Big Bang New Song “Hands Up” Preview

Big Bang’s new song “Hands Up” will be featured as the opening show for popular variety program Mezamashi Saturday in Japan, making them the first Korean artist to have their song featured for a show on Fuji TV

a happy song just in time for summer 🙂 7 more weeks and it’s vacation time, I cannot wait. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

~ by Vicky on April 8, 2010.

23 Responses to “Big Bang New Song “Hands Up” Preview”

  1. AWESOME< 3 3
    Love them!! Especially T.o.p

  2. FINALLY! YAYAYAY!!! Their new song 😀
    Been waiting forever! 🙂
    T.O.P <3<33333

  3. WOHOO!

  4. FINALLY i’ve waited for so long, <3gdragon

  5. Finally a new song! <333333

  6. no essay?

  7. gdragon……….i reli reli reliiiiiiiii lv u…………

  8. wooo finally! ! ! already love that song! BIGBANG.. I just LOVE you guys! ^^

  9. Can’t Wait!!

    (New Follower)

  10. omg a sign from BB !
    Oh can´t wai<3 Im so happy

  11. @tylove

    LOL not this time, I can barely hear the song, just sound like it’ll be refreshing and fun, just in time for the summer, you don’ really want me to get in details of how much i’m excited for this summer so let’s just leave it at that 😛 haha

    Have been waiting for new stuff from BB!
    WANT IT NOW! Sounds like one of thier soft songs that you don’t get tired of (from the little that heard over their babbling!!!)
    Looking forward to more! ❤

  13. say hello to the world!!! BB 😀

  14. Old news, Vicky 😦

  15. Now all T.O.P needs to do is release his solo and I’ll be 100% satisfied. Can’t wait for a whole album of his sexy voice!

  16. I’m still waiting for the time where I’ll get to see another MV of Bigbang again… with them altogether~!

    D-Lite and Baby VI fighting~!

  17. I hope the mp3 will come out soon! hihi..~! can’t wait to see bigbang in action again! TOP!!! ❤

  18. whoa!!!!!
    can’t wait for this new song!!!!!!!
    it seems that this song has a lot of fun spirit!!!!!!!

  19. I’d already preorder the single Hands up is going to be on.

  20. sup wat is yo facebook name

  21. Plz plz plz……..cum 2 india plz v luv u all so much dnt knw who v cud ever meet u which v r dyin to “u gt a lot of fans here too”

  22. Awaits for their new album… G-D fighting ,, <33

  23. Awaits for bigbang ‘s album ..
    Awww ,, its jus may …
    ❤ G-D

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