Chanel Celebrity: GDragon

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2010 S/S Chanel Collection

Looking sexy as always of course, I love his hairstyle, but I want him to smile more, c’mon now.Image and video hosting by TinyPic


~ by Vicky on October 5, 2010.

21 Responses to “Chanel Celebrity: GDragon”

  1. Cute~! I’ve never seen this style of G-Dragon before ^^. GD 很可愛〜!

  2. Those glasses kill me!!

    You are so cute GD!!

  3. wow i loveeeeeee the whole outfit and GD always fashionista ><


  5. awe, no more pictures? i want a smiling GD :]

  6. GD ALWAYS looks Adorable and Hot even when he doesnt smile..I LOVE HIM!!..

  7. GD ALWAYS looks ADORABLE and HOT even when he isnt smiling..I LOVE HIM!!!

  8. hahahaha—-sinabi mo pa…kimiko?

  9. GD is always cool with or without his smile

  10. G-dragon is my Oppa:D I will always love my oppa no matter what he wears:P 

  11. Absolute for GD

  12. ya..ampun uyu2

  13. kapan yah?aku bisa ketemu gd???kpan kapan..

  14. OMG!!!!
    mr fashionistaaaa!!
    when hes comin to malaysia???
    do someone tell really damn curious wanna know..huhuhuhu

  15. Damn! I hope he and other Big Bang members visit our country soon. I luv you GD!!!

  16. I Love you

  17. i love you a lot of. when will you visit in mongolia. i waiting forever. big bang

  18. Usual style of course! LOVE IT ALWAYS and LOVE YOU!!!!! XD

  19. (heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp plz

    hey i’m big bang fan girl from arabic
    and we have a Vote in KBS arabic web to (who the Beautiful Korean singer in Semblance?)
    so fans snsd arabic ask fans snsd world help , thats unfair right ?!
    and I heat do that but I wanna g-dragon oppa won
    so plz help us to get G-dragon the best ×_×

    in this link…m?poll_code=127

    do it like this

    if u will vote u shold have one volt for evry email if u have more its will be delet and won’t be counted)
    Voting ends tomorrow

  20. i love you so much GD,,,
    you’re my prince,,,always,n forever….

  21. omg, gd in chanel, hot.

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