TOP – Turn It Up MV

Sup VIP’s!  It’s JT.  I thought I’d make a post about this since no one else has yet.  The MV for TOP’s solo song is out!

I think the song would fall into the genre of Reggae Hip-Hop/Rap.  It’s pretty nice.  The whole thing is filmed in black and white showing how TOP is ballin’ as always.  The monkey = random and LOVIN’ the Porshe Carrera GT and TOP’s little dance.

Some of you may have already seen it from some of the fancams at one of BB’s concerts, but tell us what you think.

ALSO TaeYang’s solo album Solar drops July 1st!!!  The title track is called “I Need a Girl (feat. GD)”

See it here.


(Melly, feel free to add your analysis on the MV, and Vicky, feel free to add one of your signature fangirl spazzes)

~ by bbfan13 on June 20, 2010.

47 Responses to “TOP – Turn It Up MV”

  1. hahah 1st IM mongolian big bang FAN!! super fansite

  2. I’ll leave a fan girl Spazz since no one else has
    AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

    I have the MV in 1080 HD and it just makes life better!!!!!

    I love his little dance! And the monkey randomness is just so awesome haha

  3. Like the song idk how i feel about the video though … i think theres a little too much girls not enough top. *it had that american rapper feel to it but without giving my that dirty feeling after watching it* does that make sense?

  4. I wish American rappers had TOP’s classiness. 😀 Like Aoki said, this video does have an American rapper feel to it, but yeah, you don’t feel dirty after watching it. You just feel like putting it on repeat and swooning over the smexiness that is TOP! ❤

    I mean, he's even able to look completely adorable, yet still classy, when doing his fish dance! If that isn't talent I don't know what is. 😉

  5. This MV is cool ’cause they used black and white only. That 2 color give us unique feeling. I’m anticipating TAeYang’s “I need a girl” since Big BAng’s leader featuring in that track.

  6. Omg top!!! So hot 😀
    Good to hear from you again JT!

  7. i can’t see the mv for some reason :[
    though i heard the single and it’s so HAWT! oh man TOP is just TOO hawt! i never thought he could get even hotter besides in my dreams :3

    p.s. can’t wait for tae-tae’s album ^^

  8. i love everything about the video!!! is definition of sexy/hot/cool rapper TOP!!!

  9. Is it jst me or can anybody else hear a bit of Ass Like That by Eminem near the end?

  10. I’m Mongolian BIGBANG fan
    TOP is SO HOT!!!

  11. shit I mist the chance to see it…now it´s gone >< *cries*

  12. finally got to watch the MV!
    TOP’s as hawt as ever ;3

  13. Finally I had been waiting for his solo and it’s just HOT HOT HOT!!!!
    the MV is soo TOP weird yet still sexay! ;D

    i’m too busy eating yogurtland and in and out to write spazzes hahahahah

  15. just a word.. HOT! wohoo

  16. awww sooo hottt and cool i like it ♥

  17. awesome love the song t.o.p he is awesome

  18. LMFAOo When isn’t T.O.P awsome I actually gotta see it like the second it came up soo yee 😀 <333

  19. wowww. i haven’t been updated with big bang for a while now D; i miss them so muchh. tabi made me laugh the whole way through this MV xDD he’s so adorable and like somebody said, classy. even if there were lots of girls it seemed so G rated to me idk why. it was cuute :DD TOPISFREAKING HOT 😀

  20. Woww perfect 🙂 I like it 🙂 please come Turkey ❤ I love Big Bang ❤

  21. i already this mv and it teaser & i love this song. but i wants to see more TOP and less girls. btw it’s a great MV and the monkey. he is so cute 🙂

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  23. I doubt they sell TaeYang’s SOLAR in the US, right? is that mean I have to buy it online?

    I can’t wait till the 25th where they’ll release 1 min of his song on the official website!!! ^^~

  24. the ending of it is just so GQMF. ❤
    mann.. these days they're all singing and dancing in suits.
    remember those Goodbye Baby outfits? sighh

  25. T.O.P totally made me “jizz in my pants” LMAO
    love the vid…it was a bit dirty but the good kind LOL
    loved the black and white…made it really classy, sexy and most of all BIG PIMPIN’
    ughh T.O.P plz come to Canada and take me away (&& bring GD while ur at it)

  26. Really like the monkey 😀
    Top is very handsome! 😀

  27. ❤ Aww TOP was adorable in this!!!!! his little eyebrow thing was TOO cute. I didn't think that was dirty at all. sugestive but not dirty WELL DONE you've completely stole my heart <33

  28. Hey you guys…
    TaeYang’s SOLOAR intro release!!

  29. i think TOP trying to be funny in this MV but he so cute!!!

  30. omagahhhhhhhhh~ baby looks so dayum hooooottttt! i love it! he is so looking smexyyy in the tux………lmao he can c-walk! i love his little dance in the end!!! OPPPA SARANGHAE~ <33333

  31. çok iyi bir grupsunuz sizi severek izliyorum yeni kliplerinizi bekliyorum

  32. Love love love it…Cant wait to see what eles he has up his fashionable sleeve…love you toppppppppppppppppppp ❤

  33. So where are the updates on YoungBae’s new album? =/

  34. absolutely smokin’ hot…i’m linkin’ it on my personal blog, my facebook, even twitter (did i tweet?) anyway…it’s on my phone too, my current ringtone, and i’m listening to it everyday…=D

  35. Aigoo!!!! This is amazing!!!! As soon as I get on my computer I’m downloading YB’s album & TOP’s solo!!!!! Can’t wait. BIG BANG is VIP!

  36. i love big bang but this video turn it up is a gvreat video from TOP

  37. this just proves that you don’t need to show some skin to be extremely hot.

  38. +++It’s wonderfull song…




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  40. N. I. C. E. ! 😀

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  41. wow!!

  42. the eyebrow moment is so special. Mr.Yang!! can u please drag all this women out of this mv? Only TOP sitting in the chair and staring at the camera can be overloading hotness.

  43. OMG!! T.O.P.’s sooooooo HOT!!

  44. TOP no1. I hope bigbang will come vietnam

  45. Omg Top is So Hot in This Video! ;D ❤ iLovee Him!!

  46. i love uuuu,,,,

  47. Ooooops .t.o.p he’s the best I think he should have a new music with G.d .
    two rappers oh my god .what os your idia ?
    i wanna know that .please send me big bangs new songs .I like to download them and put them in my collection .
    send it soon to my e.mail.
    bye .¥

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