LOLLIPOP Part 2 MV Released! + BSX Goodies

enjoying it?


your welcome 😛

~ by gdluvzmc on March 12, 2010.

22 Responses to “LOLLIPOP Part 2 MV Released! + BSX Goodies”

  1. can you post the link to download this new MV?? kamsahamnida…please,,

  2. great site 🙂

  3. sexyyy<3

  4. I was waiting for this!! Thanks!!! 🙂 Nice video

  5. Guys isn´t it the absolutely most amazing MV???
    WOAHwhat a rush, I lvoe this MV<3

  6. OMG Bongie kissy face!!!! *dies* Im glad theres alot more of Bae in here than the director mv’s let on. But all the Bongie parts!!! *flails dramatically* ITS ABOUT TIME THEY RELEASED IT!!!!

  7. Finally I watched it!!! I love the move in the chorus. So dorky sexy. =) And aah, lots of Baebae too. =) He’s so hot.

    And gaaaad GD’s rap at the end…do they have any idea how SEXY HOT it is? “Here I come, Here I come, come, come…” XD

    Hope the HQ is released real soon! thanks for posting this!!! =)

  8. ^kaychan

    you know i get that kissy face all the timeeee


  9. Love the Lollipop 2 video soooo much (:

  10. yayyyyyyyy!!!!! its finally out!!!! i’ve been waiting! XD!!!! I love this song!!!

  11. omg soo good but if i catch that girl in korea i would grrrrrrr (calm down) sigh yea great mv

  12. Love the mv!

  13. is this the real lollipop 2 mv?

  14. Very very amazing. It’s on a mature level than the first Lollipop,–the song just flows so well. ;]

  15. my jaw dropped when taeyang sang your so sexy hey… i was like like damn… he is soooo fine! taeyang fighting!

  16. I love the guys, but this music video doesn’t stand out like the first one, there is too much to look at. And there is no climax to the song like the first.

  17. i dun get it.. now who is da real lollipop winner girl..?

  18. Omfg I love the vid! It was so colorful nd cute! ^.^

  19. love ur site and the wallpapers:)
    love the mv so colorfull i this song:)

  20. […] grab high res. pictures of BSX @ Big Bang Fansite <the one & only> « […]

  21. The photos is it this year one?

  22. Luv it , dey al luk great n colorful

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