TaeYang will open for Brian McKnight’s upcoming concert

This is awesome news, and probably even more awesome for Dae since he is such a huge Brian McKnight fan, Bae will definitely rock this 🙂

Bae look so tall in this pic… oooh~ ;P


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Big Bang’s Taeyang will be the opening act at Brian McKnight’s concert in Korea.

Taeyang will be the opening act at Brian McKnight’s concert, ‘McKnight at Night,’ which has been 8 years since his last visit, on April 1st at Seoul Jamsil Indoor Sport Stadium.

McKnight, who wanted information of an artist for an opening, readily agreed to have Taeyang as soon as he saw Taeyang’s performance video. Taeyang, who is valued as a best black music style singer in Korea, is an artist who performs the most trendy R&B style music.

Brian McKnight will perform with his two sons, Brian Kelly McKnight Jr. (21), and Nicolas McKnight (18), who has been performing since 2007.

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~ by Vicky on March 7, 2010.

24 Responses to “TaeYang will open for Brian McKnight’s upcoming concert”

  1. WOOOHHOOOOOO GO BAE BAE!!! wow he must be really happy to open for him. Bae will be amazing of course. He always is and always will be ^^ Dae is prolly having kittens right now. More than likely he is going to be backstage with Bae and try to meet him. I wouldnt doubt that in the least.

  2. ohhhh THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!! 😀 go BAE BAE!!! 😀 to the response above, XD about Dae having kittens about it! this will be so awesome. *spazzing* *spazzing*

  3. HES SOOO CUTE ;D Love the shades REPRESENT TAE! BIG BANG <3333

  4. he’s gonna be happy, he’s always singing Brian McKnight’s songs. I’ll pray that whatever happened at the Alicia Keys concert do not repeat itself.

  5. @Vicky- You are so right. He does look tall in that pic. Me likey-likey~ ^^
    Um I might be the only one thinking this way but Taeyang reminded me of a fly what with his huge shade and his lips like that. Hahahah. just saying.

  6. omggg! i’m very happy for this!!!

  7. of course my Baebae is awesome. =) I hope he’s not too nervous doing this opening number, because he is a great performer on stage. =)

    WHy do Baebae and Bong always bite their lips? I love it. hehehe.

  8. Wow…… This is such a great news…..

  9. So happy for him ❤

  10. owee, I know Brian McKnight 🙂 he’s a good singer .
    woow, tae looks smexxy fine 😉 *droollssss.

  11. Wow that picture of Bae looks so….. good (;
    Yeah Daedae must be excited too, heehee, I remember
    his Brian Mcknight cover; used to sing to it too.
    Wow great for Bae (:

  12. sexxay !!!~
    OMFG im so excited :DDD


  14. AHHH ! That’s awesome ! Awwww. . . wish I could go ! Hmmm , maybe they’ll one day debut in the US one day ! . . . *daydreaming* 🙂

  15. Mr. Dong screams sex appeal man has everything looks, voice, and PERSONALITY…. wow and thankyou for the sexiii picture greeting yum yum!!! lol hopefuly he will not nervous like that Alicia Keys concert…oppa’s fly wasopen which not to say that made my day…year…life….but…. he look uncomfortable soooo I’m pary for you, your amazing sooo fighting??? LOL Brian Mc Knight has korea’s MOST WANTED!!!!!

  16. wow good job TaeYang! 🙂 It’s amazing how much american singers are getting into Korean stuff now. Hopefully that means more of Korea will come to America now hahaha 😀 I hope someday they will have a concert in LA

  17. who conect? tae yang is coming to the US?
    tae yang is so hot!!

  18. what happened at the alicia keys concert??

  19. o mah gahd!!!! seriously?!?!?!? tht is like totally awesome!! congrats TY ily!!! <333333

  20. Very nice, OMG lool

  21. Ahh yayayaya why can’t it be in America how do I kno wen big bang or any kpop group is gona hav a convert n America???? 

  22. You’re the love of my life.Tae yang try the best.I am always your audience.Aza aza fighting!I am chaw su in Myanmar.

  23. so cool
    I LOVE U

  24. omg WHEN!??? AND WHERE!??

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