GDragon: Shine a Light Live Concert Album Tracklist Released!!

AOh yess, it is FINALLY HERE, there are 2 DVD versions to this, the UNCUT one.. and the one appropriate for kids under 19... guess which one I’m getting?? 😀 I’m 19 in korean age so it’s TOTALLY OKAY… 😀

**My bad you guys, this is the ALBUM, not the DVD. no info the DVD yet :/


CD 1
01. Heartbreaker
02. This love
03. HELLO (feat. 다라)
04. Gossip man
05. My age is 13+Storm+Fly Gentlemen+G-DRAGON
06. A Boy
07. The Leaders (feat. TEDDY, CL)
08. Breathe
09. Butterfly
10. But I love u
11. She’s Gone(feat. Kush)
12. Only Look at Me(feat. TaeYang)
13. Korean Dream (feat. TaeYang)
14. 1 Year Station
15. Lies
16. Heartbreaker(Encore)

CD 2: Bonus CD
01. Heartbreaker (feat. Flo Rida)
02. This love (G.H remix)
03. A Boy (Choice37 remix)
04. Breathe (hitchhiker remix)
05. Heartbreaker (Choice37 remix)

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Sexy? I know
Dying to get that thing? I know
The thirst to pop that thing in your DVD Player? I know
Turn off the lights, kick everyone out of the house, turn the sound system HIGH, and freak? … I KNOWWWWW

~ by Vicky on March 11, 2010.

30 Responses to “GDragon: Shine a Light Live Concert Album Tracklist Released!!”

  1. OMG

  2. dayummms! i’m making my cousin get me the
    uncut oneeeeee! haha. can’t wait. can’t wait.
    can’t wait. can’t waittttt! AHHHH! no fricken
    wayyy! gahhh. *deep breath* *screams* AHHHH!
    it’s going to be SEXAYYY! i officially canNOT wait!

  3. ahhh!! cant wait for it.. im over 19 [21 to be exact] in both countries soo im fine to get it ^_^

    WAIT… i dont see the parody video..
    does that mean they wont put it in.. or
    they just didnt put it in the list…??
    please let it be that they just didnt list it.. >.<

  4. Isn’t this the live album, not the dvd?

  5. Why did you post it called “gdragon shine a light live concert dvd tracklist released” when it’s a cd??? That’s weird??? O-O I hope it’s bot live music cos I hate live music…all I can hear is people screaming like they saw a ghost or something!!!! @.@ hehe ^^

  6. OMG!!!!

  7. uhm, isn’t this the audio from his SAL concert? This is the LIVE concert album that they released with Heartbreaker ft. Flo Rida?

  8. damn. it looks so sexy <333
    i'm so getting…the uncut version! hahahhhh

  9. u mentioned there are two version to this album.. so the one selling at Yesasia is it the UNCUT version…

  10. does anyone know when his concert is coming out onto dvd?…i remember reading it somewhere that its out but i cant find it anywhere?…help please…

  11. when does it come out ? o.o

  12. I remember it said something like in April. So I’m assuming that since the cd is out the dvd should follow after a few weeks or month. But I don’t know for sure though.

  13. AAAhhhh!!!! the cover is amazing! i seriously want the uncut version. i cant wait to get it!!! 😀

  14. ohh..spicy!!! does this have photobook or something with it…?! thanks!

  15. i want that album also. how can I get one, I am living in UAE.

  16. You can order it on you have to register first though its easy and fast.

  17. what’s the link to order on i’m thinking of getting this for my best friend.

  18. wow, does yeasia seliver it out from korea? so if we’re under 19 we can’t buy it?? TT^TT

  19. sorrryy.., typos, i mean ”deliver”

  20. Omg I want it aha lookin sexy. Hey someday 6a rlly fast. Lol man how wild u get that in America where do or wuld u go to buy this cd n Texas????

  21. it’s can to buy??

  22. all you have to do is register and make an account with them ( the ablum is to be released on the 29th of march so you can pre-order it first..its only 16.99? depending on where you lived..i’m from the U.S. so the total amount might be different…but the shipping is free…so you can order it online..with a credit can pick if you want the delivery to be standard or express…express cost more though i think because they have the tracking on it unlike the standard…so i usually do the standard which takes about at most a week to a week and a half…since its standard they sent the item from hong kong….i don’t know if it comes from korea directly..but i guess the item are in the warehouse or storaged there when it comes out….but once you order the item the site will email you the where about of the item…i order from from my experience they are better and are a safer site to order from…no problems from them…so if you have any question you can reply to the thread or something and i’ll try to help if i can…

  23. random question: has anyone bought Big Bang (or any other Korean) merchandise in the Philippines?

  24. hey everyone,
    that looks so good !
    but where can i find it?
    i live in USA can anyone help me find it?

  25. Order it on I’m from the U.S.A. too and i order from them. just follow my instructions above that I posted before. The dvd is out!!!!! Well you gotta preorder it on yesasia its 47.99 usd (u.s. dollars) free shipping. But its just region 3 and i need a region 1 or all. It sucks. I’m waiting for yesasia to email me back on more detail so if i get feedback ill let everyone know about it. I read and some people bought some region 3 dvds and it played on her dvd here in the U.S.A. but i dont know the whole deal so I dont want to risk buying it of its not gonna played in the U.S.A. you know.?

  26. can u leave ur email here?
    so i can ask u more about the DVD?

  27. Here is my email:
    I don’t know if I could answer your questions but you can email me and I’ll see if I can answer them. Just make sure to mention your name in case I forget.

  28. i email u already

  29. The live concert album is on Yesasia and I ordered it, whoo! FREE SHIPPING only applies to certain items AND when you order over $___ amount.

    I totally forgot to look for the DVD, omg. Gonna order the Uncut version, hehe. But what I want to know is: WHAT DOES THE POSTER LOOK LIKE? Anyone know? ^^ Cuz I’m debating on folded/tubed (diff prices).

    FYI: There’s only ONE type of album while there’s TWO types of the DVD (Uncut and the Korean versions)

  30. annyeonghaseyo,ghea nae ileum-eul …
    je paendeul-eun daepogbal-ibnida..

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