Big Bang Hyundai Shouting Korea, Part 2

BIG BANG – the Search for the Shouting Reds

BAE on a TRICYCLE – can’t get any cuter than that!

so the boys are on the search to find loud people to shout with them. DAE & GD search the streets for loud people. they find one, but fail to convince him to join them, & they run home crying.

BAE, SR, & TOP play with the decibel indicator screaming like dummies. LOL TOP SHOUTING! you’d never expect it! but he ended up being the loudest.

they come up w/ the idea to get kim yuna on their side. dae reminisces on the time he met yuna & how she totally brushed him off, & again, he ran off crying lol.

DAE’s the one who’s supposed to be cool w/ the celebs so they ask him to call her but the number doesn’t work.

TOP realizes that their stylist knows kim yuna’s stylist & makes the connection that way. & when TOP calls… she answers. HAHA he hangs up & they all do their gasping bit. =X


i swear, korea must be full of expressions lol

~ by gdluvzmc on May 13, 2010.

13 Responses to “Big Bang Hyundai Shouting Korea, Part 2”

  1. great vid
    TOP shouting lol

  2. this video is just hilar

  3. aww i really love this stories !!! can’t pick who’s the more cute!!! 😀

  4. they make this more interesting XD

  5. Gaad I can’t wait for the song!!! =)

    LOL @ all their expressions! hahaha! TOP makes the dorkiest expressions. But I love baebae’s, so effin adorable. =)

  6. OMGGGGG. It’s super cute!
    I love the song too!
    But I wish it had engslish subs ):
    Awww but Bae and Choi Seung Hyun! Hahahaha ^^
    And Kwon Ji Yong and Daesung cryinggggg hahaha what cutiesss!

  7. The ever resourceful TOP oppa! Hahaha. That was really cute.
    Do you have the english sub for this?

  8. lol i just cannot get over the running away crying bits lol!
    oh TOP… u look so hawt on the phone *-*

  9. I love Big Bang more if that’s even possible <33 whenever im sad I just watch their hilarious adoarble videos and a smile is back on my face right away.I love these guys.BUT T.O.P's picture will always be in my locker,in my wallet,and in my binder.Because he will always make me laugh.BIG BANG FOREVER BABE! <333

  10. Hey, so I just discovered this site and I’m so grateful for this beause now all is dandy and gravy with my BigBang addiction, but I read two posts about BigBang’s fanmail adress?

    So, which one is the one hat we should send mails to?

    T.O.P., is just, LOVE.

  11. someone please please pleasssse sub this!!! thank you in advance!!:)

  12. pos son la neta bigbang imas v.i. son ls
    mejores sales a y les dego mi coreo

  13. Why the video was removed?

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