Big Bang Hyundai Shouting Korea, Part 1

THE MASTERS OF EXPRESSION – Big Bang for Hyundai Shouting Korea, Part 1

i never thought the words SOUTH AFRICA would be sound so cute to say… daesungxD

jiyong needs to act more naturally. he makes it so obvious they’re behind the camera. it’s just the way he’s so stiff, moving his finger like that. & the faces he “unconsciously” makes. grr! show-off ❤

i liked how ji noticed one of the lights was off & he just had to find a way to turn it on. fail haha

seungri knew the best song title was gonna have his name in it so he had to play charades to get the other members to figure out the title.

YB getting up to dance all of a sudden! so cute lol

TOP‘s gasp! omg <333

~ by gdluvzmc on May 11, 2010.

13 Responses to “Big Bang Hyundai Shouting Korea, Part 1”

  1. lol This was cuute!

    Is there one i can find that has english subs?

  2. I agree that made my day! Especially with Dae at the end being all “Oh geeze here we go again guys…” and going along with them.

    If anyone can find the english subs, please let me know, I am dying to know what they said besides “South Africa” (<3 Dae).

  3. yes…. please South Africa was the only thing i understood. someone can tell me what are they saying??????

  4. i love this!!!

  5. Thanks for posting this video! I could definitely use some BB update. Haha. 🙂

    But this vid has no English sub. I couldn’t understand a thing. We-ull, maybe South Africa. The way they said it; it’s really cute! haha.

    TOP oppa! I miss him. What happened to his silver hair? I was hoping he’d keep it.
    Ssongie’s arms–WOW.

  6. woAh! LOVE THEM!! LOVE SEUNGRI MORE!!!! Seungri is d most natural in this vid..ekekekkekek…and Tabi~

  7. i watch this at allkpop, and it has Eng sub 😉
    I miss Big Bang!! ❤

  8. omg this was so hilarious! actually at the end dae is saying, “why arent they listening to me..” haha this vid jus made my day 🙂 big bang foeva

  9. lol ‘south africa’ oh dae <333
    TOP, why so sexy ALL the time? X3

  10. im liking this vid and u know what, the interior dsgn of YG’s official building is so awesome especially starting at 0:06…. XD

  11. Ty was the one showing off!!! Show offfff

  12. so cute~ TY was not showing off, he was just having fun.>X]

  13. Sorry,are there any Vietsub?

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