100909 BKK Translated Interview: Fan Meeting and Pingbook

This interview was translated by my Thai friend. Just a rough translation.


Short interview during Fan Meeting

△In Eversense CF, BIGBANG like Eversene girls, but what type of girl you like in your real life?
TY: I like a girl who works hard.
TOP: A girl who loves me and cares about me.
SR: I like girls who have loud voice << checking fans *Scream*>>
GD: I sweat a lot so I like girl who rub my sweat  dry. (Seungri now rubbed GD sweat, fan *Scream*) [[[[[ wanna jump on the stage and rub his face :))))) ]]]]]
DS: I like girl with beautiful smile.

△BIGBANG has come here so many time, what do you think of ‘Thailand’?
DS: Thai Massage
GD: Tom Yam Kung, Thai food is delicious.
SR: I like beautiful Thai girls.
TY: I think of Thai food, Pad Thai.
TOP: Eversense!!

△Please tell us, what you are doing recently?
TY: Now we are working solo but we’ll have our comeback soon.

Interview with Pingbook

TY: Nice to meet you again
DS: We haven’t come to Thailand for a while, I miss everybody so much.
SR: Hello, I’m Seungri. Nice to meet you.
GD: Long time no see, thanks for coming today.
TOP: Haven’t come here for a while, I’ve been waiting for today. Thanks for coming.

△ You have come here so many time, what the impression about Thailand?
TY: I impress in Thailand Season, Hot season. It is very warm.
GD: There’re lots of fruits here, and when we come to Thailand even though we come to work but I feel like we come for vacation. We love to swim here too.

△ Do you have any concert plan in Thailand?
TOP: Not yet for now. But if there’s any plans, we definitely will come here.

△ Last year, BIGBANG mostly worked on solo, do you feel lonely and which one do you like most between solo and work as group?
TY: When I work on solo album, I feel lonely sometime. However either solo or group work, I am happy because I am doing what I love.
GD: As I am an artist, I think in solo album we can show our truly self and it is very great. But I also love BIGBANG and love to work as solo artist.

△ Seungri, do you feel lonely when you’re doing the play and your solo?
SR: Surely, I feel lonely. But the members always support and give me love, so I don’t feel much lonely.

△ BIGBANG is now Sunbae , which Hoobae is the most impressed you?
DS: This time, the artists got so much talent. This makes us try to improve ourselves to be better therefore we can be a good Sunbae.
GD: Actually they are all doing great but the most impressive group is 2NE1 because we are closed and talk a lot.

△ Now come to TOP as the first member who have worked as actor, did you ever give any advice to Daesung who currently works on acting?
TOP: I think I am not good enough to give an advice. I just want him to be happy while he’s working and trying to experience in good things.

△ When will VIP be able to listening your new songs?
GD: The songs in this album are really nice. Please wait and keep support BIGBANG.

△When will it be released?

GD: We want to know that too. (laugh) We couldn’t tell anything now but we work hard on this coming album.
△ Coming to Thailand this time, are you excited? Do you have any surprises for Thai fans?
DS: I would have to say thank you to everyone and we’re very impressed. We could hear screaming just when we arrived, we know there’re lots of fans waiting for us. We prepared something for today too.

△ Beside being singers, do you have any other occupations in your mind?

TOP: I think I’m good on these, make songs and become an actor. It’s very fun and definitely suits me.
GD: I choose singer too.
SR: Definitely singer, no doubt.
DS: I will be manager who takes care of my friends (smile)
TY: To make singers looking good, I will be stylist Just kidding, I have to be singer. If I couldn’t be singer I would do nothing because I love this career so much. (laugh)

△ Working as team, do you ever have any fights?
TOP: We never have any fights because we are different in both age and habit. One day I just thought why we never fight, it’s because oldest brother which is me. I have very good habit and good in leading, that’s why we never fight to each other. (everyone laughs)

DS: (say in Thai) Jing Jing, Took Tong Na Karb << means True>>

△ TOP was featuring in Se7en’s album. is any artist featuring in you new album?
TOP: I’ve been thinking that we rarely have any artist featuring in the albums. Our members also have the artist they want to working with in their mind, may be this is a good chance to try.

