Melly’s Twitter News #6

ahh… a long overdue digest.
just to keep record on the site. here’s a few vids.


pretty self-explanatory. it’s very cute haha. he even poses to call for a taxi on the street? sigh. ❤

2. Fancam of BIG BANG in THAILAND

a fellow VIP sent emailed this video to me, & i thought i would share it w/ you all.
who’s the friendliest member???

3. Favorite BB Member Poll in Canada

LOL apparently, DAESUNG is most popular b/c
1. he looks like a canadian.
2. he has great lips.
3. he has awesome hair.

SR has an innocent face (really!?! xD)
TOP has great style
GD has amazing lips (mmhmm)
Taeyang is hott

all i want to know is which pictures did they use to show the girls LOL xD

4. SEUNGRI w/ HARA at ADIDAS Originals Showroom

oowee? that doesn’t even look like that HARA! but they look cute together. hara & sr went to the same school & studied dance together 😀 don’t be mad now haha

oh. & i also have a tumblr 😀 & formspring! check it out. reserved for things to be said that are longer than 140 characters lol. i usually don’t answer questions all at once. just a few whenever i have time, so don’t feel bad, i’m not ignoring it ^^


& as for the new YG address, i will look it up soon & update for y’all when i have time.

i’m sorry there hasn’t been much activity here. but looking at twitter & all the other peeps doing their thang, i don’t see a need for speed. i’m just here to clarify things, & update whenever i can.
think of this as the home for the younger days of big bang. from debut to year 3. but hopefully when big bang becomes active again, you might see some more activity here. again, i’m sorry for the lack of speedy updates. but i have to worry about school, work & the future right now.
some pages are closed, like the “about” section & that’s because i’m trying (or was trying) to fix up a really cool biography page w/ all the discography, tidbits, facts, & everything. thank you for your loyalty & patience. that’s why VIPz are one of the best fan bases out there, b/c we understand one another & support e/o. keep the love alive! we’ll always be around.

~ by gdluvzmc on April 24, 2010.

18 Responses to “Melly’s Twitter News #6”

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  2. what is thee background song on the first video?

  3. LOLOLOL I love your posts! My favorite was the seungri pic 😉
    and I am a junior like you! 😀
    oh and I think the friendlist is probably seungri, but I love GD’s poses as he tries to get a cab XD

  4. LOL! AWW GD is soo cute! I love his hair hehe his voice is adoarble STOP FOLLOWING MEE! hehe

  5. @Louise
    track 10 of gd’s album

    i’m a 3rd year in college, if that’s what you mean.
    you must have confused me for vicky… i’m not vicky.

  6. thanks for coming with the updates!

  7. TQ for the updates yeah education is 1st hehehhehe

  8. GD looks handsome hailing the taxi like that!! XD

  9. seungri is by far the friendliest. what’s with the rest just ignoring everybody? great post btw!

  10. nice~!!!


  12. oh G Dragon why do you taunt me w/ those AMAZING LEGS!!! i loved it!
    oh TOP of course you’re the best, no matter what the poll results are *-* ur too sexy not to be in first place

  13. Hey check out the D&D heartbreaker version and add / rate me PLEASE THANKS


  14. *MaN! i wish that girl was me with SEUNG ri! i L♥ve HiM!~
    *Oh WeLL. i’LL gEt tO sEE HiM.
    {like in in 15 years} LOLs:);P

  15. Oh god seungri is perfect and cute and i don’t know why Go Hara is like that!!! she’s always nice, but here…!!!

  16. love seungri in the fancam. but gd 😦

  17. @Eme think about the fans. Kind of reminds me when Hara was dancing with TaeYang, she seemed super stiff and of course she was not getting too close to him because of the angry fans that were going to bash at her. That other comedian..well she gets tons of anti hate mail so she’s used to it. But Hara tends to be super careful and thinks about the fans feelings. (: G-dragon is super adorable.Aww I love that Hara&Seungri pic. She looks different without the make-up but still looking cuter than ever & sooooo young.

  18. woooow. i love big bang. they’re really cute. T.O.P i love you. im mongolia. when you come in mongolia??? i waiting they. and I LOVE THEY. BIG BANG GO GO GO GOODLUCK

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