JT Dancing?!

Hey guys!  It’s JT, BBfan13, the ringtones dude, or whatever you wanna call me.  So I was in LA for my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary, and we had a big party.  Each grandchild had to put on a performance, and this is my performance.  I hope you like it!

I danced to TaeYang’s Look At Only Me, Wale’s Nike Boots, and TaeYang’s Where You At.  The choreography for Nike Boots is by Lyle Beniga.

I showed Melly, and she loved it.  I showed Vicky, and she declared herself my #1 fangirl.  Feel free to give any feedback!

If you’re interested you can follow me on Twitter and check out my Tumblr.  Oh and if you like the mix I danced to, I can put it up for download since I made it myself.


~ by bbfan13 on July 21, 2010.

25 Responses to “JT Dancing?!”

  1. WOW! AMAZING! man, you sure can dance! and may I say, you’re pretty hot…
    Loved it!

  2. Nice ^^ I LOVED ITT! Cute cute ^0^

  3. I’m very upset Justin, now i have to fight fangirls off..
    but whatever, am #1 fangirl, i already declared it long ago.

    anyone interested in joining his fanclub, hit me up hahah ;]

  4. Hey JT!!! i didnt know you danced 😀 that was awesomeeee!! i want to learn the dance lol~~ i hope u upload more videos ^^

  5. Amazinggggggg. I loved it!

  6. WOW!!! I really enjoyed it!! This mix is amazing!

    You are as good as the idols!
    Great job!

  8. that was pretty amazing , still u need to be more natural and add some smoothness in your dance moves , the rest is perfect .keep up the good job

  9. i love it, i love it, 🙂

  10. wow JT! you’r such a good dancer!!^^

  11. lol dude, you look FLY!!
    and awesome performance ;D

  12. it’s so cute.

  13. i like this video please send more.

  14. This was awesome JT!

    You are so good :)!!!

  15. Dude your just awsomee! And your the site editor sooo very talented <33 haha yee take off that tie 😉 SIKKKE haha BB+T.O.P <33

  16. This made me smile real big! I just love fanboys in general.

  17. Oh My God…. JT!!!!! Great!!!!

  18. oh heeey, that was pretty hot ;D
    AND AND I lliked it (:
    haha, that would be cool if your grandchildren preformed Tae Yang ;D

  19. Aw JT you’re so awesome!! You looked so natural in front of all those ppl. Haha I could never dance in front of even that amount if people 😛 Great job! Repping taeyang love 🙂

  20. wow i love it,ur sooo SEXY Can i add u on facebook?

  21. U’RE AWESOME…^^

  22. Whoah, that was awesome! I wish I could dance like that, and your mix of the songs was pretty awesome, man! 🙂

  23. Wow~ Nice~ keep it up… practice more

  24. you awesome…. 🙂

  25. dam ur sexy o.o

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