Big Bang’s HARU Wallpaper

OMG… seriously, these are hawt as fuhhhhh. Wallpaper with a quality hot picture alone is the best. The Tabi one…. -__- dangerous. (I’m not digging Baby’s curls .. no)

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~ by Vicky on October 9, 2010.

9 Responses to “Big Bang’s HARU Wallpaper”

  1. love the wallpaper 🙂
    Top looks so cool with the sunglass and GD:)
    thanks for sharing:)

  2. Love these!
    Daesung’s is funny 🙂 Bae’s looks great, and the curls make Ri look weird…

  3. hot hot hot!
    I’m taking TOP

    thanks 🙂

  4. Love big bang, love GD

  5. Daesung’s lovely, Gdragon’s handsome, tay yang’s charming, Seung ri’s so cute cute like panda, T.O.P’s great one. I love you BB.

  6. OMg i Luv G-Dragon and T.O.P they r so Hott

  7. hi
    …2 all the fans of bigbang…
    is the best and the most popular…bigbang 4ever

  8. HOT People. Hot Vids:

    They sure looked like they had fun filming this movie.

  9. so funny, i feel jealous of the Japanese model who will b the lover of kwon ji yong.. I cry cry sory but i love u.

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