G-Dragon “Big Bang’s album release is aimed for August/September”

Translated by Sookyeong

Big Bang has given a hint on their comeback plans.

On a recent talk with reporters G-Dragon stated “Currently I’m working on Big Bang’s album” and hinted about the releasement date “We’re aiming to have it ready by September or October” he said.

G-Dragon also mentioned “A lot of songs have already been made. The songs that will be picked for the album will be beautiful!” making fans even more excited. “The solo activities of the other members might cause the comeback album to be delayed a bit but Big Bang might be able to release the new album by August or September since that’s when we usually come back.”

I was really looking forward for their comeback, but then I heard it’s during summer, I won’t even be home during summer for sure so I was kinda sad that I won’t be able to keep up. But late ’10? I can deal with =) a reason for my future senioritis. Image and video hosting by TinyPic


I’M ON TUMBLR!!! =) and Hyori got Bonged!!)

~ by Vicky on April 16, 2010.

21 Responses to “G-Dragon “Big Bang’s album release is aimed for August/September””

    omg tempoooos hair?!? i had to look twice to realise thats him lol 😀
    can’t wait! i miss my boy so muuuuc! ❤

  2. well, that’s good. i hope the album sell big when it is released

  3. oh!Next Album will be a bom!

  4. Bigbang’s comeback is what matters to me the most right now! Yess!!

  5. Tabi-oppa’s hair is silver! :O cool…
    I want Tabi-oppa to release his solo album, but Big Bang’s comeback will be well worth the wait and I’m super excited for both!!!

  6. T.O.P hair is silver 0____0
    YEE they’re comeback FINALLTY!
    T.O.P really should realse his OWN solo album though.
    He’s been taking soo much time acting. D:

  7. oh my god…I CAN´T WAIT!!!

  8. omg i do will stay for BB Comeback!!! best comeback and year for BB ♥

  9. G-DRAGONNNNNN<3 fav.
    ahhaha top's hairr is so HOT in gray haiir !!
    LOOL@daesunng .. in a good way 😀
    the rest aree cuute too 😀
    can't wait for their new albummm ! 😀
    waiteed for their comebackk for likke FOREVERR .
    finnnnnnallly !
    missss them soo muchh,
    havent heard alot from them since forever !
    ahhhhh ! i am so exciteeed !
    biiiiig bannnng !<3
    ohkay bye ! 😀

  10. top is so hot in grayy haiir ***

  11. ……
    Tabi’s hair????
    anyways so glad to hear they’re coming back soon
    looking forward to my man’s comeback

  12. Only my opinion, but TOP looks like a granny in that pic.
    My family and i refer to him now as: The oily granny.
    No offense to all TOP lovers.
    I mean even his pose looks like he is kinda struggling to stand up.

  13. OMG top’s hair is silver oh god he looks su super cute !!!!!!!!!! and im really looking forward to the realse
    top is su cute i love him su much
    oh and if anyone has their email can i plz have it email it to

  14. hey vicky r u getting gd’s concert dvd??

  15. TOP the grandpa.

  16. TOP- WTF with the hair…need a close up to decide if its a good WTF or a bad one.

    Seungri&Taeyang- you guys just look good like always

    Bongie- …really just loose the pants. You wear them so tight we basically know whats underneath lol. But I’m loving the casual hotness that he is oozing. oh those collarbones *sighs and drools*

    Daesung- I’m usually neutral with him but I think hes looking pretty damn hot here. Like a masculine ‘look at my big ass arms I rival Taeyang’ hot. lol. very nice.

  17. Please learn how to credit properly as sookyeong didn’t translate that article but rather me. She put the source on her article as being me “Translated: alee @ iBigBang”

    It’s not that hard to double check, thanks.

  18. OMG. What did TOP do to his hair?? It works for him. Really cuuute! I’m pretty sure there will be guys out there who’d copy him. :))

    I soooo cannot wait for their comeback! I miss them!

  19. wth is yb doing with his hands? xD
    Loving GD and SR here. Their confidence in their eyes is shooting at me like lasers! About top’s hair… I don’t know. He’s always hot of course but… I just don’t know… silver?
    Daesung looking shiny and sexy here actually, but he kinda ruined the shiny moment with his open mouth…
    BigBang 4 ever ❤ hi5

  20. whee!!
    BIG BANG!!

  21. love all of U!!~

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