△ How do you feel to work with Eversense?
TY: Last time, the weather was very hot. I was so shocked. But this time is better, so it’s more fun in working.
DS: I can feel that Eversense Cologne is nice smelling. I want people in Korea get a chance to try, if possible I would bring some back to Korea.
TY: Daesung doesn’t use perfume anymore, he uses Eversense now.
SR: Sad that we don’t have Eversense in Korea. (smile)
GD: Last time, we had CF on cologne and Roll On. But this time is different, please wait.
TOP: Tomorrow we have CF shooting. Everyone please love and support this CF because in each time there’s different concept of CF.

△ What BIGBANG will be in next 20 years?

TY: Even in the nest 20 years, I would still working in this field if not then I’ll stay at home.
DS: In next 20 years maybe I’ll move to Thailand and have my own massage business. (Have you massaged?) Now I am manager, right?, I massage the members and they love it.
SR: I would be a good father
GD: I don’t know about next 20 years. But my dream is to travel around the world, maybe next 20 years I would travel around the world
TOP: In the next 20 years, I would be a good mother (smile) (Host: TOP – mother, Seungri – father) Oh, no no no

△ Please give a message to Thai Fans
TY: First of all, I would like to thanks Eversense who give us chances to come. And thanks to Thai fans that always give us such a warm greeting. Even though we haven’t met a lot but everyone still waits and supports us. I promise that if we have concert in Thailand, we will show you guys the best.
DS: I feel very warm every time I come to Thailand. Fans always give us warm greeting, feel like coming back home.
SR: Thanks everyone that comes today, I will work hard to show you the best.
GD: It is hard to accept and like others culture. I would like to thank you that interest in BIGBANG. We will work harder. Please wait until new album will be released.
TOP: Every time I come here, I feel love, excite and happy to come. Thank you for loving our music.

Translated by Tanz for BBfansite@Wordpress

~ by Momo on September 11, 2010.

14 Responses to “100909 BKK Translated Interview: Fan Meeting and Pingbook”

  1. thanks for the translation Momo! i was at the event but never understood a thing except for the word Eversense.. hahaha im from Phils… Filipino VIPs represent! 🙂

  2. evn tho i didnt go, i cud still imagine their sexieness in my mind! thnx for the update! can we get sum pics of them tho? i miss my babies!

  3. wow a filipino goes to thailand just to see big bang? such a vips are you

  4. awesome now i understand what they are saying thanks

  5. @finkalixius : haha for the love of bigbang!! **it’s so worth it!
    i even got the mineral bottle of GD when he threw it to us! 🙂 and oh, we also saw CN Blue in BKK..

  6. thanks for the trans.

    Aww we always support BB ♥

  7. Gooooood Going

  8. Support BB forever!!

  9. Hi! We run a spanish blog about kpop/jpop, we love your site so we added you to our affiliates roll ^^
    this is our blog wwww.konkondesu.wordpress.com

  10. I want to travel with Jiyong!! haha I want to travel the world so bad!! 😀 now I know with who I can go!! kekek
    and I can rub his sweat *angel*

  11. thanks sami, i agree with you but anyway it needs to be really careful

  12. when bigbang wanna come to malaysia??

  13. I am going to make me a collage about supporting Big Bang, internationally now (: Hahaha, and then post it on my bedroom
    wall! <3333 Ohweee, I'm stoked about it now.

    Go BIGBANG ♥
    I truly have missed them throughout summer and what not!

  14. YAYYY I always eat Pad Thai & I’m very glad TaeYang oppa likes Pad Thai <33 I love all of SeungRi oppas answers, he is my favorite member~! ^^

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