BSX Polaroids

likeeee??? these actually go to lucky fans. courtesy of bsx me2day…. =\

i want to roll around in that pile.

he melts my heart ❤


more under the cut! ——->

doesn’t he just light up your life?


he’s no baby no more lol

dae & bae

~ by gdluvzmc on May 11, 2010.

48 Responses to “BSX Polaroids”

  1. awwwww….
    I miss them soooo much
    just can’t wait for their comeback T.T
    my man is looking FINE!
    loving GD’s pic ;P

  2. Dae and Bae look sorta like girls in the last pic xD

    The pic with Bae by himself is SO CUTEEE ❤

  3. Aww i wish to have those xD lol for my collection of BB pics xD

  4. melt my heart? GDs pick got it bursting in flame ❤ They're all lookin so fine LOL can't wait for the comeback/new album!!!

  5. I’m from northern california and im a big fan of the group its so hard fopr me to find any of their cds or anything from them. I think i deserve to win a polaroid haha!! Hmm can i have the one of dae & bae?????!! haha thank u very much please =]

  6. aww, how can I join to have a chance to win this? They look all so cute ❤

  7. awww! I want them so badly 😦

  8. omg how pretty! gosh, it were such a long time since i heard anything from them. Sweden ain’t a good country for asian groups. But still soo pretty, wonderful cute ♥

  9. Awww Whoa Ji Yong Looks So DAMN S E X Y —
    Man I Miss Them Big Bang …AWww

  10. Gaaaad I want those polariods so badly. huhuhuhu.

    In one pic Baebae was doing a quirky pose. I want that.

    I want all of it. huhuhu. Lucky fan.

    I just miss Big Bang so much…T_T

  11. Tabi oppa so cute! Aww. I want his pic. :O
    I miss BB!

  12. *AWWW! they look SOOO CUTE! i wish they’d hand out ALL of those pics to Me. LOLs 🙂 ;P

  13. AWW SOO FINE!!! <3333 T.O.P looking sexayy as ever!! 😀

  14. AWWWWWWW!!!! GD is so cute! I want a picture of GD. I would prob faint if I got one of those pictures. <3333's

  15. awww what contest?! disappointed muchoooooo :c i want one of TOP

  16. TOP’s always lookin’ so HAWT <333
    i adore this man..


  18. OMG!OMG!first these lovely photos! and now a new banner!!it’s so adorable!! >.< ❤ i love u girls for these update, thanx for ur hardwork ❤ 😉

  19. DeaSung looks extremly cute with this hairstyle ❤

  20. oh man! i would give anything to win a photo with daesung in it! lol

  21. cuties and hotties ! gd melts my heart too keke, I’m really excited about their comeback! ❤

  22. I’m a big fan of them but I don’t think our country even sell anything about Big Bang maybe because they’re not very popular in our country. I can’t wait for there comeback :)) so I can prove to my friends that no one is greater than Big Bang. ~ Fighting ❤

  23. OMGGGGG !!!!! i want that pic of gd !!! ❤ ❤

  24. I want them I want them I want them !!!! Lmao Awwww g-dragon is lookin sexy as usual LOVE U BABE

  25. daesung is such an angel. I feel safe when I see him smile.
    All I see is goodness and hope in Dae ♥

    Taeyang has the most amazing affection ever (: Besides Dae.
    I mean it. and OMG! It’s addicting to see Tae w/ the other members
    because I think theyre brothers. Lovely, very!

    GD is always stunning (: I’m in love with Bong’s style ❤

    And whenever I look at TOP, I feel like he's the baby of the
    members when I look at the photos :]]

    & Seungri reminds me of Friendship ♥

    Theyre all soothing (((: Fighting always!

  26. How to get these? T.T

  27. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAEYANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  28. omfg i want one, if not all, of these -__-x

  29. Thanx 4 d update
    luv da pics sp. GD even i am a Top & TY fan
    but all of them look sooooooo cute

  30. oh,,, 4gt 2 say happy birhtday TY
    My birthday is 3 days erliar than him “15/5” i guess he’s 22 now
    I turned 21.

  31. i wish i have TOP pic, geeee, he is so hot..

  32. Thease picteres are great!
    I’m from the Netherland and love Big Bang!
    I wish ik could see them once performing are meet them but i don’t think it wil happen:(

  33. HI, could i ask, how is it possible to stand a chance to win the polaroids?

    Drop me a email, if possible, thanks! 😀

  34. Oh i love them so much, i wish they did a concert in London :/ I am going to visit Seoul… in the near future when i have enough money to meet them haha. I LOVE BB ❤

    New Year's Resolution: Meet BIGBANG xOx

    Love you all especially Kwon Ji Yong <3<3

  35. WHOAAA.. Who’s the lucky fan??? T.T i want ji yong’s polaroids!! badly

  36. hi how will win this
    i want gd ‘s one

  37. hi who will win this
    i want gd ‘s one

  38. […] cr to […]

  39. love you taeyang!you’re so cute! fighting!

  40. i wish i saw this earlier ~_~ maybe youd still have one and i can still fangirll ~_~

    how did you get them?

  41. first photo of GD!!!
    *melts*melts* >///<

  42. I’m jealous !! Want to have them too Q___Q

  43. This is a message to all Big Bang fans: Please, from now on if we find pictures of anybody that is really close to any Big Bang members like an ex please dont put it up online for everyone to see. If the do see this kinds of pics, dont insult the girl but be sad they broke up and TOP, G-Dragon, Seungri, Daesung, or Taeyang and the girl got heartbroken. Please follow what I wrote down. Not for me but for TOP. For Big Bang!

  44. My Men Look So Cute!( Yes Myne! xD Lol)
    Ahhh Jiyong Is Too Adorable, c:

  45. I just want G-Dragon’s polaroid. 😐 I would be so happy just to get ONE polaroid like thatt! 😀

  46. I would just LOVE to have anyone of TaeYang’s Polaroid 😀

  47. I REALLY WANNA MEET TOP BADLY!!!!!! Can you do that for me? 😀

  48. I would kiss T.O.P photo everyday lol

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