TOP at Busan International Film Festival (10.07.10)

Looking spiffy and handsome as always, oh that’s right! Mr. TOP is now Mr. Choi Seung Hyun, the movie star. go under the cut for more eye candy =)

TOP at Busan International Film Festival

Credit: as tagged. 러블리빅뱅♡


~ by Vicky on October 7, 2010.

20 Responses to “TOP at Busan International Film Festival (10.07.10)”

  1. wow, i love u 🙂

  2. i don’t think TOP will EVER stop being so damn sexy!
    oh God i love him so much… and i love you for posting this *3*
    it’s nice to see him in a suit and looking professional, he’s so refreshing and classy in these pics~

  3. Oh my!


  5. hotness ❤ as always!!
    i kinda think they should have added Choi SeungHyun next to TOP on the screen tho..
    just cus TOP is more of his singer name.. but ohs wells..

  6. He looks so startled in the second picture…


  7. mr.tempo really shows his charismatic profile!!thumbs up!!

  8. Top is a very sexy man (;

  9. Tabi sexy!

  10. Awww TOP looks stiff, he’s still my sunbae:D

  11. So hot! I like your style. :$

  12. T.O.P is my idol!!!!!woot!

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  14. Wow! Top well…. Chio seung hyun you alway shock me with ur style u are the best actor and raper:)

  15. so cute, luv luv him :X

  16. you so top!!!

  17. OMG i ❤ u top

  18. good top

  19. u r so smart . want to marry !!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. aggggghhhh i love u top….

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