀
    Bae and Jiyongie look hot. xD
    I ❤ them all!!

  6. …i miss them i miss them i miss them i miss them i miss them i miss them i miss them i miss them i miss them i miss them i miss them i miss them i miss them i miss them i miss them i miss them i miss them i miss them i miss them i miss them i miss them i miss them i miss them i miss them i miss them i miss them i miss them i miss them i miss them i miss them i miss them i miss them

    they need to come back like now. lol i dont think i can wait until the summer.

  7. I want Bong’s shades!:) If Baby keeps wearing those raincoat style jacket, i’m going to rip it off him. They all look hott!

  8. everytime i see the boys, my inner fangirl comes out screaming! does this mean they are going to be active again?? hope to see more of them coz i know we all miss them..miss miss miss them all too!! more of jiyong too please!!!

  9. I discovered Big Bang July 2009 but refound my calling jan 2010 and I’m in love. Where is the best place to find out everything there is to know about the BB guys? I live in NYC.

  10. T.O.P IS SOOOO CUTEHis hood looks soo full?What’s in that?!T.O.P<3333 LOOOKING AWSOME GD's soo cute 😀 SeungRi 😉

  11. haha no, I don’t agree that TOP pull off that costume, he looks like grandma wearing a big hood + jacket… When I first saw the fancam, I do wonder what’s on his head. Do I really see panda ears there??
    But it seems like TOP didn’t wear it for fashion sake, just for fun. He never seem to be particularly concerned about his fashion (printed pants, almost-afro hair, rainbow crocs???? OUTRAGEOUS!), I would thought that this is his own way to rebel against people perception of BIGBANG as ‘stylish’ ^_^’

  12. sunglasses of GD, I searched everywhere to find them, great style.

  13. Ayayayayayayay…… My Tabi is so cute…….

  14. oh no, I spotted a pimple on Bong’s face. it’s okay :] he still
    look madfine =D haahaha, & the raincoats makes them wierd yet
    UNIQUE ❤ haha @ Dae, that Angel makes my daaay .

    I miss TOP & SeungRi, havent heard from them the Longessst .

  15. AHAHAHA TOP ❤ you adorable thing (;
    lol dae's not looking too bad either :DD

  16. OMG!!!!
    Seungri is super cute and handsome!!!!!!
    he’s so hot wearing that red coat with a combination of black polo and jeans!!!!!! love it!!!! ♥♥♥

  17. wooooo i was there. :)))

  18. Yb YB YB YB love love, so Red your color oppa love you how’s Boss…. oh Seunghyun oppa the beary cute hoodie is sooo cute!!!!! JiYongieee oppa fly as always, Victor it’s raining where ever you go that’s HOT!!!! Oh DaeDae looks like Bubblegum the really cute kind!!!

  19. LOL I love this. No matter what people say about TOP’s outfit I think it’s really cute :3 I really like Seungri’s poses in here too. PLUS DAESUNGS SMILE awwwwwwww I’m melting just like his cotton candy song hahahhahaha. I really like Ji Yong’s scarf too 😛

  20. THEY look so hot! and cute. seungri is so cute& hot! they all are.TOP look so tired. and seungri.* i miss watching them.

  21. they need to come back ASAP! i missssssssssssss them….. hurry oppas! especially TOP oppa…..

  22. is that the coat TOP wore in one of the scenes in IRIS? hmm..


  23. gd looks fine in black and orange! who could rock those colors as well as him?? no one :]
    hahahah i love top

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