Korean Pop Night Concert 2010 Singapore

-D.NA is the last group to attend the concert
– The Tix details will be announced tonight @ ProofLabel’s Facebook


I am not sure if i want to jump and kill myself or kill myself later after i watch Big Bang perform..

Anyway, Big Bang will be one of the 6 Korean acts that will be coming to Singapore on October 23rd for Korean Pop Night Concert.

The other acts are Shinee, SNSD, Infinite, FT Island and one more band will be announced later.

According to the local Organizer, the confirmed details as in the tix sale will be disclosed at the end of this month.

If its Big Bang, i’ll be sure to make my to Singapore PRONTO!!!!!

For more info, you log on to Proof Label Facebook page or Twitter 🙂

Thanks to my new Indonesia friend @alph0



~ by Momo on August 25, 2010.

43 Responses to “Korean Pop Night Concert 2010 Singapore”

  1. SGvips so need to come together!! we will bring the house down 😀

  2. ohhh wow finally 😀 wow SG Vipz are so lucky ><

  3. ok



  6. OH MY GAWDDDDD I AM SO GOING!!! does anyone know how much it’s gonna cost??

  7. I want to go!!! Let’s all go together! Lol actually I don’t realy have friends who are VIPs. They’re all Shinee fans.

  8. @waywardheaven: dun worry about not having VIP around coz there will be tons of them there including me. Maybe some of you will get to see me there later 🙂

    @ winnyb: the complete details hasn’t been release yet. Once its available will let you guys know!

    Btw any Malaysian going besides me?

  9. Can i know how much should we pay for 1 VIP ticket?

  10. The complete details hasn’t been release yet. Once its available will let you guys know!

  11. ok, thanks ^-^

  12. i envy u momo T___T you know whats annoying?

    I’m from Malaysia, k-pop groups just won’t stop going to Singapore, this time round its my beloved boys..BUT i’m stuck down-under..Australia T_______T

    this is plain..sad case.

  13. Gosh I still can’t believe Big Bang has the time to come to SG!! Always thought they are busy enuf in Korea & Japan!!
    I can’t wait to see Jiyong!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa <3<3<3<3
    im still like..ARE YOU SERIOUSSSS????
    Im not a VIP (just a fan) but i seriously hope VIPs will stand out somehow at the concert *Squeals*

  14. what’s the sgvip about?

  15. finally my tabi is coming 😀
    i am goiin to grab the ticket no mttr wad D:

  16. this is the site i’ve looking for!rooting for u! 🙂 n for bigbang of course 😉

  17. my fren say is SG$270 for each VIP seats in the concert..

  18. how do i buy the tickets?

  19. hi im from malaysia n newbies in VIP.izzit true big bang coming to spore??how much is the ticket cost 4 the concert??hope to hear soon cz i need to plan it.thanx

  20. @haze & regina : the details should be out soon! Will let you know. The BBSG Fanclub is trying to help the International vips to purchase the tix. so if ur interested, do let me know. can put in a word for you guys

  21. waiting for the details about it……
    I WANNA MEET WITH THEM!!!! but i haven memorize all the lyrics..
    Cause this year need to sit for PMR (Malaysia huge exam)

  22. hi momo!!! i think thailand is far fetched for me..im going to SG for the kpop concert to watch the boyz..please help me get tickets..thanks in advance!!!!

  23. Hi, im also a VIP from Msia. and I really wanna watch them perf in Spore. but, I dont know how to get the ticket. Can u let me know, if you know how I can get it! really wanna see TOP! xD Thanks 🙂

  24. Once its the ticket info is out will let you know.

  25. oh no…..why kpop concert is in s’pore…s’pore is not far from Malaysia…….I CAN’T GO TO S’PORE COZ I HAVE IMPORTANT EXAM.. 😦

  26. pls let me know too when tickets are ready for sale..i am coming no matter what and no matter how much it costs…

  27. Hi guys! i’m a tour guide from Singapore and i have 10 side by side exclusive tickets to the concert. These tickets are top of the range. I will bring you guys around Singapore to see the scenery, try the nice korean and local food and most importantly to watch the concert. Those interested and wants to find out more, email me at ray_9@hotmail.com

  28. annyeong! i already got my tix but if anyone is interested, a friend of mine is selling hers. email me at na.samsuri@gmail.com. btw, you need a willing correspondent in sg for kpop night? am definitely “stalking” them. :P:P:P

  29. Cool! I’ll email you 🙂

  30. hello! i have a few CAT 2 tickets seated side by side, at the 5th row around the middle~ any VIPS interested to purchase them tgt, like at least a group of you would be seated tgt! email me at agnestiffany@hotmail.com for more details!

  31. Hellooo
    I’ve got an extra CAT 1 Pit B STANDING ticket that I’m selling!
    Email me at danissa.lt@gmail.com or sms me at 98446037 with an offer if you’re interested!

  32. Hellooo
    I’ve got an extra CAT 1 Pit B STANDING ticket that I gotta sell!
    Email me at danissa.lt@gmail.com or sms me at 98446037 if you’re interested!

  33. T^T i wanna go for that..
    but no money…

  34. Selling 1 single Cat 1 B3 Row Q ticket 🙂
    Contact me @ sapphmoon-@hotmail.com or 81332895
    Quote me ur price
    Thank u 🙂

  35. selling a pair of cat 2 row 2.. good seats.. text 93506379

  36. @C:will you sell cheaper??

  37. will you sell cheaper??

  38. Awwww!!!! I heard tickets already sold out already! & all so ex! And i just recently became a BigBang Fan 😦

  39. Selling 1 Standing Pit B ticket 🙂

  40. anyone stalking big bang, pls email me at razorblade_kisses@hotmail.com

  41. don’t stalk to bigbang~~ let them have their privacy and let them enjoy themselves in Singapore~~ Please~~

  42. Hi!


    PM ME bluesky_4068@hotmail.com


  43. i’m also vip from mlysia..but i can’t go..:( huhu so sad…i want to see TOP!!!uuaa!!sgpore not far from mlysia..wish they cean come here too!!!

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