19 (NINETEEN) OST – T.O.P & Seung Ri

Thanks: thinhee1 yt


~ by Momo on September 22, 2010.

15 Responses to “19 (NINETEEN) OST – T.O.P & Seung Ri”

  1. im dying to see this with subs 😀 19 Telecinema Project

  2. So this is a new movie? Oo
    I thought it would be older..

  3. wait, is this a movie or drama? cuz if its a drama, i hella wanna c this! our babies look so sexy!

  4. That was so good!!

    TOP is always so cute… I love the glasses!

  5. HotHotHot…. I can’t wait for it to come out….. Oh and I so want those glasses… Uh sooooo sexy…. 🙂

  6. TOP and Seungri look so young, I thought it was an old movie lol

  7. oh man this is hawt and TOP keeps getting hawter and hawter each day *3*
    is it out yet? cause now i SO wanna watch it~

  8. They are soooo cutee.. T.O.P all the wayy

  9. Nice of you to update momo 🙂

  10. out already?? woah so fast~~
    i’m gonna watch this!! ^-^

  11. oh man, ive missed this. TOPS VOICE IS LOVE.

  12. They are so prety and so cute it is so nice kkk… I’m live mongolia my name’s mishel ok hehehe bye

  13. the song’s name is called “nineteen” also?

  14. ^_^ luvin’ it

  15. Video was removed for terms of use violation 😦

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