Tell Me Goodbye Album Photo Concept

HUGE. GIANT. you will LOVE them.

your welcome.

just make sure you right click to view the original size. prepare to be amazed.

~ by gdluvzmc on June 8, 2010.

42 Responses to “Tell Me Goodbye Album Photo Concept”

  1. OMGOSH FIRST COMMENTER! <33 T.O.P is looking soo hot so is the rest of em 😉 LOVE YA GUYS BB FOREVER BABE <33

  2. I reaallly like daesung’s picture!!! He looks really hot xD
    Haha it looks lie TOP went back to one of his old hairstyles! He still looks awesome though! 🙂

  3. Awesome HDness xD

  4. At first I was =S about TOP’s hair, but I’m lovin it now!

  5. Is G-Dragon’s hair still bangs?

  6. I’m loving all of their looks! HOTNESS GALORE!! Haha Seungri’s hair in the group photo looks like he just rolled out of bed and somebody ruffled it and said “Good to go!” It still looks cute/hot but I just have this image in my head now…xD

  7. GD and Seungri just look delicious!!

  8. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! ESPECIALLY SEUNGRI’S HAIR!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~

  9. They Are soo H O T♥

  10. TOP ur hair!
    heehee~ i always laugh like a luv struck idiot when i see him X3

  11. i love it i love it i love it :))
    thank you so much for the pictures.
    you rock guys 🙂

  12. OMG, i become more & more in love with this guys, they become more mature & become more hotter. this theme really suit them, love you guys and to the other VIP;s as well.

  13. The boys look ah-maze-ing!! Love Daesung’s hair!

  14. AHHH!!!!!! all 3 of them are so DAMN HOT MAN!!!especially MY G-DRAGON AND I ❤ HIS HAIR!!!

  15. oh…. handsome… oh my boys 😀

  16. Omg dae sung is so Hoti love him so much<3

  17. OMG!!! They all are so HOT!! Especially my Taeyang!!! Gosh they just don’t stop getting hotter at all do they? I really do love the pics and the group one is my screen saver!

  18. <3333 these pics 😀

    …but why was the MV not put up on the site~~~?? (just curious)

  19. gd so kiyopta…..hehe love him more and more…

  20. Kya! GD! So cute! I love him more and more each day ❤ Is it possible for him to get any cuter/hotter? Cause I dont think so xD And I love Daesung's hair! Its so awsome! Big Bang Fighting!

  21. ♥♥♥♥!!!!!! OMG all the boys are o HOT!~ Seungri looks so fine xD~

  22. Omg, T.O.P dyed his hair? 😮
    Haha, well he still looks great. I love it. 😀

  23. i love it!!!
    THX!! ^^

  24. i love it!!

  25. they’re all really cool!

  26. uhm ! thanks BB . tk T0p . want to talk ve much but can’t speak E well . sr sr ^^ kiss t0p :d

  27. They are all so amazing, none of their songs are bad ❤ Will they ever be comming to america for a tour?? I would pay whatever i had to in order to get a ticket.

  28. I love Daesung photo and Seungri’s hair looks fierce in that second picture. : ]

    My friend sent T.O.P.’s video to me. Don’t know if you guys have heard it yet. It was uploaded on June 17th.

  29. daesung looks incredibly hot, before he was always adorable for me, now hot can be added to the list XD

  30. they’re so hottttt and cute ❤ xD

  31. Perfect ❤ I like it ❤ so coolllllll

  32. aml13(dot)wordpress(dot)com. check out this blog!!

  33. wahhh~ they all look incredibly good.
    except,.. where’s TOP’s individual pic? o.o’

  34. may i re-upload this picts? i will write full credit. gomawo.

  35. love TOP’s solo Turn it up song….he looks sooooooooo HOT! omg! i watched the video over n oer again…

  36. The album photo is great. Everyone look so manly. Hey, what do I have to do to register in this site?

  37. T.O.P
    you have beautiful eyes
    you have a cute nose
    you have a great voice
    Dae Sung
    you have a sweet smile
    Seung Ri
    you have beautiful hairs

  38. Ôi. Ai cũng dễ thương hết đúng không! 🙂 Mình nhìn yêu quá đi mất :”) Mình yêu G-Dragon ở nụ cười dễ thương. Mình yêu Tae Yang ở giọng hát tuyệt vời. Mình yêu Daesung vì anh ấy thật sự rất vui tính! 🙂 Mình yêu TOP vì giọng rap quá đỉnh của anh ấy. Và mình yêu Seungri ở cái vẻ công tử cute cute… :x… Ui, hình đẹp lắm. Thanks bạn đã post nhé. Nhưng lần sau bạn có thể post nhiều hơn 1 chút được không….hjhjhj…. Dù sao cũng thanks vì entry dễ thương này nhé! Yêu Big Bang nhất nhất!~

  39. mình yêu bb nhất trên đời


  41. MY, contact me, vjpz:D, luv bb so muk

  42. wow,you look so amazing…i love it..:)

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