Knock Knock..Anyone?

Random post. Wondering where is everyone? Been so quiet here lately.

Melly? JT? Vicky?


~ by Momo on September 2, 2010.

28 Responses to “Knock Knock..Anyone?”

  1. I’m just saying but seriously i dont really think anyone really comes here anymore. the only reason i saw this was because i got it as a email.I used to check this everyday but now i look at another fansite instead they update atleast 10 times a day.

  2. Hi momo ^^ remember me…? ..i think JT. Vicky and Melly stop coming and updating the site long ago :O and most of the old i-vipz went to other fansites T.T buuuu

  3. @mariale, still do. pity to see this site so lonely! shouldnt have left at the first place 😦

  4. I´m kinda alive^^

  5. ^^

  6. I agree with Floris.

    This site used to be one of the best, if not the best BB Fansite. i would check it everyday.
    It’s still in my ‘favourites’ but other sites have easily taken over. Pity this came to an end tho!

  7. this fansite used to be my fav. site to check bb’s news and WILL ALWAYS BE MY MOST FAV. BB FANSITE… i hope that this fansite will become alive during bb’s comeback SOON~ ^_^

  8. ^~^…i always check my yahoo to check if there anything new from BB

  9. Still checking everyday but yeah…

  10. life catches up on us 😦

    i’m a senior this year, so I’m really busy with school, working on lots of stuff for portfolio and college, even if I want to, I just can’t keep doing what I was doing. updating this site is hard work. I feel bad too, that this place isn’t what it used to be, I was hoping someone could take over, but I guess there are places that are better than us now.

  11. Being so moody for not going to meet BB in Singapore..>.<

  12. I’m a new member, but as long as we all love Big Bang, our spirit cannot be taken away! Just keep fighting!! ❤

  13. Vicky, what happened to ur tumblr?

  14. *twitch*

  15. i still check this site but dont forget bb is kinda quite right now, but perhaps things will pick up with their korean comabck 🙂

  16. I love big bang so much.I want to kiss G-dragon one more…i can speak by vietnamse : “em yeu G-dragon rat nhieu ”
    my nick name ; huong trang ( call me pleassss!!!

  17. @ Hana

    oh, I changed my username to

  18. wow hi everyone!
    It’s pretty sad to see this happening to the site
    I usually just check allkpop for BB news

  19. Sup Momo. I’m still here.
    Yeah, like Vicky said: we can’t update like we used to because we’re so busy. I’m starting my first year of college and it’s pretty rough.

  20. I used to come here like all the time… But, then everytime I came, there was no new updates. So, I just check other fansites…….
    I still come here like once in a while. :]

  21. I agree
    D: sadly

  22. your blog them is too dark ~~~ i CAN not see anything~

  23. This was my BB news site and now that nobody’s really updating anything, I don’t have any way of knowing whats going on in the world. T.T

  24. Man i miss when this site would update all the time :C
    But I still visit it often just to check~

  25. Hi all! I’m so sad to see the fact that this site is getting quite. And the admins are getting busy. I’m also sorry that I rarely put a comment to this site even though I often come just to have a visit.

    I think we need a REUNION on BB Fansite chatroom. What do you think? I believe there will be something we can do or talk about this.

  26. Same 😦 I used to check this blog everyday..
    This is my first time checking in…..3 months or something..

    Anyways, I love this site still, because it’s the first Big Bang update sites I’ve used. I use BBVIP now. I wish this site would update more often though cause it’s less of a hassle, no log-in, no lag, etc. All you need to do is come here and read all your Big Bang updates ^^z

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