DaeSung and SeungRi on Haha Mong Show

New Youtube: TheYGCrew

[MV] DaeSung and SeungRi – Just Like Big Bang

Free Rap Messages to DaeSung and SeungRi from Celebrity Friends

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~ by Vicky on May 1, 2010.

7 Responses to “DaeSung and SeungRi on Haha Mong Show”

  1. OMG XD WOHOO GO MAKNAES!!!! I love that they did this. I find it to be the greatest thing ever. Couldnt stop laughing for so long.

    Seungris part is the best. GD is the heartbreaker and people obsessing over his style, even his underwear XD oh Seungri. Its not the underwear we obsess about. its whats underneath o.- XD jk (well im not kidding but for the sake of being less perverted i am lol)
    Then Top being too busy with all the actors hes become close with. and shooting him with a water gun XD omg Seungri I have found a new appreciation for you dear maknae. if it makes it any better, Top is the one I think about the least. Still dont see whats so sexy about him.
    And awwww you even went after Bae. lol going to church and praying all the time and not having a girlfriend. Not everyone is a manwhore Ri but I love you anyway XD
    I hope that Bongie, Youngbae, and Top see or saw this. I want to see a response from the hyungs lol

  2. lol i saw this early ^^ thanks Viii i’m LMAO!!!

  3. OMG!!! I freakin love the vids! =)
    Been waiting for this for so long. I’m glad they finally showed it.
    I just fell in love with Daesung on their MV. I freakin love him with his white shirt and jeans. Seungri fits so well with that geld look when he shot TOP.
    and thanks @kaychan for giving a rough trans on what Baby said. ^^

    The Celeb vid was so funny too! “My name is Lee Hyori, read it backwards it’s still Lee Hyori” —> I love her. hehehe, struggling and cursing with the rap. FO love for Daesung and Eunjung wants his call. hehehe.. Seungri gets all the love from SNSD.
    Weee. Hahamong show has a promising future. ^^

  4. LOOL Aww.
    Haha I saw this earlier to.
    haha nice though ;D
    T.O.P news anyone?

  5. Eng sub plzzzz

  6. Hi~ new open “BigBang Music Video World”
    놀러 오세요.

  7. Hi~ new open “BigBang Music Video World”


    많이들 놀러 오세요.

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