Eversense Big Bang Fan Party @ Bangkok Thailand

I have posted the guidelines of getting the ticket. But pls read carefully before commit to anything.
My advise, if you have a Thai friend, better get them to help you instead.

Confirmed by my Thai friend (Tanz) that Big Bang will be coming to Bangkok, next September 9th 2010 for Eversense Event at Royal Paragon Hall.

There will be a fan meeting as well. But there is a condition in order to participate in the meeting as you will  need to purchase Eversense product within the price range of THB 600, THB 1000 and THB 1500, which equals to the ticket price.

You need to bring the receipt and exchange it for the tix entrance. Starting from August 10th till Sept 9th.

How to exchange the ticket to enter ?

There are 2 ways:
1. For who live in Bangkok and Province around Bangkok
2. For who live in others provinces
For who live in Bangkok and Provinces around Bangkok
1. Go to Thaiticket Major website (www.thaiticketmajor.com) for look for the seat zones and which price of ticket that you want. This is for make sure that you zone that you want still have the avariable seat.
2. Purchase the product of ‘Eversens’ from the specific shops (Provide information below) *It’s need to purchase the products equeal to price of the ticket zone that you like  600 Baht / 1,000 Baht  or 1,500 Baht. Then bring yous receipt (bill) to contact at Thai Ticket Major booth (11 branchs) in Bangkok only*  You can collect the receipt(bill) from all of shops which join in this project and it’s not necessaries that there from the same shop. (But the receipt bill must start from 10 August 2010 only! )
3. After staff checking and it’s right. You can choose the avariable seats and receive the tickets card for enter the event include the EVS girl card for writing Name, Address and telephone number and put it in the box to join the others in the event.
1. Thaiticket Major 11 brances for exchange  the tickets (During official hours)
3th floor at Central Chid-lom (Beside Elevator in front of Event Hall)
3th floor at Central Plaza Lad-Praw (Parking lot exit 3A)
3th floor at Central Plaza Phin-Klaw (Parking lot exit)
Ground floor at Central City Bang-na
5th floor Paragon cineplex (Beside Starbuck)
3th floor Major cineplex Rat-cha-yo-thin
2nd floor Major cineplex Rang-sit
4th floor Muangthai Ratchadalai Theatre Esplanad Shopping, Ratchadapisek Road.
3th floor Aksara theatre King power complex, Soi. Rangnum
1st floor M theatre, Petchaburi Road.
27th floor The Official office, Maleenon Tower, Rama IV Road. (During day and official hours)
2. Just only the  receipt (bill) from the shop which join this project! (from other shops will be not accept and invalid)
3. If checking and discover that receipt (bill) was edited or counterfeit. It will be invalid.
4. For who live other provinces out of Bangkok can exchange the ticket by this way.
5. One person can exchange the tickets maximum 5 seats
6. From the limited tickets, the company will not allow to give money back if the seat full.
List of Shop’s that joining this event
1. 7 – Eleven (every branches)
2. Tesco Lotus / Lotus Express (every branches)
3. Big C / Mini Big C (every branches)
4. Carrefour (every branches)
5. Goumet Market (The Mall, Emporium, Paragon every branches)
6. Tops (every branches)
7. Watsons (every branches)
8. Jusco (every branches)
9. Foodland (every branches)
10. Tokyu
11. Tang Hua Seng Department Store
12. Woder Bang-Care
13. ???????????????? ??.
14. ???????????????????? ??. ??????

For who live in others provinces (or others area from above no.1)
This will be the special way to help fans who want to join the event  but having some problems to exchange the ticket at Thaiticket Major. Then the company will store some seats for help fans. You can join this way by Transfer Money for purchase the products and Shipping together with acknowledgement, and accepted e-mail from staff instead of bring receipt (bill) to exchange at Thaiticket Major Booths. This special quota total 551 seats :

Ticket Price 1,500 Baht  – 216 seats

Ticket Price 1,000 Baht  – 205 seats

Ticket Price    600 Baht  – 130 seats

 And this is the account no. for transfer money – Bangkok Bank, Sukhumvit 43 Branch, Current account, Account Name. Bio Consumer Co.,Ltd. , Account No. 1723060412

 2. Booking the (above) package a,b or c  on this e-mail: eversense_bigbang@gmail.com  and also attach your identity card pictures and also include detail :


a. E-Mail Subject : Booking Package  A
b. E-Mail Detail: Your Full Name
Address : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  (and also the real address with for shipping products: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx )
Telephone No. : 08xxxxxxx
I need to join ‘EVERSENSE BIGBANG Fan Party’ Activity with booking Package A  1500 baht for 1package
c. Attachment : Photo of Your Identity card

  3. Staffs will checking and information of who booking (must have the homtown in provinces and must have completely information, Then staffs will contact back by e-mail and will give a specific code example A0009, B0015, C0345)

 4.The Company will announce the name of who can booking the special package at www.eversense.comand will update the code and the name list everyday until complete the quota.

