(CF) Big Bang – Eversense Commercial

Big Bang endorse Eversense Cologne and Roll-ons product in Thailand.

This is probably one of my favorite CF that the boys did… EVER!! haha i just love the concept so much, because as a fangirl myself, I have daydreamt MANY TIMES that I will see the boy oversea one day, and the boys wouldn’t assume that I know the, and I would pretend that I don’t know them either haha just because….. 😉 (I’m day dreaming here of course)

I spot the GRI love in the beginning! and i am loving it!! haha took a whip of the perfume and they knew where she was, their pose when they burst in… omgggg i died, that is HILARIOUS, look at BAE!! haha dancing around in circle, leave it to Bong to do the side cart wheel on the floor T___T


hahah catching her scarf at the end, that was seriously cute.

From now on, I’m carrying my bottle of LOLA wherever I go… just in case… hahaha

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~ by Vicky on May 9, 2010.

10 Responses to “(CF) Big Bang – Eversense Commercial”

  1. rofl @ top just walking around her in circles.

  2. AWW T.O.P 🙂
    <333333 BB Forever <33333

  3. one of my dreams too lol xD

  4. OMONA!!!! super cute ni gd!!! he’s definitely hot and burning in this CF!!!! SARANGHAEYO JIYONGIE!!!

  5. TOP just walks around the girl??? hahaha!!! Typical of Tabi i guess…hehehe~!!! Have you seen him during Number 1 days??? He just uses the same freestyle moves..so dorky!!!! hehehe~!!!!!

  6. whoaaaa Tae Yang so cutee. hehehe Love you and Im so sorry

  7. Aww cute

  8. omg jiyong’s dancing, and seungri’s one handstand! so cute!

  9. OMG, GD’s dancing is awesoomeee *_*
    /fangirl’s scream

    I wish I was that girl D: /cries


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