Goo Hye Sun: confirmed for “Absolute Boyfriend” drama with Wu Chun

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A press conference today confirms the rumors about Goo Hye Sun, actress under YG Entertainment, will be the female lead in Taiwan’s drama adaption of the Japanese manga “Absolute Boyfriend” along with Wu Chun (Fahrenheit). There has been many Korean actress participating with Taiwan dramas, starting with Jang Na Ra back in 2005.

I’ve read the manga and seen the Japanese drama of “Absolute Boyfriend” I love the story and also a big fan of Taiwan dramas so definitely looking forward to Hye Sun unnie in this drama. iVIPs in Taiwan, make sure to give her lots of love overseas and tune in when it airs, filming hasn’t start yet so it probably won’t air until the end of next year.Image and video hosting by TinyPic


~ by Vicky on October 5, 2010.

11 Responses to “Goo Hye Sun: confirmed for “Absolute Boyfriend” drama with Wu Chun”

  1. yhaaa i know i love Goo Hye Sun cant wait for this drama to air! ^^ till next year T.T

  2. yay for ur update and the good news! =D

  3. B-) Salam kenal.. @*£

  4. vicky, thx so much for updating again~~~ 🙂


  5. KYAA~!!
    i love hye sun! i can’t wait for this now <333
    so it's a taiwan drama? what language is it gonna be in; can she… even speak their language!? (sorry if this is a stupid question ^^; )

  6. @ONSHII

    don’t worry, it’s not a stupid question, I was really confuse too so I did some research, she probably will do what jang NaRa did for her drama back then, she will mouth the words in Mandarin, and the people will dubbed the voice in. The same happens with lots of Mandarin drama when they have actors who only speak Cantonese stars in them

  7. @~~s2~~

    i’m trying my best =)

  8. @vicky

    oh man thanks for telling me! idk if i’ll like that lol XD but nevertheless i’ll watch it ^^

  9. Good news, but 2 tell the truth the manga is wasy better than the japanese drama, i main they changed the story a little bit
    that’s wgy i didn’t like the drama
    but if a korean adaptaion drama has arised with same story line of the manga, it’ll be fanastic 🙂

  10. hi hye sun!!!!11

  11. I loved her in Boys over Flowers. Check this out:

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