5. The peson who have name on the list must transfer money to above account from 28 August to 2 September 2010 by use (Pay In) at bank counter ** cannot transfer pass ATM
6. Fax your Pay in Bill, Coppy of Identity card, Telephone Number and address for shipping product (All of thim must in only 1 page of A4 paper) Fax : 02 260 0497 or scan it and send to eversense.bigbang@gmail.com 7. Staff will cheking and inform the result of payment via  e-mail and will update the name list who can join this activities at www.eversense.com and Facebook.com/eversense

8. Staff will shipping products and a assure document (to exchage the ticeket for enter the event)

9. Bring your assure document and your real ID card and payment document to receive the ticket in the date of event during 2:00PM – 6:00PM

10. And also you will receive the EVS girl card for writing Name, Address and telephone number and put it in the box to join the others in the event.


  1. Cannot choose seat No. (But can choose a zone) because the seat will specifice by the company receive payment document (if you want to sit with your friend, you should fax the document together)
  2. One person can booking package maximum 5 packs
  3. if you don’t have any assure document to enter the event that come up with product, you must print out an e-mail that the staff send to confirm your payment with your photo copy ID card and real payment document for accept ticket in the event. If don’t have, you will not allowed to enter the event
  4. if you cannot payment during the time that the compay specific, it mean you give up one’s right. However you still have a right in reserve list

source: http://www.thaiticketmajor.com/ThaiTicketMajor-News/EVERSENSE-BIGBANG-Fan-Party-189-en.html 
Credit and translator : praery _za  & hikkiechan@twitter
ost taken from: http://sinemakorea.com/?p=1541

~ by Momo on August 12, 2010.

34 Responses to “Eversense Big Bang Fan Party @ Bangkok Thailand”

  1. i want to go to thailand SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad now ;-;
    but i can’t go ESPECIALLY because i have an anime convention to go to that weekend and already paid in advance

    please bb wait for me for just a little while longer and i’ll see one of your concerts PLEASE~

  2. i want to go to thailand SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad now ;-; [2] Luck guys. /:

    And, i like to request something, i cant find the designer, or in any place… So, do you know anything about the pants that gd wears in breathe? Whith misfits skull, ya know? thanks anyway.


    in case ~

  3. Omggg i wanna go!!!! Where can i buy eversence??

  4. Hi momo! I want to go to bangkok n watch d boys but i don’t hav contcts. Please help me.

  5. @mimi: you need to buy the stuff in Thailand as it is a local brand. However, according to my friend she couldnt find any at the available store. either they are restocking it or it has been sold out since its limited and all.

    @chicharonii: let me check with Thai vip first. If you really wanna go, i can ask them to help.

  6. i want to go
    it would be awesome

  7. malaysia pleaase, huhuhu

  8. seriously u have to paid to meet them tht sucks but wat ever …..

  9. wow thanks!!! i don’t know if i can get in the concert venue..but im dying to see big bang..please help me connect me with thai vips..

  10. OMG I wanna see them so bad, do you now the next place they’re going??

  11. It’s August 18!!!!
    Saengil Chukaeh Ji Yong!!!!

  12. Happy birthday to G-Dragon .. Love Big Bang so much !…

  13. hbd KWON JI YONG
    best wishes
    love ya

    i dun understand y we need to purchase eversence product within the price range of 600,1000,or 1500 cus the product is not tht expensive which means tht we will hve lots of eversence prduct in hand . i want to knw r there any other ways to meet the boys by not purchasing the eversence product withtin tht range < i mean jst buy the ticket for 600,1000 or 1500.

  14. can u give me more information abt the fan party
    or any contact information.
    thank you

  15. There are no other ways to meet bb except going to the fan meet. The fanmeet is organized by eversense company which means entry is limited.

    I will post the relevant info abt the event in a short bit

  16. @chicharonii: follow me on twitter. Will try to get my Thai friend to help if possible.


  17. wow!!! ur so kind!!!

  18. i made my twitter account just now..momo i cant seem to find you on twitter..please help..thanks!!!

  19. @ chicharonii; whats ur twitter account?

  20. Tnx momo! Ur my angel! My twitter account is also chicharonii, tnx! Tnx!

  21. oh i love them the most !!

  22. @ chicharonii; I have already follow you on twitter. So pls check ur tweets as my friend will buy the eversense product 2moro. So she would like to knw if ur planning to come to bkk.

  23. @momo: can u tell me if the tickest are still available. I’m asking a friend to get me ticket from last week and still no confirm yet. I’m so worried now

  24. @ily my Thai friend just got her tix. But you do know it’s limited and to get in you need to purchase the product. If you wanna go you gave to make it fast before the product sold out.

  25. this site is dying….slowly

  26. @momo: waaaa, i got ticket, so excited.
    Tks for ur reply, hope to have fun with all of u there

  27. @ily glad to know you got it. My thai friend manage to hers as well…

  28. @momo: would your friend have 1 more tix to sell? I really want to go for the fan party but have no idea how to get my hands on the tickets..

  29. @shindora: apparently no. She had to buy the product in order to exchange the receipt to tix.

  30. @momo: Thanks for helping to check! Guess will have to seek other chances to see BB then..

  31. @shindora : they are coming to Singapore oct 23rd, maybe you can see them then?

  32. yuhuu , i go to thailand in 16th-22th september .when this event start ? i really join with other vip . pliss info ><

  33. hi i love group big bang

  34. Im zhewar in kurdstan i love group big bang and group tvxq and group 2pm

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