Big Bang TV on 10.05.10

I will try my best to update the site like I use to, I hope you guys will support and visit/discuss at the site often, hope to see you here =) – Vicky

Thanks to S
The boys in the recording studio, AHH I LOVE BONG’S CURRENT HAIRSTYLE, that is sooo adorable, he looks so young, I love it! Bong is embarassed of what he’s wearing hahaha Teddy was messing with him saying that he’s wearing Seo Taji’s 1st album’s fashion hehehe

These sunbaes, they like to get together like a bunch of ahjummas and talk about the girls then do all crazy stuff, KUSH is so funny imiating Dara… Bong with the whole MINZY thing… oh jeez, I can just tell it’s gonna be ‘a thing’ for him now haha

Tabi… what to do with him, even had to put his leg up to put on his shades -___- that is the TOP STYLE.

MY BABY IS HERE!!!!!!! He looks chubbier hahaha love his jacket

Bong is just freaking adorable, nothing can compare to Bong =)

Tabi diligently writing something down in the back while YG is reading 2NE1’s letters hahaImage and video hosting by TinyPic


~ by Vicky on October 5, 2010.

4 Responses to “Big Bang TV on 10.05.10”

  1. I would never be able to see any of this if not for your effort. THANK YOU from NYC.

  2. omg lollll thats his new trademark xD “cuz im so bad bad lollll” the way he did it xDDD! and i died at Tabi moment <333

  3. i want eng subs >_<


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