Bigbang on Thailand’s April Knock Knock Magazine

Oh these adorable boys.

Vicky’s Tumblr

Who here is a junior in highschool like me??? RAISE YOUR HAND?!!! okay put it down cuz i can’t see you anyway, but… look at this 7th grader, pretty hot right? oh yeaaa. he’s gonna become SOMEONE in life

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~ by Vicky on April 23, 2010.

18 Responses to “Bigbang on Thailand’s April Knock Knock Magazine”

  1. Wow, they’re really famous in Thailand eh? ^.^ Seungri looks so cute in that photo! This coming school year I will be a college freshman too! Yay Seungri~!

  2. Does anyone else besides me find it adorable that TOP is like, stretching his arm so that he is kind of like holding both Seungri and Taeyang at the same time? Haha xD Well I dunno, that just stuck out to me.
    They’re so awesome! But what they really should do is get popular in the States ;D and by that I mean COME to the US!

  3. why is taeyang always standing in the middle during photoshoots? i thought gd is the team leader? HAHA!

  4. @isabellmiao: …to make him look taller? 😀 haha I dunno…

  5. THANK GOD T.O.P’s hair is back to black <33 he's soo cute!!!

  6. TOPs pantss . 😀
    veeerrrry sexxy .
    everyone’s so cutee

  7. @Eunice

    Baby is already a freshman in college, by the time you’re a freshman he’s probably will have his break haha korea’s school year is different, their ‘summer’ break is during december/january

  8. @Netty-chan214

    of course of course
    the TOP dog of the group gotta take care of his maknae 🙂
    oh the adorable hyung

  9. @isabellmiao

    yup, just like Netty-chan214 said, Bae is the short of the group so he’s always placed in the middle to balance out the group, and he’s sometimes stand closer to the camera than the rest, to give him more height, a little photography trick 🙂

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  12. This is so cool..I love them!!!

  13. raises hand*

  14. cuties!!!1

  15. @miko

    2011 BABY! hahaha

  16. OMG They look so cute/good on the magazine cover =P
    LOL Daesung looks PRETTY xD

    and Seungri!! CUTIE xD

  17. *WHOOA! they are SOOOO HOTT! the style is Bom’N!LOLs:) ;P
    FIGhting!~ *wOOt wOOt!~~HOllA!

  18. oyy, the guys got hotter again. they always get hotter everyy year ❤ I'm sprunnnnnng ;] Hahaha. & Seungri had a lot of hair back then (: Niccceee. Ahh, we can see SR's moustache growing :]
    I love tae's pose ♥ hotttttt! Bong and Top keeps me thinking that theyre my brothers. ( Brothers from another Mothers ;] )

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