The First YG Audition in Thailand

> YG audition in Thailand will begin from 29.09.2010 to 29.10.2010
> Official Facebook page: for updates

At Press Conference (Sept 19th)

Video taken from: isarii


Taebin of 1TYM flew to Bangkok for YG Entertainment’s project ‘The First YG Audition in Thailand’ Press Conference.

At 2pm, 17th August 2010, Im Taebin of 1TYM arrived at Suvarnabhumi International Airport Thailand for YG’s project ‘The First YG Audition in Thailand’ Press Conference which will be held on Sunday, 19th August 2010 at The Sathorn Heritage Hotel

For the Audition, the famous entertainment company in South Korea, YG Entertainment which has many famous artists like BIGBANG, 2NE1, Se7en and 1TYM will give Thai teens a great opportunity to be a part of YG Family. This Biggest audition in Asia will be held in Thailand soon.

Please stay tune for any audition updates.

Translated by Tanz for BBFansite


~ by Momo on September 18, 2010.

7 Responses to “The First YG Audition in Thailand”

  1. did i read it wrong? taebin is back? ahhhhhh *screams*

  2. i love danny!!!! he’s so hot!!! of course next to GD..
    YG is filled with HOT guys!!!!!! GO YG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I missed the one here in the U.S 😦

  4. i really hope that any ethnicity can audition.. i really want… i’ve been waiting for this day to come… hehehe

  5. I like big bang so much apalagi musikx smpai pengen bikin story tentang mereka mampir ya di blogku

  6. Ya ampun mikan perasaan blogmu gmn sih

  7. OMG!!! I hope they come to USA and do auditions…I mean theyre in Thailand…Who knows, maybe they’ll go to the Philippines, it doesnt hurt to stop here in the U.S!!! Its been my dream to audition! I think I have a lot of potntiall..

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