Big Bang’s HARU Wallpaper

OMG… seriously, these are hawt as fuhhhhh. Wallpaper with a quality hot picture alone is the best. The Tabi one…. -__- dangerous. (I’m not digging Baby’s curls .. no)

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~ by Vicky on October 9, 2010.

9 Responses to “Big Bang’s HARU Wallpaper”

  1. love the wallpaper🙂
    Top looks so cool with the sunglass and GD:)
    thanks for sharing:)

  2. Love these!
    Daesung’s is funny🙂 Bae’s looks great, and the curls make Ri look weird…

  3. hot hot hot!
    I’m taking TOP


  4. Love big bang, love GD

  5. Daesung’s lovely, Gdragon’s handsome, tay yang’s charming, Seung ri’s so cute cute like panda, T.O.P’s great one. I love you BB.

  6. OMg i Luv G-Dragon and T.O.P they r so Hott

  7. hi
    …2 all the fans of bigbang…
    is the best and the most popular…bigbang 4ever

  8. HOT People. Hot Vids:

    They sure looked like they had fun filming this movie.

  9. so funny, i feel jealous of the Japanese model who will b the lover of kwon ji yong.. I cry cry sory but i love u.

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