TaeYang’s Solar Album and Comeback Performances

Hey VIP’s!  It’s JT  I’m here with another post.  Sorry for the lateness.

As you all know, TaeYang’s Solar album dropped July 1st and all the deluxe editions of the album sold out on the first day.  Now YG’s relased normal editions onto the market.


01. SOLAR (Intro)
02. Superstar
03. I need a girl (Feat. G-dragon)  [TITLE SONG]
04. Just a feeling
05. You’re my
06. Move (Feat. Teddy)
07. Break down
08. 니가 잠든 후에 (Before You Fall Asleep) (Feat. Swings)
09 .Where u at
10. Wedding dress
11. Take it slow

As of now, Solar has ranked as one of the top downloaded albums on iTunes around the world!!

TaeYang has made comeback performances on M-Net Countdown, Inkigayo, Music Core, and Music Bank.  Also, YG has released two versions of the music video for “I Need a Girl.”

I’ve created ringtones for all of  TaeYang’s new songs.  You can get them on the ringtones page.


~ by bbfan13 on July 13, 2010.

19 Responses to “TaeYang’s Solar Album and Comeback Performances”

  1. YAY! First commenter! 🙂 I can’t wait for the music videos ❤

  2. Lol. Honestly, I’ve been waiting for this post to come up since the first day of his album coming out. 😀

    I’ve been waiting for someone from Big Bang to come out with something and then pretty much at the same time, TOP and Tae Yang came out with song/album. 🙂

  3. Taeyang already has 2 MV’s of I Need A Girl and the song and himself is soooo frickin HOTTTT ♥
    AND i hope BIGBANG makes a new MV (:

  4. Hi JT! thanks for the ringtones ^^ i’m loving TY’s new album, watching every performance ^^ i hope you too~~bye

  5. Thanks alot JT!!!

  6. congrats tae!!
    ur album is AMAZING and it deserves the top spot >///<

  7. omg, his duet with teddy is amazing. tae has the most emotional sensual voice ever, and teddy has such a bad mouth -heehee- the combo is so cool.


  9. are they coming to singapore?and can anyone send me the pics on the top of the homepage?thanks,my email is : casadialautner@ymail.com

  10. Thanks for the ringtones JT!! You’re awesome :]

  11. hey JT, i have one question though. the Just A Feeling ringtone isnt letting me download it, but all the other ones are fine. :/

  12. @thislove: I just checked it and it won’t let me download it either. It’s a server problem. I would just try again later.

  13. This website feels like a dead zone now. I’m sad because it used to be my favorite BIGBANG news site 😦

  14. i have all the songs and it were great, still i’m bit sad coz it was so hard to find the album here around malaysia…. i know it’s a bit too soon but i cant wait for his next album, hahaha 🙂

  15. his songs are so good 🙂

  16. hey uhh what should i say uhh OH im a really big fan of big bang and espesially GDRAGON and i made a website all about him and i was hoping you can get the word out by posting it on your site and the site is

  17. is there another edition coming? because Im about to order on YESASIA, and it says normal edition.

  18. hi gdragon are when the 2010 concert

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