Big Bang introducing the “LG Optimus ONE”

Big Bang introducing the “LG Optimus ONE”

Thanks to S님

Big Bang endorse yet another cellphone, this time with the smurfs =) freaking adorable. Go behind the cut for more pictures from their website




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~ by Vicky on October 3, 2010.

21 Responses to “Big Bang introducing the “LG Optimus ONE””

  1. i love the CF they so cute 🙂
    i love ur wallpaper 🙂

  2. glad to see your post vicky. 🙂
    hope you’re doing well! ^^

  3. sunt asa de draguti sunt adorabili mai ales T.O.P el este preferatul meu love YOU T.O.P

  4. ^_^ soo cute!!

  5. thanks missuniquee =)

    I’ll try my best to update the site from now on, I don’t know how long I can do it since my school work hasn’t been slowing down, but I’ll try and hope you guys will support the site and visit more often =)

  6. awww ^^ so adorkable xD
    CF is really cute
    glad to see u back!

  7. Oh how I miss the old bigbang:( They are still my oppas though:D YOU ARE LOOKING GOOD TAEYANG OPPA!:P

  8. Gee with head phones<3 I want those head phones XD
    Great BB CF, really cute though I never liked the Smurfs lol hahaha but I like the cf.

  9. lol the dance in the end is so cute ahahhahaha

  10. they’re all just SO adorable!
    and mmm~ TOP *3*

    finally an update! i miss all this ;-;
    thanks alot ^^

  11. Daesungs dance at the end in the upper left corner…

    And TOP, getting some action from the lady smurf!~

  12. i love the smurfs and BB this is my fav CF!! LOL Tabi <3333

  13. *drools*
    so nice to finally get a glance of the boys
    why are they taking so long to come back?!

  14. LoVe BB..Gd is my favesss…..

  15. oh my idol
    you very cute!!!
    I love you 4ever…

  16. hey how do i affiliate with your site? my blog involves k-pop too and i wanna advertise it more ^^ plz help a fellow k-pop-aholic

  17. @ blitzkriegxgirl

    with affiliations, you probably have to get in contacts with Melly, I have no control over that.

  18. @ Jess

    a good album wasn’t made in a day, it’s been a while but they’re coming soon, they’ll come back when they think they’re ready, when they’re back, it’s sure going to be a big hit, just look at 2NE1’s triple hit songs.

  19. i like , i like ;D ❤

  20. Anyone know what the speech bubble says in English (the pic of all the boys with the gift boxes) ?

  21. GD looks more gentle, hahaha, love you kwon ji yong

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