GDragon and SeungRi at MCM store opening

I’m not exactly sure which store this is but it looks so fancy, the kind that makes you all giddy inside just looking at it… or maybe it’s just me, I’m not normal..I’m sorry. But Bong look HOTT though, Baby is all covered up in a cocoon haha adorable~ going out shopping with his hyung (he prob begged Bong for him to come along, haha seems like whenever Bong’s out and about for some fashion event, Baby is there haha )

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GDragon and SeungRi at store opening

Credit: 지나가는…
Special Thanks to bigbangpop ^_^


~ by Vicky on March 7, 2010.

21 Responses to “GDragon and SeungRi at MCM store opening”

  1. Bong been looking extremely hawt these days!!!
    probably has an fashion comeback, gotta keep an eye on him!

  2. Hehe they look so good (:
    Yeah, probably Seungri begged Jiyong to come along, lols.

  3. I don’t get these nicknames.. lol but okay.

  4. can you strop with the nicknames??

  5. its the new MCM store. Bongie wears clothes from them quite often. gets stuff specially made from them too.

    Bongie is a hot mess in these pics. I just wanna go up and snuggle him. Then in the second pic. *flails* his lips are totally kissable.

  6. i love what’s Bong wearing :O

  7. @ kaychan

    ooh~ thanks for that 🙂

  8. @Yeun

    uhmm.. no. sorry :p

  9. ^ LOL!

    you can tell who the new fans are.

  10. :PPPP hahaha it’s hilarious.
    it’s like a big bang fansite inside joke :DD love it~~

  11. your welcome ^^ I aim to please. plus i contribute nada XD so i feel better about myself now lol

    and yea the nicknames i use them everywhere now lol. Bongie will never change XD except when I write on his me2day which he needs to update dammit. >.<

  12. GD’s look is so cute ;D Not much pics of Seungri?WHERE MY BABY!T.O.P?<33

  13. Be nice to new fans! LOL. hehehehe. =)

    How come in the first pic Baby looks so bored? Or is he looking at the blue suitcase?

    Gaaad you can Bong contemplating so much on how, why, and where will he use the stuff he’s buying. real nice. I can’t expect less from our fashionista. ^^

  14. GD shopping<3

  15. i think there’s no harm in using nicknames xP

  16. They both looks so … amazing, they have star-quality of stage haha ;D

  17. haha!!!!! another weird trend of fashion clothes by G!!!!
    but he can carry it!!!! 🙂

  18. wheres my baby? not many pics of him..
    bong looks hot (:

  19. Mr.GGGBabybabyGDGDGDBABY is like the fashion God of Korea no lie the man can do no wrong MCM knows what their doing!!! LOL Victor has great style too throw a towel on him they’ll call it the new Gucci….lol

  20. who’s bong? seung ri or gd?
    i hope they bought something for me!!!!!

  21. Ermm. Can i ask who is Bong and who is Baby??

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