TaeYang and HaRang

if this isn’t adorable, i don’t know what is. he’ll make a great father one day 🙂

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~ by Vicky on March 10, 2010.

25 Responses to “TaeYang and HaRang”

  1. Saw this earlier – LOVE it!

  2. THIS IS SO CUTE!!!!!! Both of them are just adorable. Bae is going to be such a great dad lol he’s just so good with little kids.

  3. this is just the cutest thing everr(;


  5. awww:) hes like a little taeyang twin:P
    so cutee

  6. Cuties!

  7. <3<3<3 gaaaaa…..

    …and I fall in love all over again. =) I knew he'll be a good father. It's his nature =)

    *sigh* <3<3<3

  8. bwaaaaa~ i wanna have babies with taeyang!!!!

  9. awww, sameee hairr!!!!!

  10. your hair could be similar to why HaRang
    hhmmm funny

  11. Soo cuuute!<3
    Tae Yang<333

  12. is that his brother

  13. cutie!! taeyang with bb taeyang.. cute cute cute!! ❤

  14. Love Tae Yang… Wanna meet u… 🙂

  15. awww that is so cute
    you have you guys
    heard of the remix of “wedding Dress”
    here is the link to here it

  16. just look at the way how he stared the cute boy..
    he will be a great daddy one day

  17. Awww soo cute! HaRang has your hair!! 😛 <33 Young Bae

  18. so adorable.

  19. Young Bae you are Perfect and HaRang is a future heart breaker like his hyung!!!!

  20. never give up watching this . totally adorable …

  21. <333 Beyond adorable.He is going to make such a good dad.Hopefully his son will look cute like HaRang <33

  22. FIT like a brother and sister who get along

  23. Aww soo cute. . !
    BTW,, who’s HaRang. .?

  24. ^ Harang is one of Sean’s cute kids! ^^ Sean of Jinusean.

    Omgah such a cute clip. ^^ Love Taeyang and Harang. They match, hehe. ❤

  25. it’s so cute

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