71 – Into The Fire Official Trailer

intense movie! war movies are hard to watch. but TOP’s eyes should win an award for INTENSITY!

~ by gdluvzmc on April 13, 2010.

20 Responses to “71 – Into The Fire Official Trailer”

  1. :O looks SO GOOD~! hope hope hope this gets subbed XD

  2. Seems interesting I wanna see it.

  3. topcorn looks so sessie in the teaser!! i cant wait to see this movie!! XD

  4. T.O.P. does know how to be intense

  5. Wow, TOP looks dashing here. I hope to see this movie subbed sometime 🙂

  6. yuhuu i can’t wait this movie! Tabiii!

  7. OMG TOP in a war movie. I can’t watch those…but wow Seung-Hyun looks amazing

  8. oh.. they finally showed the teaser.. a must see movie.. nice!

    TOP doesn’t not need to say, you can definitely see that through his eyes..

    his eyes will do the talking.. Ü

    탑오빠 ♡

  9. *TOP doesn’t need to say..

    typo error.. ㅋㅋㅋ

  10. Woahh…..it´s an official film, *cool* gotta watch it,

  11. T.O.P <333
    Omgosh.I have to watch thiss!~?anyone wanna sub it? :D?
    HE IS SOO FINE IN THIS.I hope he doesn't get hurt in the movie.I hate watching him get hurt D: <33 BBB4EVER!

  12. Whoaaaa the teaser is bangin’! So intense. I’m usually not into these kinds of war movies, but I’d give it a try for TOP. ^^

  13. this looks so HAWT!
    can’t wait to watch TOP’s acting again :3
    but first… i should finish watching IRIS~

  14. if it comes out subbed i will get at ALL COSTS!!!!

  15. they got a much longer trailer online, with more TOP..its been out for quite a while..so you peeps should jus check it out on youtube…

  16. I just really hope this movie would be subbed sometime in the future 😦 Too much for not being a Korean, eh? Haha, TOP fighting~!

  17. TOP is an amazing actor, I’m totally looking forward to this!!!

  18. kyaaaaa!!!! wanna watch the movie!! seems cool! i love movies like these!!!!

  19. OMG WOW! TOP is working with KWON SANG WOO and all the other famous actors?!! Wowww

  20. OOOOMMMGG >> Timpo is realy improving his acting skill !! and hi is killing me with his eyes X3 … SARAANGHEE OUPA TAPI <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

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