SeungRi’s Pictures on Im Sun Joo’s Mini-homepage

Pictures of Baby was uploaded on Im Sun Joo’s homepage and it seems like they were at a soccer game, Baby looking cute as always, his eyesight can get creepy at times though hahaha

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~ by Vicky on October 9, 2010.

19 Responses to “SeungRi’s Pictures on Im Sun Joo’s Mini-homepage”

  1. SeungRi looks just ma friend
    p.s. FIRST!!!!!!!!!!

  2. young seungriiiii~ *3* <333

  3. ohhh hes so cuteee ><

  4. wow his eyes look super scary
    I never thought his dark circles were THAT bad
    still looking pretty sexy though ;D

  5. very cute^^

  6. @ONSHI I t is kinda kool I always ask for his autograph

  7. Seung Ri Looked like he didn’t sleep for days o-o

  8. CUTE!!
    glad ur back vikki~

  9. seung-ri aneeehhhh……

  10. Seungri soo cutee ^__^

  11. Wow!!! My baby you’re so cute! I can’t stop myself to dream about you.
    Saranghae my baby boy!

  12. my god.hes cute!!
    love ya!

  13. Seungri is really cute, just like all the other members of Bigbang! <3but really looks like seungri would not have slept for several days.

  14. I would recommend being up front and honest with the kids. Don’t know how lying to them will produce anything but distrust.

  15. he is so cute

  16. *sigh* He’s so cute. 🙂

  17. panda whoop whoop

  18. He’s such a cute panda. LOL

    Too bad he injured his self while filming:

    Hope he’s recovered already for his solo on jan and their comeback on feb.

  19. they take this picture when seungri shooting variety show…

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